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Newton International Fellowships 2009 Awards List

Newton International Fellowships 2009 Awards List

Awards made under Newton International Fellowships in 2009.

Dr Ariel Feldman  
-  Israeli
Joshua and His Texts in Second Temple Times
NF090007 - University of Manchester

Dr Chukwuma Okoye  -  Nigerian
The Postcoloniality of African Theatre and Performance
NF090043 - University of Leeds

Dr Kirill Ospovat  -  Russian
Socializing Culture: Court Society, Patronage and Culture in Eighteenth-Century Russia
NF081624 - Queen Mary, University of London

Dr Nobuko Anan  -  Japanese
Playing with the West: Parody in Contemporary Japanese Women’s Performance
NF082398 - University of Warwick

Dr Yi-Xian Lin  -  Chinese
Early Glass and Pigments from Majiayuan Cemetery, Gansu, China
NF082445 - University College London

Dr Guillaume Saint-Guillain  -  French
Identities, colonialisms and state transformations in the thirteenth century Mediterranean
NF082372 - King's College London

Dr Ali Usman Qasmi  -  Pakistani
Exploring Pluralism in Islamic Traditions: The Shia Muslims of Punjab since 1857
NF082064 - Royal Holloway, University of London

Dr Huanguang Qiu  -  Chinese
The Economics of Biofuel Production: Social and Environmental Impacts in China
NF090081 - School of Oriental and African Studies

Dr Fabiana Li  -  Canadian
Gold and Glaciers: An Ethnography of Equivalence and Incommensurability in the Global Economy
NF082019 - University of Manchester

Dr Alexandra Alvergne  -  French
Social Influence On The Diffusion Of Cultural Innovation: The Case Of Modern Contraception
NF082589 - University College London

Dr Arjan Schakel  -  Dutch
Regional reform and territorialization of party systems
NF090087 - University of Edinburgh

Dr Sonali Nag  -  Indian
Children at risk for reading difficulties in Kannada, an Indian alphasyllabary.
NF090070 - University of York

Dr Christopher Olivola  -  American
From Fundamental Psychological Principles to the Valuation of Human Lives
NF082295 - University of Warwick