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Newton Fund 2016 Awards List

Newton Fund 2016 Awards List

Awards made under the Newton Advanced Fellowships and Newton Mobility Grants in 2016.


Dr Rudi Rocha Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)
Access to Health Care, Health Outcomes and Hospital Performance in Brazilian Cities
Professor Sonia Bhalotra University of Essex
AF160082       Three-Year      £84,155

Dr Leonardo Weller Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV)
Democracy, Autocracy and Sovereign Debt: How Polity Shaped Government-creditor Relations in the First Age of Globalisation
Dr Ali Coskun Tuncer University College London
AF160123       Three-Year      £96,399

Dr Claudia Beltrao da Rosa Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro UNIRIO
Images of the Gods: The Discourse on Cult Statues in Cicero and Late Republican Debates on Roman Religion
Dr Federico Santangelo Newcastle University
AF160128       Three-Year      £98,810

Dr Silvia Marina Pinheiro  Fundação Getulio Vargas
Inclusion and Formalization of Amazonian Informal Entrepreneurs into MNC Value Chains: Mechanisms, Partnerships and Impacts
Dr Diane Holt  University of Essex
AF160034       Three-Year      £104,030

Professor Maria Fernanda Peres University of Sao Paulo
Risk and Protective Factors for Adolescent Violent Behaviour in Sao Paulo, Brazil: The Sao Paulo Project on the Social Development of Children (SP-PROSO)
Professor Manuel Peter Eisner University of Cambridge
AF160099       Three-Year      £81,000

Dr Raphael Corbi University of Sao Paulo
Fiscal Policy and Labour Market Outcomes: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Brazil
Professor Paolo Surico London Business School
AF160119       Three-Year      £75,700


Dr Santhidran Sinnappan Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
Engaging with Road Safety among Youth through Social Media
Dr Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri University of Leicester
AF160094       Two-Year        £23,640

Dr Ken Kyid Yeoh University of Nottingham (Malaysia)
The Nature and Extent of CSR Stakeholder Engagement in the UK and Malaysia
Professor Emmanuel Adegbite De Montfort University
AF160089       Two-Year        £25,313

Dr Weng-Tink Chooi Universiti Sains Malaysia
Serial Order Memory Efficiency in Working Memory (dual n-back) training
Professor Robert Logie University of Edinburgh
AF160093       Two-Year        £27,375

Dr Halimatus Sakdiah Minhat Universiti Putra Malaysia
Managing a Greying Social Care Workforce: A Malaysian Ageing Population Imperative
Dr Matthew Flynn Newcastle University
AF160205       Two-Years      £66,140


Dr Mauricio I. Dussauge-Laguna Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE)
Regulatory Capitalism and Development in Latin America: The Mexican Experience in Comparative Perspective
Professor Martin Lodge       London School of Economics and Political Science            
AF160229       Three-Years     £111,000        

Dr Jorge Manuel Herrera Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
Maritime Archaeology of the Mexican-American War (1846-1848)
Professor Jon Adams University of Southampton
AF160206       Three-Years     £97,030

Professor Giovanni Mantilla Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE)
Conflict, Legal Compliance, and Democracy: Addressing the Complexities of Humanitarian Law in Mexico, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, and Colombia  
Professor Fionnuala Ni Aolain University of Ulster
AF160252       Three-Years    £89,247

Dr Luis Rocha-Lona Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Adoption of Green Technologies and Sustainability Standards for Emerging Economies: The Case of Mexico
Dr Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes University of Derby             
AF160218       Three-Years    £101,700

Dr Ulises Xolocotzin Eligio Center for Research and Advanced Studies (CINVESTAV)
Individual Differences in Attention in the Mathematics Classroom 
Dr Matthew Inglis Loughborough University
AF160191       Three-Years    £67,750

Dr Gisela Zaremberg Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO) Sede Mexico
Conversing with Goliath? Participation, Mobilisation and Repression around Neo-extractionist and Environmental Conflicts
Dr Valeria Guarneros-Meza De Montfort University
AF160219       Three-Years     £78,224

