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Newton Fund 2015 Awards List

Newton Fund 2015 Awards List

Awards made under the Newton Advanced Fellowships and Newton Mobility Grants in 2015.

Newton Advanced Fellowships


Dr Narita 
University of Sao Paulo
Equilibrium Labor Market Effects of Non-contributory Health Insurance: Evidence from Mexico
Dr Conti University College London
AF150049             Two-Year             £40,810

Professor Neyra Belderrain Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica - ITA
Operational Research in Brazil: A Multi-methodological Approach
Professor Paucar-Caceres Manchester Metropolitan University
AF150068             Two-Year             £67,770

Dr Schwendler Federal University of Paraná (UFPR)
Gender and Education in Rural Areas in Brazil
Professor Ribeiro Pires Vieira Queen Mary University of London
AF150000             Two-Year             £64,457

Dr Turgeon Universidade de Brasilia
The Causes and Consequences of Public Opinion on Affirmative Action Policies in Brazil
Dr Habel University of Glasgow
AF150040             One-Year             £36,801

Dr Fernandes Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Translating Children´s Narrative: A Corpus-based Study
Professor Toolan University of Birmingham
AF150069             One-Year             £29,654

Dr Gimenes Sanches University of Sao Paulo
Parametric and Nonparametric Quantile Regression Methods for Asymmetric Ascending Auctions
Professor Guerre
Queen Mary University of London
AF150085             One-Year             £25,000

South Africa

Dr Draper 
University of Cape Town
Executive Function in South African Preschool Children from Low-income Settings
Professor Scerif University of Oxford
AF150058             Two-Year             £54,605

Professor Wood North-West University
Ubunye:- Empowering Parents in Disadvantaged South African Communities to Support Classroom Learning
Dr McAteer Edge Hill University
AF150060             Two-Year             £71,350

Professor Oldfield University of Cape Town
South African Urban Imperatives Past, Present and Future: Theory Building with Knowledge Beyond the University
Professor Barnett University of Exeter
AF150044             Two-Year             £59,920


Dr Cali 
Koç University
Effects of International Human Rights Law on Public International Law and Its Sub-Branches
Ms McGregor University of Essex
AF150046             Two-Year             £65,095

Dr Demiray Kocaeli University
Dealing Ethically with Conflicts Between Deep Commitments: A Dual Critical-Hermeneutic Approach
Dr Baiasu Keele University
AF150021             Two-Year             £56,580

Dr Temel Ege University
Entrepreneurial Universities, Innovation and the Role of Technology Transfer Offices in Emerging Economies
Professor Karatas-Ozkan University of Southampton
AF150057             Two-Year             £71,676

Newton Mobility Grants


Dr Empinotti Universidade Federal do ABC - UFABC
Securing Water for Megacities: An Analysis of Water Governance and Scarcity in the São Paulo Metropolitan Region
Dr Budds University of East Anglia
NG150122           One-Year             £10,000

Professor Guardini Vasconcelos University of São Paulo
The Novel without Frontiers
Dr Forman University of Warwick
NG150081           One-Year             £10,000

Dr Martins Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná
Developing Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains: Building Capacity for Executive Training and Supply Chain Research with Co-operative Managers
Dr Bailey University of Exeter
NG150123           One-Year             £10,000

Dr Cueto-Caballero Fiocruz, Casa de Oswaldo Cruz
Latin American Studies Journals in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries: the UK and the Brazilian Experiences
Dr Drinot University College London
NG150044           One-Year             £9,930

Dr Fiates Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Investigating the Habits of Shoppers When They Do or Don't Buy Healthful Foods
Dr Dean Queen's University Belfast
NG150026           One-Year             £9,800

Mr Bazzoni Bueno University of Sao Paulo
Mind, Language and Action: Investigating the Connections Between the Physical and the Human Realities
Professor Zalabardo University College London
NG150010           One-Year             £9,790

Dr Ribeiro Duarte University of Brasília
Building Human Capital in Empirical Sociology of Science for Latin America
Dr Reyes Galindo Cardiff University
NG150083           One-Year             £10,000

Dr D'Ottaviano University of São Paulo
Brazilian Favelas and Indian Slums: A Comparative Research on Policies, Programs and Government Intervention
Dr Sengupta Queen's University Belfast
NG150109           One-Year             £9,600

Dr Paiva Faculdade de Medicina de Botucatu-UNESP.
Preventing Hospital Acquired Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CUTIs) in People Over 65 Years Old: A Qualitative Study of Knowledge Transfer in the UK and Brazil
Dr Sitton-Kent University of Nottingham
NG150113           One-Year             £8,310

Dr Chesani Universidade do Vale do Itajaí- UNIVALI
Breaking Down Barriers and Improving Quality of Life for Wheelchair Users
Dr Mandy University of Brighton
NG150064           One-Year             £9,520


Dr Serrano El Colegio de México
Interaction and Impact in Transnational Narcotics Governance: the International Drug Control Regime and the International Human Rights Regime in the Americas
Dr Pegram University College London
NG150090           One-Year             £9,750

Dr Trejo Delarbre National Autonomous University of Mexico
Digital Culture and iIs Discontents: Beyond Connectivity, After Access and Use
Dr Thornham University of Leeds
NG150107           One-Year             £10,000

South Africa

Professor Vearey University of the Witwatersrand
Marginalised Voices: Exploring Arts-based and Narrative Methodologies for Understanding the Lived Experiences of Migrant Sex Worker and Migrant LGBTQI Communities in South Africa and the UK
Dr Milne Coventry University
NG150023           One-Year             £9,970

Dr Drimie Stellenbosch University
Developing Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains: Building Capacity for Executive Training and Supply Chain Research with Co-operative Managers
Dr Jia University of Exeter
NG150085           One-Year             £9,690 

Dr de Jager University of Cape Town
Monetary Policy and the Banking Sector in South Africa
Dr Solomon De Montfort University
NG150062           One-Year             £9,561

Dr Alastair van Heerden Human Sciences Research Council
Investigating the complexities of physical growth in children living in resource constrained environments
Dr Seraphim Alvanides Northumbria University
NG150180           One-Year             £9,880


Dr Ozdemir Koç University
Exploring Barriers to Open Innovation in Emerging Countries: The Case of Turkey
Dr Ozcan University of Warwick
NG150087           One-Year             £9,000

Dr Eris-Dereli Marmara Universitesi
Occupational Mobility and Labour Market Mismatch
Dr van Rens University of Warwick
NG150075           One-Year             £9,700

Dr Zara Istanbul Bilgi University
Somatisation and Depression: The BodyMind Approach as Treatment for Women in Turkey
Professor Payne University of Hertfordshire
NG150137           One-Year             £6,995


Professor Dao Water Resources University
Proactively Living with Floods: Developing New Approaches to Flood Management in Vietnam's Mekong Delta
Dr Hensengerth Northumbria University
NG150072           One-Year             £9,900

Dr Hoang Hanoi University (HANU)
Developing Sustainable Green Practices in Vietnam: The Role of Green Transformational Leadership
Dr Kumar University of the West of England, Bristol
NG150112           One-Year             £9,700

Dr Pham VNU University of Economics and Business, Hanoi, Viet Nam
Vietnamese version of a 'Social Impact Matrix': Developing the Methodology of Culturally Applicable Social Impact Measurement for Vietnam
Dr Hazenberg University of Northampton
NG150052           One-Year             £9,135

Dr Nguyen National University of Civil Engineering, Vietnam
Developing a Housing Model Based on the Status-quality Trade Off Theory
Dr Chatterton University of Leeds
NG150097           One-Year             £10,000

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