Russia-Ukraine conflict: experts available for media commentary

We are regularly updating this list of academics from across the humanities and social sciences who are happy to give expert commentary or background to media about the conflict in Ukraine. Please contact them directly using their individual contact details.

If you would have academic expertise in this area and would like to be added to this list of UK-based academics, please contact [email protected]

Experts available for media commentary on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Please use the search box to find a relevant specialist.

Name and academic post Area(s) of expertise Contact
Dr Haim Abraham, Lecturer, UCL Laws Law of armed conflict, compensation of non-combatants during war [email protected]
Professor David Alexander, Professor, UCL Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction Disaster risk, emergency management and the risk of nuclear escalation [email protected]
Dr Colin Alexander, Senior Lecturer in Political Communications, Nottingham Trent University Political communications and propaganda [email protected]
Dr Huseyn Aliyev, Research Fellow/Lecturer, University of Glasgow Security and conflict in Ukraine, paramilitary groups in Ukraine and Russia, civilian participation in combat [email protected]
Professor Kristin Bakke, Professor of Political Science and International Relations, UCL Political violence; wartime governance; de facto states in the former Soviet states; geopolitical orientations in former Soviet states (including Ukraine); and states' response to internal opposition movements (including Russia) [email protected]
Professor Kevin Bales, Professor of Contemporary Slavery, University of Nottingham Modern slavery, humanitarian crisis and human trafficking For University of Nottingham addresses, please copy in
[email protected] [email protected]
Jaroslava Barbieri, Doctoral researcher, University of Birmingham Ongoing conflict in Ukraine (its developments and consequences); the evolution of Russia’s foreign policy towards neighbouring countries; Russian propaganda and disinformation narratives; Russia-West relations [email protected]
Professor Craig Barker, Dean of Law and Social Sciences and Professor of International Law, London South Bank University Issues around the legality of the use of force, international criminal law – war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and aggression, state and diplomatic immunity and humanitarian intervention [email protected]
Professor Elizabeth David-Barrett, Director of the Centre for the Study of Corruption, University of Sussex Sanctions, corruption [email protected]
Please copy in [email protected]
Professor Robert Barrington, Professor of Anti-Corruption Practice at the Centre for the Study of Corruption, University of Sussex Russian sanctions, corruption [email protected]
Please copy in [email protected]
Dr Jo Billings, Clinical Associate Professor, UCL Division of Psychiatry PTSD, trauma, resilience [email protected]
Dr David Blagden, Senior Lecturer, International Security at the Strategy and Security Institute, University of Exeter The course of the war so far, sanctions, nuclear escalation risk and the Ukrainian resistance [email protected]
Professor Brad Blitz, Professor, UCL Institute of Education Forced migration and refugees, the European response to Ukraine crisis and the refugee crisis in Ukraine [email protected]
Dr Michael Bloomfield, Clinical Research Fellow, UCL Division of Psychiatry Mental health impacts of the Russia-Ukraine war, PTSD, trauma [email protected]
Dr Abigail Blyth, Assistant Professor in Politics and International Relations, University of Nottingham International security, great power politics, intelligence and covert action For University of Nottingham addresses, please copy in
[email protected] [email protected]
Dr Patrick Butchard, Senior Lecturer in Law, Edge Hill University; International Law Fellow, House of Commons Library International conflict and security law; developments at the United Nations; crime of aggression; international criminal court; responsibility to protect; atrocity crimes and prevention; no-fly zones [email protected]
Twitter: @patrickbutchard
Dr Precious N Chatterje-Doody, Lecturer in Politics and International Studies, The Open University Russian foreign and security policy especially the ways in which Russia attempts to communicate its version of the conflict [email protected]
Twitter: @PreciousChatD
Dr Natalya Chernyshova, Lecturer in Modern European History, Queen Mary University of London Belarus; Soviet history, including Soviet republics, nationalism, and everyday life in the USSR [email protected]
Professor Michael Clarke, Associate Director, Strategy and Security Institute, University of Exeter Russian foreign policy and geopolitics [email protected]
Professor Rory Cormac, Professor of International Relations, University of Nottingham Intelligence, espionage and disinformation For University of Nottingham addresses, please copy in
[email protected] [email protected]
