Academic Writing Workshop for Nepalese Early Career Researchers in Humanities and Social Sciences

Project status


We will deliver an intensive five-day academic writing workshop to 25 early career researchers (ECRs) in Nepal. The workshop will be a series of hands-on teaching and support sessions on developing academic writing capacity, bid writing, networking, and article publishing, and will be delivered by the academic team members and journal editors. Following the workshop, participants will be supported by the team via video conferencing. Participants will be provided with constructive feedback, and their draft articles proofread and copyedited to illustrate best practice in academic English. Participants will be drawn from the seven administrative regions of Nepal plus Kathmandu. A stratified sample of applicants will ensure parity between genders and marginalised indigenous groups. In addition to improving writing standards, we will also provide participants with the opportunity to present at the 2026 NELTA Conference.

Workshop Team: Dr Mark Warnes, Anglia Ruskin University; Dr Simon Pratt-Adams, Anglia Ruskin University; Dr Chandika Bhatta, Coventry University; Dr Lata Gautam, Anglia Ruskin University; Dr Laxman Gnawali, Kathmandu University; Dr Lina Gurung, Kathmandu University; Dr Ganga Gautam, Tribhuvan University

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