South Africa

Dr Arlene Archer University of Cape Town
The Impact of Digital Forms of Writing on Access and Diversity in Higher Education
Professor Carey Jewitt University College London
AF160189       Three-Years     £76,234

Dr Stephanie Cawood University of the Free State
Memorializing Struggle: Dynamics of Memory, Space and Power in Post-liberation Africa
Dr Jonathan Vincent William Fisher University of Birmingham
AF160100       Three-Year      £62,904

Dr Shari Daya University of Cape Town
Consumer Ethics in Post-apartheid South Africa
Dr Alexandra Louise Hughes Newcastle University
AF160043       Three-Year      £75,988

Dr Lindie Koorts University of the Free State
The Age of Opportunism: Paul Krugers Transvaal, 1886-1899
Dr Matthew Graham University of Dundee
AF160207       Three-Years     £111,000

Professor Jaco Barnard Naude University of Cape Town
Spatial Justice in the Postcolony: Legacies of the Nomos of Apartheid
Ms Julia Chryssostalis University of Westminster             
AF160177       Three-Years     £72,586

Dr Rory Pilossof University of the Free State, South Africa
Labour Migration and Labour Relations in South and Southern Africa, c.1900-2000
Dr Andrew Peter Cohen University of Kent
AF160092       Three-Year      £94,000

Dr Tamsen Jean Rochat Human Sciences Research Council
Conduct Disorders, Executive Function and Parenting in South African Children
Dr Rebecca Pearson University of Bristol
AF160108       Three-Year      £96,420

Professor Hermann Wittenberg University of the Western Cape 
Coetzee's Other Arts: Visuality, Intermediality and Adaptation
Dr Michelle Kelly University of Oxford                 
AF160236       Three-Years     £81,000


Dr Navaporn Sanprasert Snodin  Kasetsart University
Enhancing the Quality of International Student and Staff Mobility Experience: Narratives from International Students and Academics across Different Regions in Thailand
Dr Tony Young Newcastle University
AF160059       Two-Year        £65,920


Dr Emre Toros Atilim University
Understanding and Mitigating Electoral Violence in Turkey
Professor Sarah Birch King's College London
AF160050       Three-Year      £81,323

Dr Elif Koparal Hitit University
Unlocking the Ionian Landscape: Historic Landscapes of Urla-Çeşme Peninsula (Izmir, Turkey)
Professor Sam Turner Newcastle University
AF160103       Three-Year      £102,500

Dr Isik Kuscu Bonnenfant Middle East Technical University
Reuniting Cyprus: The British-Cypriot Diasporas as Peace Agents
Dr Neophytos Loizides University of Kent
AF160002       Three-Year      £97,698

Dr Klimis Aslanidis Gediz University
Locating Religious Communities: New Approaches to the Christian Heritage of the Ottoman Era in Western Turkey
Professor Sam Turner Newcastle University
AF160045       Three-Year      £104,500

Newton Mobility Grants


Professor Mércio Pereira Gomes Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
The Anthropology and History of Discovery: A Comparative Exploration
Professor Jeremy Richard Brotton Queen Mary, University of London
NG160049      One-Year        £9,998

Professor Fabio Akcelrud Durao State University of Campinas
Entrepreneurial Literary Research: Brazilian and British Literature Markets
Professor Suman Gupta Open University
NG160076      One-Year        £10,000

Dr Lucia Maria Costa Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Urban Agriculture, Landscape Justice, and Migrants Inclusion: Practices from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and London, UK
Dr Antonia Noussia London South Bank University
NG160134      One-Year        £9,860

Dr Paulo Nassar University of São Paulo
Brazil's Urban Brand Images and Cultural Narratives in the Wake of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
Dr Beatriz Garcia University of Liverpool
NG160133      One-Year        £9,980

Dr Renato Moraes Universidade de São Paulo
Understanding Organisational Agility: The Role of Information Technology (IT) Capability
Dr Crispin Richard Coombs Loughborough University
NG160090      One-Year        £6,917