Professor Jo Crotty, Professor of Management at Edge Hill University; Director, Institute for Social Responsibility Former Soviet Union countries; civil society, third sector, political history of the last 30 years in both Russia and Ukraine [email protected]
Justin Crow, Researcher, School of Engineering and Informatics, University of Sussex Open source intelligence (OSINT); Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT); intelligence gathering; information access; misinformation / disinformation [email protected]
Please copy in [email protected]
Professor Samir Dani, Professor of Operations Management, Keele University Global supply chains and the impact of the conflict on oil and gas prices Please contact both:
[email protected]
Dr Bhavna Davé, Senior Lecturer in Politics of Central Asia, SOAS Geopolitics of Russia; China, India, Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Russia's relations with these countries; India's response to the war [email protected]
Professor Elizabeth David-Barrett, Director of the Centre for the Study of Corruption, University of Sussex Sanctions; corruption [email protected]
Please copy in [email protected]
Professor Christopher M. Dent, Professor of Economics and International Business, Edge Hill University The impact of the conflict on the global economy and on the energy industry [email protected]
Dr Paul Dorfman, Associate Fellow in the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex Business School The dangers of nuclear power plants in a warzone [email protected]
Please copy in [email protected]
Professor Anoush Ehteshami, Nasser al-Mohammad al-Sabah Chair in International Relations, Durham University International security; energy geopolitics; international relations of the Middle East; security and strategic studies of the Middle East [email protected]
Mr Nicolò Fasola, Eisenhower PhD Fellow, NATO Defense College; Doctoral Researcher, University of Birmingham and Teaching Assistant, University of Bologna Russian security policy and military thought; NATO (especially cooperative security); security sector reform in post-Communist countries [email protected]
Dr Taras Fedirko, British Academy Research Fellow, University of St Andrews Civil society responses to war, volunteer militias in Ukraine, history of the conflict since 2014 [email protected]
Professor Carla Ferstman, School of Law, University of Essex International criminal law, human rights law and wider justice issues [email protected]
Twitter: @CarlaFerstman
Professor Chris Finlay, Professor in Political Theory, Durham University Political violence; the ethics of violence/force; resistance and revolution in political thought [email protected]
Dr Adrian Florea, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, University of Glasgow Political violence; separatism; nonstate governance; de facto states in the post-Soviet space [email protected]
Twitter: @adrianflorea13
Dr Matthew Ford, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, University of Sussex Strategy and war; military effectiveness, innovation and adaptation; British defence policy; counterinsurgency and irregular warfare [email protected]
Please copy in [email protected]
Professor Peter Frankopan, Professor of Global History, Worcester College, University of Oxford History of Russia, of Ukraine; histories of the peoples, cultures and countries of the former Soviet Union in the past and present; Russian relations with China [email protected]
Professor Mark Galeotti, Honorary Professor, UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies Russian security affairs, the Russian army, Putin’s KGB background [email protected]
Dr Basil Germond, Senior Lecturer, Lancaster University Naval operations, seapower, maritime security; Global Britain and its maritime dimension [email protected]
Professor Christopher Gerry, Professor of Public Health and Health Economics in Russia and Eastern Europe, University of Oxford Public health consequences of conflict; effects of economic sanctions [email protected]
Professor Stella Ghervas, Professor of Russian History, Newcastle University History of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, the Black Sea region; history of peace and peace-making in Europe; Russia-EU relations [email protected]
Professor Faten Ghosn, Professor, Department of Government, University of Essex Conflict Management; negotiation; refugees; transitional justice [email protected]
Professor Geoff Gilbert, Professor of International Human Rights & Humanitarian Law, School of Law and Human Rights Centre, University of Essex Forced displacement and humanitarian access issues. Refugees, internally displaced persons, safe zones and safe corridors both in Ukraine and around the world [email protected]
Professor Kristian Gleditsch, Professor, Department of Government, University of Essex Conflict, cooperation and democratisation [email protected]
Ms Anna Glew, PhD Candidate in Russian and East European Studies, University of Manchester Commemoration of Euromaidan and Russia-Ukraine war victims in Ukraine [email protected]
