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Newton International Fellowships 2011 Awards List

Newton International Fellowships 2011 Awards List

Awards made under Newton International Fellowships in 2011.

Dr Dario Calomino  
-  Italian
Roman Provincial Coinage VI-Part 2: from Severus Alexander to Maximinus Thrax (AD 222-238)
NF111111 - British Museum

Dr Jan Matonoha  -  Czech
Dispositives of Silence and Injuring Identities. Between East and West – Czech Literature Case Study
NF110196 - University of Sheffield

Dr Ioanna Rapti  -  Greek
Identities & interactions through the Crusades: Shaping power & sharing culture in Armenian Cilicia
NF110974 - King's College London

Dr Eva Guillorel  -  French
Song and Social Protest in Early Modern Europe: Acts of Rebellion, Performance of Memory
NF110416 - University of Oxford

Dr Beatrice Penati  -  Italian
The economy of Central Asia in the Tsarist and early Soviet period: a reappraisal.
NF110144 - University of Manchester

Dr Eduardo Aubert  -  Brazilian
Forging Communication: Musical Notation in Early Medieval Society
NF110653 - University of Cambridge

Dr Damian Skinner  -  New Zealander
Art and decolonisation in settler societies
NF110710 - University of Cambridge

Dr Thomas Breda  -  French
Unions, Bargaining and wages in France and the United Kingdom.
NF110615 - London School of Economics & Political Science

Dr Sidharthan Maunaguru  -  Sri Lankan
Religious institutions and ethnic conflict: Tamil temples in Britain and Sri Lanka
NF110719 - University of Edinburgh

Dr Antonio Olmedo Reinoso  -  Spanish
Philanthropy, Business and Education: market-based solutions to educational problems
NF110415 - Institute of Education, University of London

Dr Alisher Khamidov  -  Kyrgyz
Explaining variation in Muslim protests in the UK and Kyrgyzstan
NF110073 - Newcastle University

Dr Olga Onuch  -  Polish
Understanding Processes and Actor Decisions Related to the Mass-Mobilisation Outcome.
NF110623 - University of Oxford

Dr Nicola Binetti  -  Italian
Timekeeping in a dynamic agent: how our displacements shape our representation of time
NF111112 - University College London