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Newton International Fellowships 2016 Awards List

Newton International Fellowships 2016 Awards List

Awards made under Newton International Fellowships in 2016.

Dr Carroll (Australia)
A Typology of Distributed Exponence: Mapping the Limits of Information Distribution within the Word
NF160104 University of Surrey

Dr Crouzet (Italy)
Crude Empire: British Oil Imperialism and the Making of the Modern Middle East (c.1901 - 1935)
NF160302 University of Warwick

Dr Chen (China)
Metallurgy in Bronze Age China: Regional Production and Trans-cultural Networks
NF160456 University College London

Dr Gullo (Italy)
Epigrams of Julian the Egyptian: An Edition and a Commentary
NF160553 University of Durham

Dr Lindner (Germany)
European Regimes of Integration: Democracy and Difference in France, Germany and Great Britain
NF160646 University of Warwick

Dr Tarruell (Italy)
The Spanish Empire, a Land of Reception? Migrations from Islam to Christendom, 16th-17th Centuries
NF160666 University of Oxford

Dr Yu (China)
Social Value Representation in Subclinical Psychopathy: Neurocognitive Profiles and Intervention
NF160700 University of Oxford

Dr Younis (Canada)
The Impact of Anti-radicalisation Policies on British Muslims and NHS Healthcare Professionals
NF161271 University College London

Dr Sielker (Germany)
Power in Planning: Stakeholders’ Choice of Power Channels in EU Sector Policies
NF161284 University of Cambridge

Dr Rullo (Italy)
When in Rome: The Impact of Group Dynamics and Social Norms on Tax Behaviour
NF161378 University of Kent at Canterbury

Dr Lugli (United States of America)
Lexis and Tradition: Variation in the Vocabulary of Sanskrit Mahayana Literature
NF161436 King's College London

Dr Greco (France)
Metastatic Breast Cancer: Towards a Chronic Condition?
NF161448 University of Manchester

Dr Emre Cetin (Turkey)
Alevi Television and the Making of the Transnational Alevi Identity
NF160379 London School of Economics & Political Science

Dr Heurich (Brazil)
Rethinking Words and Referents: Quoting, Capturing and Forgetting in Araweté Verbal Art
NF160779 University College London

Dr Korkmaz (Turkey)
Participation of Turkish Migrants to the Public Sphere via Trade Unions in Selected European States
NF160819 University of Oxford

Dr Levy-Aksu (Turkey)
Legalizing the State of Emergency in the Late Ottoman Empire
NF161095 Birkbeck College, University of London

Dr Nanziri (South Africa)
The Dynamics of Financial Inclusion and Welfare in Emerging and Developing Economies
NF161251 University of Oxford