Professor James A. Green, Professor of Public International Law, Bristol Law School, University of the West of England Law on the use of force; nuclear non-proliferation law [email protected]
Professor Bülent Gökay, Professor of International Relations, Keele University History of the Soviet Union, the Russian Revolution and intelligence and international Politics Please contact both:
[email protected]
Dr Talya Greene, Honorary Associate Professor, UCL Mental health impacts of the Russia-Ukraine war, psychopathology, trauma, moral injury [email protected]
Dr Lisa Guppy, Lecturer in Global Humanitarian Studies, UCL Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction Humanitarian responses, displacement, resilience [email protected]
Dr Robert E. Gutsche, Jr, Senior Lecturer in Digital Media Practice, Lancaster University US political and military involvement; media presentations and political rhetoric of international community and war as perpetual and its meaning to Europe [email protected]
Dr Aviva Guttmann, Lecturer in Strategy and Intelligence, Aberystwyth University Any aspect of the Russia-Ukraine War that relates to intelligence including intelligence before the invasion, intelligence-sharing, and intelligence analysis [email protected]
Dr Lawrence Haar, Senior Lecturer in Finance, Brighton University Sanctions, energy implications of the crisis and the domestic implications of sanctions [email protected]
Dr Lee Hadlington, Senior Lecturer in Cyberpsychology, Nottingham Trent University The spread of fake news and misinformation, how to spot and what it does; cybersecurity and cybercrime [email protected]
Dr Stephen Hall, Lecturer in Politics, University of Bath Russian domestic and foreign policy in relation to Ukraine and Russia, post-Soviet politics [email protected]
Twitter: @Stephen235Hall
Dr Amira Halperin, Assistant Professor in Media and Communications, Coventry University Refugees in the UK and globally [email protected]
+447778 336728
Dr Christian Harrison, Reader in Leadership, University of the West of Scotland Leadership, research-informed analysis of leadership style [email protected]
Please copy in [email protected]
Professor Mark Harrison, Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Warwick Russian history; International history of the two world wars and the cold war; economic warfare; the history and strategy of economic warfare; sanctions [email protected]
Professor John Heathershaw, University of Exeter Financial sanctions, kleptocracy and the oligarchs [email protected]
Professor Vivian Hill, Professor, UCL Institute of Education Children’s rights in the conflict [email protected]
Dr Marnie Howlett, Departmental Lecturer in Politics, University of Oxford Contemporary Ukrainian and post-Soviet geopolitics and territoriality; Ukrainian nationalism and ethnicity; sovereignty and cartography in Eastern Europe; borders and borderland areas; grassroots political dynamics [email protected]
Professor Stephen Hutchings, Professor of Russian Studies, University of Manchester Role of media in the conflict, disinformation, Russian media responses to the invation [email protected]
Dr Diana Ibañez-Tirado, Lecturer in Social Anthropology, University of Sussex Migration and refugees; multi-national families and foreign students in Russia and Ukraine; trade in Odesa [email protected]
Dr Hilary Ingham, Senior Lecturer in Economics, Lancaster University Sanctions, oil and wheat prices and supply crises [email protected]
Dr Yulia Ioffe, Lecturer in Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, UCL Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction International law, Humanitarian law, human rights and forced migration [email protected]
Dr Samuel Jarvis, Lecturer in International Relations, York St John University UN Security Council, UN General Assembly, Global Britain and UK Foreign Policy [email protected]
Twitter: @Sam_Jarvis_
Dr Kasia Kaczmarska, Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, University of Edinburgh Russia's foreign and security policy; militarism and anti-militarism in Russia; academic freedom; protest; resistance in Russia [email protected]
Dr Marcin Kaczmarski, Lecturer in Security Studies, University of Glasgow Russian foreign and security policy; Russia-China relations; domestic politics in Russia's foreign policy [email protected]
Dr Victor Kattan, Senior Research Fellow, University of Nottingham War crimes, laws of war and territorial disputes For University of Nottingham addresses, please copy in
[email protected] [email protected]
Dr Vitaly Kazakov, Fellow, University of Manchester Russian soft power and Russian national image creation [email protected]
Professor Gerhard Kemp, Professor of International Criminal Justice, University of Derby Russia-Ukraine relations; the conflict in Ukrainian Donbas; the use of force against Ukraine; international criminal justice; international law [email protected]
Dr Daria Kuss, Associate Professor in Psychology, Nottingham Trent University Psychological aspects of Internet and technology use; psychological impact of social media during conflict; how to talk to children about war [email protected]
