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Responses pre 2008

The British Academy's responses to consultations and reports, 1999-2007

5 September 2007: Peer Review: The Challenges for the Humanities and Social Sciences

2 February 2007: Dearing Review of Language Policy - Response to the Consultation

21 November 2006: Dearing Review of Language Policy - Response to the announcement of the Review

2 November 2006: AHRC Review of Postgraduate Funding: response

9 October 2006: Response to the DfES consultation on the reform of higher education research assessment and funding

18 September 2006: Copyright and research in the humanities and social sciences

June/July 2006: Response to a Consultation on the Draft Research Agenda for Theme 8 'Socio-Economic Sciences and the Humanities' in the 7th Community RTD Framework Programme (2007-2013)

13 July 2006: The British Library’s Content Strategy: Meeting the Knowledge Needs of the Nation

19 April 2006: Response to the Gowers Review of Intellectual Property

21 March 2006: Response to the AHRC's consultation – A strategy for supporting and sustaining high quality research in the UK's Museums, Galleries, Libraries and Archives

January 2006: Academy's response to HEFCE's review of the teaching funding method

11 January 2006: The Academy comments on HEFCE's draft strategic plan for 2006

21 October 2005: Response to the AHRC's Consultation on doctoral research in the arts and humanities

September 2005: Response to RAE 2008 Consultation on assessment panels' draft criteria and working methods

26 August 2005: British Academy response to the RCUK position statement on access to research outputs

August 2005: Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution: Response to Invitation to Submit Evidence for Its Study of the Urban Environment

May 2005: E-resources for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences - A British Academy Policy Review

October 2004: Future Directions for Social Science: A response from the British Academy

June 2004: ‘That full complement of riches’: the contributions of the arts, humanities and social sciences to the nation’s wealth - a British Academy Review

June 2004: Submission to the Documentary Heritage Review of the Church Commissioners of the Church of England

June 2004: A EUROPEAN RESEARCH COUNCIL: A Response to the European Commission’s Communication on Europe and Basic Research

June 2004: The banding of Asian languages in British universities: A recommendation from the British Academy

June 2004: Response to the Government’s Consultation Paper on “Science and innovation: working towards a ten-year investment framework”

December 2002: Review of Research Assessment

April 2002: Incentives For Excellence: The British Academy's position paper on Graduate Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences

April 2002: Response to the AHRB’s Consultation on its review of its postgraduate support arrangement

September 2001: Review of Graduate Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences

May 2001: Aerial Survey for Archaeology

January 2001: The Quality of Life in the European Union: A Social Research Agenda

June 2000: British Academy Support for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences: Report of a Review, 1999-2000

December 1999: Joint study to examine implications of devolution on Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

August 1999: Illicit Trade in Antiquities

July 1999: Statement on draft EU directive on copyright.