Dr Jacqueline de Souza Gomes Universidade Federal Fluminense
Transfer of Expertise in Sociology of Diagnosis to Understand and Manage Rare and Emerging Diseases in Brazil
Professor Susan Kelly University of Exeter
NG160091      One-Year        £9,985

Dr Dalson Figueiredo Federal University of Pernambuco
Fostering Transparency in Government Institutions and Higher Education: A Research and Teaching Initiative
Dr Nicole Janz University of Cambridge
NG160153      One-Year        £9,792

Dr Daiane Neutzling University of Fortaleza
Relational Coordination Mechanisms for Sustainable Food Supply Chains: The Role of Farmer Cooperatives in Brazil
Dr Vikas Kumar University of the West of England
NG160177      One-Year        £9,850


Dr Ngee Thai Yap Universiti Putra Malaysia
Fellowship for Research and Training Intonation in Malay and in Malaysia
Professor Jane Elizabeth Setter University of Reading
NG160107      One-Year        £9,049

Dr Bonaventure Boniface University Malaysia Sabah
Effective Entrepreneurship among Independent Palm Oil Small Holders in Sabah, Malaysia
Dr Jane Chang University of Westminster
NG160028      One-Year        £5,000

Dr Norizan Esa Universiti Sains Malaysia
Introducing a Technology-enhanced Active Learning Approach to Develop Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Malaysian Science Teacher Education
Dr Shaista Shirazi Kingston University
NG160200      One-Year        £3,615


Dr Stephen McKnight El Colegio de México
The Role of Indeterminacy and Self-Fulfilling Expectations in Emerging Economies
Dr Laura Povoledo University of the West of England
NG160085      One-Year        £9,520

Dr Jorge Alberto Duran-Encalada Universidad de las Americas Puebla
Family SMEs for Circular Economy: Enabling Capacity through Mexico/UK partnership
Professor Alberto Paucar-Caceres Manchester Metropolitan University
NG160123      One-Year        £9,770

Dr Ruben Garnica Monroy Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
Spatial Inequalities and Urban Form in Mexican Cities: a geospatial investigation
Dr Seraphim Alvanides Northumbria University
NG160052      One-Year        £9,870

South Africa

Dr Constance Bitso University of Cape Town
Socio-cultural and Human Interaction Approaches in the Design of Interventions to Support Students at Risk in South African Universities
Dr Jose Abdelnour Nocera University of West London
NG160087      One-Year        £9,256

Dr Heather Brookes University of Cape Town
Training and Knowledge Exchange in Early Bantu Language Development Assessment
Dr Katherine Alcock Lancaster University
NG160093      One-Year        £9,030

Professor Stefan Grab University of the Witwatersrand
Climates of Colonisation: The VOC Cape Daghregister Project
Dr Mark Williams Cardiff University
NG160166      One-Year        £9,900

Dr Lucy GrahamUniversity of the Western Cape, South Africa
The Politics and Poetics of World War One Commemoration in South Africa and the United Kingdom
Professor Michele BarrettQueen Mary University of London
NG160338      One-Year        £9,910

Professor Shaheen Ashraf KageeStellenbosch University
Developing Understanding of End of Life Care: Sharing Knowledge between the United Kingdom and South Africa
Dr Paula SmithUniversity of Bath
NG160225      One-Year        £9,155

Dr Ruthira Naraidoo University of Pretoria
The Role of Banks and Monetary Policy in South Africa
Dr Vo Phuong Mai Le Cardiff University
NG160048      One-Year        £6,700

Professor Andrea SaaymanNorth-West University
Tourism as a Tool for Poverty Reduction in Southern Africa
Dr ShiNa Li Leeds Beckett University
NG160321      One-Year        £10,000

Dr Andreas Scheba Human Sciences Research Council
Addressing South Africa’s Sustainable Development Paradox: Towards a Multidimensional Framework for Assessing and Enhancing Social, Economic and Environmental Benefits of South Africa’s Green Fund Projects
Dr Amber Huff Institute of Development Studies
NG160318      One-Year        £9,914