Dr Tyler Kustra, Assistant Professor in Politics and International Relations, University of Nottingham Economic sanctions and political violence For University of Nottingham addresses, please copy in
[email protected]
Dr Irina Kuznetsova, Associate Professor at the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham Ukrainian refugees and migrants in Russia (policies, lived experiences); internally displaced people in Ukraine before Feb 2022 (focus on lived experiences and mental health); migration from Russia as a response to Russia’s aggression and repression [email protected]
Dr Riccardo Labianco, Lecturer in Law, SOAS The arms trade; arms provided to Ukraine from EU and North America; legality around arms and the war;
EU states and other countries supplying Ukraine with military, medical and financial support
[email protected]
Dr Max Lacey- Barnacle, Research Fellow in Just Transitions in the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex Business School EU energy policy and reliance on Russian energy [email protected]
Please copy in [email protected]
Dr Aleks Lewicki, Co-Director, Sussex European Institute, University of Sussex British immigration policy, including towards refugees from Ukraine; East-West inequalities and mobilities within Europe; citizenship and racism [email protected]
Please copy in [email protected]
Professor David Lewis, Professor of Global Politics, University of Exeter Peace and conflict studies; the politics of authoritarian states; Russia and Putin's motivations [email protected]
Professor Natasha Lindstaedt, Professor, Department of Government, University of Essex Authoritarian regimes, violent non-state actors, failed states, human security [email protected]
Dr Thomas Lorman, Lecturer, UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies Ukraine in the context of central European history; nationalism in central Europe [email protected]
Dr Anna-Sophie Maass, Lecturer in International Relations and Diplomacy, Lancaster University EU-Russian diplomatic relations and EU foreign policy towards Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia [email protected]
Professor Luke March, Professor of Post-Soviet and Comparative Politics, University of Edinburgh Russian domestic and foreign policy; especially Russian nationalism; political parties (esp. communists); policy towards Ukraine; Russia-Moldova [email protected]
Ms Kateryna Marina, Research Assistant, University of Manchester Female parliamentarians in Ukraine and their role in the Russia-Ukraine war [email protected]
Dr Jenny Mathers, Senior Lecturer in International Politics, Aberystwyth University Russian politics and security; women and war including women in state militaries; feminist/gender perspective on the conflict [email protected]
Twitter: @jgmaber
Dr Daria Mattingly, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Affiliated Lecturer in Slavonic Studies, University of Cambridge Social and cultural history of the Soviet Union; Russian and Ukrainian history; perpetrator studies; the Holodomor [email protected]
Dr Trevor McCrisken, Reader in US Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick US foreign policy; use of force; US / NATO intervention [email protected]
Please copy in [email protected]: @TrevorMcCrisken
Dr Paul McGarr, Associate Professor in US Foreign Policy, University of Nottingham How South Asian countries are reacting to the conflict For University of Nottingham addresses, please copy in
[email protected] [email protected]
Dr Anna McKeever, Lecturer in Political Science, University of the West of Scotland Radical right, immigration policy and the situation, in general, in Ukraine [email protected]
Dr Ingrid Agnete Medby, Lecturer in human geography, Newcastle University Arctic geopolitics, Russia's role in the Arctic, Nordic-Russian cooperation in the Barents Euro-Arctic region and border of Norway-Russia [email protected]
Twitter: @IngridAgnete
Professor Catherine Merridale, Senior Fellow, Institute for Historical Research 20th century Russian and Soviet History, Ukrainian and Russian history since the tenth century [email protected]
Professor Marko Milanovic, Professor of Public International Law, University of Nottingham Human rights, humanitarian crisis and international law For University of Nottingham addresses, please copy in
[email protected] [email protected]
Professor Amalendu Misra, Professor of International Politics, Lancaster University Aspects of non-conventional warfare; Open Source Information warfare; Mercenary Politics; Role of Social Media; Urban warfare; Role of non-aligned states [email protected]
Please copy in [email protected]
Dr Vlad Mykhnenko, Associate Professor of Sustainable Urban Development, University of Oxford Ukraine; the Donbas; the Crimea; the Russo-Ukrainian war [email protected]
Dr Julie Norman, Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at UCL and Co-Director of the UCL Centre on US Politics US foreign policy and the Russia-Ukraine war [email protected]
Dr Alina Nychyk, Honorary Research Fellow at the Politics Department, University of Manchester Ukrainian geostrategy; the EU and the Russia-Ukraine war; EU-Ukraine-Russia relations; Ukraine's foreign policy [email protected]
