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Responses pre 2008

British Academy responses to consultations, and reports, 1999-2007


5 September 2007 Peer Review: The Challenges for the Humanities and Social Sciences

2 February 2007 Dearing Review of Language Policy - Response to the Consultation


21 November 2006 Dearing Review of Language Policy - Response to the announcement of the Review

2 November 2006 AHRC Review of Postgraduate Funding: response

9 October 2006 Response to the DfES consultation on the reform of higher education research assessment and funding

18 September 2006 Copyright and research in the humanities and social sciences

June/July 2006 Response to a Consultation on the Draft Research Agenda for Theme 8 'Socio-Economic Sciences and the Humanities' in the 7th Community RTD Framework Programme (2007-2013)

13 July 2006 The British Library’s Content Strategy: Meeting the Knowledge Needs of the Nation

19 April 2006 Response to the Gowers Review of Intellectual Property

21 March 2006 Response to the AHRC's consultation – A strategy for supporting and sustaining high quality research in the UK's Museums, Galleries, Libraries and Archives

January 2006 Academy's response to HEFCE's review of the teaching funding method

11 January 2006 The Academy comments on HEFCE's draft strategic plan for 2006


21 October 2005 Response to the AHRC's Consultation on doctoral research in the arts and humanities

September 2005 Response to RAE 2008 Consultation on assessment panels' draft criteria and working methods

26 August 2005 British Academy response to the RCUK position statement on access to research outputs

August 2005 Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution: Response to Invitation to Submit Evidence for Its Study of the Urban Environment

May 2005 E-resources for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences - A British Academy Policy Review


October 2004 Future Directions for Social Science: A response from the British Academy

June 2004 ‘That full complement of riches’: the contributions of the arts, humanities and social sciences to the nation’s wealth - a British Academy Review

June 2004 Submission to the Documentary Heritage Review of the Church Commissioners of the Church of England

June 2004 A EUROPEAN RESEARCH COUNCIL: A Response to the European Commission’s Communication on Europe and Basic Research

June 2004 The banding of Asian languages in British universities: A recommendation from the British Academy

June 2004 Response to the Government’s Consultation Paper on “Science and innovation: working towards a ten-year investment framework”


December 2002 Review of Research Assessment

April 2002 Incentives For Excellence: The British Academy's position paper on Graduate Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences

April 2002 Response to the AHRB’s Consultation on its review of its postgraduate support arrangement


September 2001 Review of Graduate Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences

May 2001 Aerial Survey for Archaeology

January 2001 The Quality of Life in the European Union: A Social Research Agenda


June 2000 British Academy Support for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences: Report of a Review, 1999-2000


December 1999 Joint study to examine implications of devolution on Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

August 1999 Illicit Trade in Antiquities

July 1999 Statement on draft EU directive on copyright