Dr Yukti Mukdawijitra Thammasat University
Mobile Media Practices in Everyday Life: Negotiating Commercial Infrastructures and State Control in Mainland Southeast Asia
Dr Richard Lowell MacDonald Goldsmiths, University of London
NG160129      One-Year        £9,776

Dr Quantar Balthip Prince of Songkla University
Exploring the Concepts of Spirituality and Dignity with Adolescents Living with HIV Compared with Healthy Adolescents
Professor Wilfred McSherry Staffordshire University
NG160122      One-Year        £10,000


Professor Sumru Altug Koc University
Ambiguity and the Business Cycle
Professor Sujoy Mukerji Queen Mary Univers ity of London
NG160021      One-Year        £10,000

Dr Altug Akin Izmir University of Economics
Research Collaboration on Marshall Plan Films about Turkey Produced by British Filmmakers
Dr Anthony McNicholasUniversity of Westminster
NG160333      One-Year        £9,856

Dr Ferda Donmez AtbasiAnkara University
Researching and Teaching Grassroots Economics: A Pilot Project
Dr Irene SotiropoulouCoventry University
NG160351      One-Year        £8,050

Dr Sandrine BergesBilkent University
Bridging the Gender Gap through Time: How Women Philosophers of the Past contributed to Today's Thought
Dr Alan CoffeeKing's College London
NG160226      One-Year        £9,600

Dr Eylem Özaltun Koç University
First-Person: Action and Perception
Professor Naomi Eilan University of Warwick
NG160050      One-Year        £9,990

Dr Nuray Ozaslan Anadolu University
Curriculum Development in Cultural Heritage Management
Dr Aylin Orbasli Oxford Brookes University
NG160145      One-Year        £9,350

Professor Ozlem SandikciIstanbul Sehir University
The Institutional Role of Imagination in the Formation of a Market: An Investigation of the Emergence of Global Halal Market
Dr Aliakbar JafariUniversity of Strathclyde
NG160253      One-Year        £9,450

Dr Ozge Ozyilmaz YildizcanIstanbul Sehir University
Transition to Sound Cinema in Turkey
Dr Sarah Neely University of Stirling
NG160270      One-Year        £9,995

Dr Volkan Yilmaz Bogazici University
A Study of Contesting Discourses of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Policies in Turkey in a Comparative Perspective: Whose Welfare and Rights Are Represented?
Dr Paul Willis University of Bristol
NG160154      One-Year        £4,110

Dr Luca Zavagno Bilkent University
Not the Final Frontier: The World of Medieval Islands
Dr Jonathan Andrew Jarrett University of Leeds
NG160273      One-Year        £4,216


Dr Chau Le Banking University HCMC, Vietnam
The Global Financial Crisis and Spillovers of US Monetary Policy: Lessons from Vietnam
Professor Roman Matousek University of Kent
NG160341      One-Year        £7,860

Dr Van Nhan Luong Da Nang Architecture University
Fan Translation in Viet Nam
Dr Jonathan Evans University of Portsmouth
NG160250      One-Year        £9,102

Dr Phuc Van NguyenTrung Vuong University
New Labour Migrations Between Vietnam and the UK: Motivations, Journeys and Reflections
Dr Tamsin BarberOxford Brookes University
NG160319      One-Year        £8,197.65

Professor Nguyen Cong PhuongSchool of Economics, Danang University
The Reform of Public Sector Accounting in Vietnam: Learning from UK experiences
Dr Tobias PolzerQueen's University Belfast
NG160355      One-Year        £3,860

Dr Thi Tran Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences
Care in Modern Family: Perspective of Older and Younger Generations in two Major Cities in Vietnam and the UK
Dr Jo-Pei Tan Manchester Metropolitan University
NG160263      One-Year        £9,910

Professor Quang Thong Truong University of Economics Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam
Linking Risk and Time Preferences with the Default of Microfinance  Loan: Field Experiment Evidence from the Mekong Delta
Dr Quang Nguyen Middlesex University
NG160334      One-Year        £10,000

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