Dr Olga Onuch, Senior Lecturer in Politics, University of Manchester Ukrainian politics, society, culture, public opinion, international migration from Ukraine, protest in Ukraine [email protected]
Twitter: @oonuch
Dr Stefanie Ortmann, Lecturer in International Relations, University of Sussex Russian Great Power narratives; the domestic/external nexus in Russian foreign policy; Germany and Russia [email protected]
Please copy in [email protected]
Dr Fabio Petito, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, University of Sussex Refugees, humanitarian corridors [email protected]
Please copy in [email protected]
Dr Maria Gloria Polimeno, Associate Lecturer in Politics, University of York Strategic, political and security implications of the conflict for the broader Mediterranean [email protected]
Professor Patrick Porter, Professor of International Security, University of Birmingham US/UK foreign and defence policy; nuclear escalation risks; difficulties of war termination; western war aims/strategies [email protected]
Revd Dr Brian Powers, Assistant Professor (Research) Vann Fellow in Christianity and the Armed Forces, Durham University Doesn’t have particular expertise in the conflict in Ukraine but does study moral injury and combat trauma in those who fight and are profoundly impacted by wartime violence [email protected]
Professor Tomas Chamorro Premuzic, Chair of Business Psychology, UCL Social media and its uses in the Russia-Ukraine conflict [email protected]
Professor John Preston, Professor of Sociology and Deputy Dean (Research) of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Sociology, University of Essex The UK's nuclear preparedness, nuclear deterrents, nuclear risk, existential risk [email protected]
Professor Noelle Quenivet, Professor in International Law, University of the West of England Laws of armed conflict; war crimes; crimes against humanity; genocide; International Criminal Court; duress; children in armed conflict; women in armed conflict [email protected]
Twitter: @noellequenivet1
Dr Forough Ramezankah, Lecturer in Law, Keele University Ukrainian crisis, refugee law and asylum seeker law Please contact both [email protected] and [email protected]
Professor Morten Ravn, Professor of Economics, UCL Economic impact of the Russia-Ukraine war [email protected]
Professor Madeleine Reeves, Professor in the Anthropology of Migration, University of Oxford Central Asia, and the impact of the war and sanctions on migrant workers from Central Asia and Central Asian economies. Russian and English speaker [email protected]
Twitter: @magdagul
Professor Alastair Renfrew, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Durham University Has taught and published on Russian Literature, Russian and Soviet Cinema, and happy, with enough warning, to speak about most aspects of the problem [email protected]
Professor Bettina Renz, Professor of International Security, University of Nottingham Russian defence and security policy since 1991 For University of Nottingham addresses, please copy in
[email protected] [email protected]
Dr Paul Richardson, Associate Professor in Human Geography, University of Birmingham Russian and Eurasian nationalisms, identities, borders and sovereignty [email protected]
Professor Sir Adam Roberts, Senior Research Fellow in International Relations at Oxford University and Emeritus Fellow of Balliol College Theory and practice of territorial defence and Ukrainian resistance; lawfulness or otherwise of resort to force; application of laws of war; roles of international bodies including NATO and UN [email protected]
Dr Maren Rohe, Research Fellow, University of Birmingham Memory and identity in Russian-European relations and in Central and Eastern Europe; Russian perceptions of “the West” [email protected]
Dr Jon Roozenbeek, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Cambridge Ukrainian identity; the war in Donbas (2014-present); the "People's Republics" of Donetsk and Luhansk [email protected]
Professor Philippe Sands, Professor of Law; Director, Centre on International Courts and Tribunals, UCL International courts and tribunals, international peace through international justice and rule of law [email protected]
Dr Aurel Sari, Associate Professor of Public International Law, University of Exeter The legality of Russian actions, sanctions, international conflict and security law [email protected]
Dr Felix Schnell, Senior Lecturer in History, University of Essex History of Eastern Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries; the history of Russia and Ukraine, particularly since the collapse of the Soviet Union. [email protected]
Dr Liudmyla Sharipova, Assistant Professor in History, University of Nottingham Russian and East European history in the early modern period; Polish and Ukrainian history For University of Nottingham addresses, please copy in
[email protected]
Dr Oleksandr Shepotylo, Senior Lecturer in Economics, Aston University Ukraine's integration with the EU; international trade and productivity focusing on Ukraine and Russia [email protected]
