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Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum

The international Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, sponsored by the Union Académique Internationale, aims to illustrate all the ancient Greek pottery in public and private collections. The British Academy publishes fascicules contributing to the ‘Great Britain’ series of catalogues of Greek vases

Project Director: Dr Thomas Mannack

There is a wide spread of material as part of the Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum research project. Bronze Age Greek, Cypriot, local Italian, Etruscan, and the local styles of the Archaic Greek city-states all appear beside the more familiar Athenian black and red figure. The large format allows all pieces to be fully illustrated, and there are profile drawings of the more interesting shapes, as an aid to the study of potting as well as painting. There is a full commentary on each vase.

Note that not all ‘Great Britain’ fascicules are published by the British Academy; some are published by the British Museum Press. British Academy fascicules are published by Oxford University Press. Some older fascicules are available from Oxbow Books.

Publications in the Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum series

Summary Guide to Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum
Author: Thomas H Carpenter
ISBN: 0-19-726033-0 pbk (1984, out of print)

Summary Guide to Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum (Second Edition)
Author: Thomas H Carpenter and Thomas Mannack
ISBN: 0-19-726203-1 pbk (2000)

Great Britain

1-11. These fascicules were not published by the British Academy but Fascicules 3, 6, 9 and 11 were financially supported by the British Academy

12. University of Reading
Author: Percy Neville Ure and Annie Dunman Ure
ISBN: 0-19-725802-6  portfolio (1954, out of print)
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13. This fascicule was published by the British Museum Press

14. Oxford, Ashmolean Museum, 3
Author: John Boardman
ISBN: 0-19-725953-7  portfolio (1975, out of print)
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15. Castle Ashby, Northampton
Author: John Boardman and Martin Robertson
ISBN: 0-19-725981-2  portfolio (1979, out of print)
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16. National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
Author: Elizabeth Moignard
ISBN: 0-19-726077-2 hbk (1989)

17. This fascicule was published by the British Museum Press

18. The Glasgow Collections: The Hunterian Museum; The Glasgow Museum and Art Gallery, Kelvingrove; The Burrell Collection
Author: Elizabeth Moignard
ISBN: 0-19-726168-X hbk (1997)
64 pages, including 60 plates

19. Winchester College
Author: John Falconer and Thomas Mannack
ISBN: 978-0-19-726257-3 hbk (2002)
36 pages, including 16 plates

20. This fascicule was published by the British Museum Press

21. Harrow School
Author: Jasper Gaunt, with Thomas Mannack
ISBN: 978-0-19-726306-8 hbk (2005)
86 pages, including 56 plates

22. Aberdeen University, Marischal Museum Collection
Author: Elizabeth Moignard
ISBN: 978-0-19-726376-1 hbk (2006)
50 pages, including 53 plates

23. Reading Museum Service (Reading Borough Council)
Author: Amy C Smith
ISBN: 978-0-19-726389-1 hbk (2007)
64 pages, including 40 plates

24. Oxford, Ashmolean Museum, 4
Author: Hector Catling and Thomas Mannack
ISBN: 978-0-19-726444-7 hbk (2010)
64 pages, including 75 plates

25. This fascicule was published by the British Museum Press


1. Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto (Attic Black Figure and Related Wares)
Author: John W Hayes
ISBN: 978-0-19-726000-5 portfolio (1981)

New Zealand

1. New Zealand (Attic Protogeometric, Geometric and Black Figure; Corinthian)
Author: J R Green
ISBN: 0-19-725990-1 portfolio (1979, out of print)
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