Future Plans

Purpose summits

Following our hugely successful series of reports and the development of eight clear principles for purposeful business, we will convene a series of ‘purpose summits’ to examine the role that purposeful business can play in solving the problems of people and planet.

This series of small summits will apply the Future of the Corporation principles to some of the big challenges facing business and society today and help to demonstrate how more purposeful business will deliver change for society. 

They will all share the following question: How does a purpose-driven framework for business deliver for society?

Some possible themes are  

  • Purpose and Climate Change 
  • Purpose and Technology 
  • Purpose and the Future of Work 
  • Purpose and Inequality 
  • Purpose and Business Education 
  • Purpose and Trust

The summits, which will take place in a range of international locations, aim to stimulate and discuss a range of mechanisms which will bring about changes to business policy, practice and education.

If you are interested in partnering with us on a Purpose Summit, please email the team on fotc@thebritishacademy.ac.uk.   

Developing our evidence base

We will also be further developing our evidence base with the aim of applying the concept of a purposeful business framework to how we address global challenges in a real world setting. We will focus on practical examples and case studies of how businesses who are already moving in this direction are making a difference, and how. 

Building partnerships

We are always looking to involve or partner with organisations, companies or individuals who share our goal of changing the role of business in society, and are keen to draw on expertise both locally and internationally.

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