Dr Anastasia Shesterinina, Senior Lecturer and Director of the Centre for the Comparative Study of Civil War, University of Sheffield Georgian-Abkhaz conflict; civil war; mobilisation [email protected]
Dr Roman Sidortsov, Senior Research Fellow in Energy Justice in the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex Business School Western companies’ divestment from energy projects in Russia [email protected]
Please copy in [email protected]
Dr Eszter Simon, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, Nottingham Trent University Hungary’s role in the conflict [email protected]
Dr Martin A. Smith, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Defence and International Affairs, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst European security since the end of the Cold War, with a particular focus on the evolution of NATO-Russia relations since 1991 [email protected]
Professor Benjamin Sovacool, Professor of Energy Policy, University of Sussex Transitioning global energy policy away from Russian gas and oil [email protected]
Please copy in [email protected]
Dr Jun Sudduth, Senior lecturer at the School of Government and Public Policy, University of Strathclyde Political violence; intra-elite politics in autocracies; coups during wartime; authoritarian regimes and war behaviour [email protected]
Dr James Summers, Senior Lecturer in International Law and Director of the Centre for International Law and Human Rights, Lancaster University The Russian and Ukrainian nations, the right of self-determination and the UN security council and general assembly [email protected]
Dr Mia Swart, Senior Lecturer in International Human Rights Law, Edge Hill University International law, international humanitarian law and international criminal law (war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity) [email protected]
Prof Aleks Szczerbiak, Professor of Politics, University of Sussex Polish politics and the country's response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis [email protected]
Please copy in [email protected]
Dr Joanna Szostek, Lecturer in Political Communication, University of Glasgow The role of mass media in Russia-Ukraine relations, information war, disinformation [email protected]
Dr Katerina Tertytchnaya, Lecturer in Comparative Politics, UCL Public opinion, protests, repression and censorship in Russia [email protected]
Dr Catharina Thompson, Senior Lecturer in Security and Strategic Studies, University of Exeter The reaction of the international community and political leadership [email protected]
Dr Rod Thornton, Associate Professor in the Defence Studies Department, King’s College London The Russian armed forces and their operational capabilities; State resilience; Russian non-kinetic strategies; Cyber warfare; Military ethics; Multi-domain operations [email protected]
Professor Galin Tihanov, George Steiner Professor of Comparative Literature, Queen Mary, University of London Various aspects of Russian and Ukrainian culture, history, politics and international relations [email protected]
Professor Vera Tolz-Zilitinkevic, Professor of Russian Studies, University of Manchester Disinformation, nationalism, intellectuals and the state in Imperial and Soviet Russia [email protected]
Professor Steve Tsang, Director of the China Institute, SOAS China-Russia relations; China's view of the invasion [email protected]
Dr Peter J. Verovšek, Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, University of Sheffield Collective memory, migration and illiberalism [email protected]
Dr Monica White, Associate Professor in Russian and Slavonic Studies, University of Nottingham The medieval state known as Rus, from c. 800-1300; Putin's false narrative of history in relation to Ukraine [email protected]
Dr Sarah Whitmore, Reader in Politics, Oxford Brookes University Ukrainian and Russian politics; Ukrainian military reform; state-society relations in Russia and Ukraine [email protected]
Twitter: @drsarahwhitmore
Dr Ralph Wilde, Associate Professor, UCL SLASH Crimes against humanity, war crimes and the law of armed conflict in the Russia-Ukraine war [email protected]
Professor Andrew Wilson, Professor of Ukrainian Studies, UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies Democratisation in post-soviet States, Ukrainian politics and society and the history of Russia-Ukraine relations [email protected]
Dr Matthew Wyman, Senior Lecturer in Politics, Keele University Contemporary Russian politics Please contact both [email protected] and [email protected]
Dr Barbara Yoxon, Lecturer in International Politics, Lancaster University Causes and consequence of the conflict, NATO and Russia, sanctions, authoritarian regimes [email protected]
Dr Kalina Zhekova, Lecturer in International Public Policy & Qualitative Methods, UCL Russian foreign policy; Russian relations with post-Soviet states, including Ukraine; the Donbas conflict; Crimea; Russian approaches to state sovereignty and intervention; Russia-West relations [email protected]

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