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‘From Our Fellows’ alphabetical listing

‘From Our Fellows’ alphabetical listing

‘From Our Fellows’ is a regular podcast in which Fellows of the British Academy offer brief reflections on what is currently interesting them. This is an alphabetical index of Fellows who have contributed to it.

Ashton, Rosemary, on the ‘Great Stink’ of 1858 (posted 27 Sep 2017)

Bandiera, Oriana, on improving the lot of poor women in Bangladesh (posted 6 Jan 2017)

Barker, Graeme, on the Neanderthals and why they were supplanted (posted 10 Apr 2017)

Blackburn, Simon, on theories of truth (posted 20 Dec 2017)

Bogdanor, Vernon, on some constitutional implications of Brexit (posted 29 Oct 2018)

Bourke, Joanna, on the global proliferation of sexual violence (posted 1 Dec 2016)

Bruzzi, Stella, on the reinterpretation of iconic imagery (posted 1 Nov 2016)

Chinkin, Christine, on women, peace and security (posted 3 Mar 2017)

Clarke, Eric, on the creative composer-performer relationship in musical collaborations (posted 8 Nov 2018)

Clavin, Patricia, on lessons from Austria’s ‘hunger catastrophe’ (posted 1 Dec 2016)

Connor, Steven, on thinking about ‘knowing’ (posted 6 Jan 2017)

Cummings, Brian, on Martin Luther 1517-2017 (posted 25 Jul 2017)

Dickey, Eleanor, on going to school in ancient Rome (posted 14 Jun 2018)

Elden, Stuart, on Shakespeare’s plays and the idea of ‘territory’ (posted 1 Dec 2016)

English, Richard, on whether terrorism works (posted 1 Nov 2016)

Ferlie, Ewan, on the contribution of social science to healthcare management (posted 10 Apr 2017)

Freedman, Judith, on taxing work (posted 25 Jul 2017)

Freedman, Lawrence, on the role of a historian and the Chilcot Inquiry (posted 1 Feb 2017)

Frost, Robert, on lessons from the Polish-Lithuanian Union, 1386-1795 (posted 27 Sep 2017)

Gandy, Matthew, on rethinking the urban (posted 27 Sep 2017)

Goldhill, Simon, on interdisciplinary approaches to tackling ethical dilemmas (posted 1 Dec 2016)

Hobson, Marian, on reading philosophy as translation (posted 29 June 2018)

Horder, Jeremy, on keeping our Members of Parliament squeaky clean (posted 12 Feb 2018)

Hutson, Lorna, on how the English came to think of this as their island (posted 5 Jun 2017)

Hutton, Ronald, on witchcraft in the world today (posted 10 Jul 2018)

Jackson, Emily, on the legalisation of assisted dying (posted 30 Apr 2018)

Keay, Simon, on connectivity in the Roman Mediterranean (posted 25 Jul 2017)

Kelly, Catriona, on Lenfilm Studio in Russia (posted 1 Nov 2016)

Kenny, Neil, on use of the present tense (posted 3 Mar 2017)

Langton, Rae, on free speech, not cheap speech (posted 10 Apr 2017)

McDowell, Linda, on migrant women’s voices (posted 1 Feb 2017)

Marenbon, John, on why you shouldn’t read Thomas Aquinas (posted 21 Nov 2018)

Mendus, Susan, on the underlying principles of democracy (posted 1 Feb 2017)

Merridale, Catherine, on Lenin’s 1917 train journey across Europe (posted 6 Jan 2017)

Mitter, Rana, on China’s foreign policy and memories of World War 2 (posted 6 Jan 2017)

Orsini, Francesca, on avoiding too limited a vision of ‘world literature’ (posted 12 Feb 2018)

Roberts, Adam, on lessons to be learned from the Arab Spring (posted 1 Nov 2016)

Roberts, Charlotte, on the archaeology of human diseases (posted 10 Apr 2017)

Roberts, Ian, on the wonders of language (posted 5 Jun 2017)

Rubery, Jill, on employment and citizenship rights (posted 3 Mar 2017)

Scott, Sophie, on the role the voice plays when we talk to each other (posted 1 Feb 2017)

Sennett, Richard, on lessons to be learned from cities in the global south (posted 24 Sep 2018)

Snowling, Maggie, on diversity and language skills (posted 20 Dec 2017)

Vignoles, Anna, on what role education can really play in promoting social mobility (posted 12 Feb 2018)

Wallace, Helen, on the continuing value of European Studies (posted 20 Dec 2017)

Watson, Janet, on language and nature (posted 3 Mar 2017)