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Dr Mariana Pérez Torrescano Salgado

Mariana Pérez Torrescano Salgado is Associate Professor at EMLYON Business School, France. For the duration of her Visiting Fellowship she is hosted by Nottingham Trent University.

Dr Mariana Perez Torrescano SalgadoDr Salgado's research is transversal, and seeks to link managerial and organisational questions, such as ethics in business, with philosophical and critical approaches. She currently serves as the book reviews section editor for Organization Studies.

During her time in the UK, Dr Salgado will work within the RSB Lab (Responsible and Sustainable Business Lab) led by Professor Mollie Painter-Morland. Their project aims to investigate the benefits of ethical habituation in organisational settings both empirically and conceptually by studying the influence of an experiential leadership development programme on values-driven business in practice. By drawing on the extant literature in business ethics, and the philosophical analysis of ‘habit’ in the work of Felix Ravaisson, Dr Salgado will critique the prevalent compliance-oriented approach to business ethics and explore the possibility of embodied ethical habituation as an alternative.

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