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Early Childhood Education

This programme funds research geared towards informing policy-making in the education and broader learning domain.

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We foster international collaboration in the humanities and social sciences, and promote the sharing of international perspectives on global challenges.

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Funded by BEIS through GCRF

Early childhood is a critical stage of development that forms the foundation for a child’s future learning and well-being. Research demonstrates that there are larger returns to investing in a child’s early years than any other time in their development. However, more than 250 million children under five years of age in developing countries still do not reach their developmental potential. 

The projects funded under this programme aim to provide critical knowledge to inform policy-making in the education and broader learning domain, while recognising the necessary interplay of education with health, nutrition, gender equality and other disciplines and sectors.

For more details about the programme and the eligibility requirements, please see the Scheme Notes.



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