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Newton International Fellowships 2014 Awards List

Newton International Fellowships 2014 Awards List

Awards made under Newton International Fellowships in 2014.

Dr Emmanuelle Honore 
-  French
Painting the body: Prehistoric cognition of Self and the Other in North African rock art
NF141079 - University of Cambridge

Dr Giorgia Vocino  -  Italian
The Art of Speech. The episcopal promotion of the trivium in early medieval Italy
NF141025 - University of Cambridge

Dr Michael Bochnak  -  Canadian
Mapping the depth of crosslinguistic variation in verbal meaning: A case study from Washo
NF140189 - University of Manchester

Dr Irving Goh  -  Singaporean
Pre-Positional Existence, or Perhaps Only a Preposition Can Save Us
NF140584 - University of Cambridge

Dr Jonathan Duquette  -  Canadian
The Rise of Sivadvaita Vedanta in Early Modern India: A Study of Appaya Diksita’s Ratnatrayapariksa
NF140402 - University of Oxford

Dr Valentina Sclafani  -  Italian
A comparative analysis of early mother-infant interactions between human and non-human primates
NF140894 - University of Reading

Dr Lily Jampol  -  American
White Lies in the Workplace: Consequences for Women & Practical Interventions
NF141049 - London Business School

Dr Stefano Costalli  -  Italian
Political Change through Contentious Action. An Actor-based Approach
NF140886 - University of Essex

Dr Matti Erasaari  -  Finnish
Eating money, eating time: the value of time in Fiji
NF140926 - University of Manchester

Dr Marina Puglisi  -  Brazilian
Reducing the risk of language and literacy disorders in preschoolers from disadvantaged backgrounds.
NF141010 - University of Oxford

Dr Antti Lampinen  -  Finnish
Reception of barbarographic literary stereotypes in Christian Late Antiquity (400-700)
NF140158 - University of St Andrews

Dr Kristine Richter  -  American
Molecular Ancient Fish Remains Identification
NF140516 - University of York

Dr Julia Christensen  -  Danish
A new framework to understand human emotion perception using expertise
NF140935 - City University

Dr Heidi Matthews  -  Canadian
International Criminal Law & the Cold War: Historical Narrative & the Construction of a Legal Field
NF141051 - School of Oriental and African Studies