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The Next Generation: Ideas and Experience in African Researcher Support

The Next Generation: Ideas and Experience in African Researcher Support

The British Academy and the Association of Commonwealth Universities recently published The Next Generation: Ideas and Experience in African Researcher Support. As the research leaders of the future, it is early career researchers who will direct and shape the development of African higher education and research. This report does not set out to provide a comprehensive review of early career researcher support. Instead, a number of recommendations are made for developing early career researcher support systems. These recommendations have been formulated in consideration of how early career researcher development strategies can take greater prominence in the African higher education sector, while reflecting on how researcher support systems can be established, sustained, and be most effective, given the context of restricted resources and competing priorities. The report adds further testimony to the value of collaboration, discussion, and debate in formulating a common understanding and shared set of principles at various levels, and highlights the need for increasing awareness of the different options available in developing a strategy for early career researcher support.

This report forms part of a wider British Academy initiative called the Nairobi Process. The Process focuses on the challenges to undertaking research in the social sciences and the humanities in Africa. We are taking forward this work, with UK and African partners, through a variety of activities such as the Africa Desk and a series of writing workshops for early career researchers.

Past reports, which we have produced under the Nairobi Process, include Foundations for the Future: Supporting the Early Careers of African Researchers and The Nairobi Report: Frameworks for Africa-UK Research Collaboration in the Social Sciences and Humanities and 


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