Community and place

The Academy aims to use insights from the humanities and social science disciplines to better understand communities, societies and the places people live.
Programme status

Communities, societies and the places people live face an array of changing influences, from demographic shifts and technological innovations to globalisation and climate change. The humanities and social sciences offer vital insights into understanding how people respond to these changes together, and how these changes transform the ways in which people relate to each other and to the places they live.

The British Academy’s current work in this area includes Cohesive Societies, a programme of policy and research work that aims to explore how societies cohere and fragment in the face of rapid political, social, economic and technological change.

Recently completed work has included:

  • If you could do one thing….’, an in-depth exploration of how local actions can improve social integration, and
  • Governing England, a programme of work establishing in 2016 to explore questions about England’s governance, institutions and identity.

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