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Newton Fund 2014 Awards List

Newton Fund 2014 Awards List

Awards made under the Newton Advanced Fellowships and Newton Mobility Grants in 2014.

Newton Advanced Fellowship


Professor Carlo Patti Universidade Federal de Goiás    
Global Nuclear Vulnerability: The Effects of the Cuban Missile Crisis on British, French and Brazilian Nuclear Policies
Dr Benoit Pelopidas University of Bristol         
AF140175            Two-Years           £74,000.00

Dr Eliana Sousa Silva Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Someone to Watch Over Me: New Ways of Understanding Police, Culture and the Favela in Rio de Janeiro
Professor Paul Heritage Queen Mary University of London              
AF140159            Two-Years           £63,892.10

Professor Pedro Duarte University of Sao Paulo
Recent History of Macroeconomics and the Large-Scale Macroeconometric Models 
Professor Sir David Hendry Nuffield College
AF140063            Two-Years           £47,150.00

Professor Daniela Vaz Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
The Effect of Attentional Focus on Movement Coordination
Professor Subhobrata Mitra Nottingham Trent University
AF140050            Two-Years           £44,086.00

Dr Fernanda Estevan University of Sao Paulo
Affirmative Action in College Admission: Encouragement, Discouragement, and Social Mobility
Dr Thomas Gall University of Southampton
AF140079            Two-Years           £37,900.00

Professor Erica Cristina Rocha Gorga Fundação Getulio Vargas São Paulo School of Law
Shareholder Coalitions Across Countries: A Force for Good or Evil?
Professor Luca Enriques University of Oxford
AF140097            One-Year              £37,000.00

Dr Cristina Eluf State University of Bahia
Corpus Linguistics and Teacher Education: New Perspectives for Brazilian Pre-service Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
Dr Vander Viana University of Stirling
AF140172            One-Year              £32,665.00


Dr Sergio Navarrete Pellicer Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Sociales en Antropología social, CIESAS
Afro-Mexican Musical Youth in Oaxaca: Roots, Creativity, Community
Dr Lucy Duran School of Oriental and African Studies
AF140183            Two-Years           £70,662.00

Dr Abril Saldana-Tejeda Universidad de Guanajuato
Genomics and child obesity in Mexico: the resignification of race, class, nation and gender
Professor Peter Wade University of Manchester
AF140103            Two-Years           £48,800.00

Dr Ines Arroyo-Quiroz Centro Regional de Investigaciones Multidisciplinarias (CRIM), National University of Mexico (UNAM)
International Trade in Wildlife Involving Mexico: A Critical Appraisal of Wildlife Trade Dynamics between Mexico and the European Union
Dr Tanya Wyatt Northumbria University
AF140036            Two-Years           £34,860.00

South Africa

Dr Agostino Pietro Maria Inguscio University of Cape Town
Establishment of the Programme in Global Economic History at UCT
Professor Deborah Oxley University of Oxford
AF140110            Two-Years           £74,000.00

Dr Deborah Seddon Rhodes University
An Arc to the Future: Preserving and Promoting Orature in the South African Literary Imaginary
Dr Andrew van der Vlies Queen Mary University of London
AF140051            Two-Years           £74,000.00

Professor Geo Quinot Stellenbosch University
Developing the Scholarship of African Public Procurement Regulation
Professor Sue Arrowsmith University of Nottingham
AF140117            Two-Years           £74,000.00

Professor Stephanus Jacobus van Zyl Muller Stellenbosch University
South African Jazz Cultures and the Archive
Dr Jonathan Eato University of York
AF140152            Two-Years           £72,816.00

Dr Lauren Graham University of Johannesburg
Youth Transitions to Work in South Africa: Evaluating the Role of Youth Employability Programmes
Professor Andy Furlong University of Glasgow
AF140164            Two-Years           £55,450.56

Dr Chandre Gould Institute for Security Studies
Cataloguing Secrets, Transforming Justice: An Innovative Manuscript and an Interactive Archive     
Professor Brian Rappert University of Exeter
AF140059            One-Year              £24,339.20


Dr Lucas Thorpe Bogazici University
Agency and Autonomy: Kant and the Normative Foundations of Republican Self-Government
Dr Sasha Mudd University of Southampton
AF140071            Two-Years           £74,000.00

Dr Tevfik Emre Serifoglu Bitlis Eren University
Vanishing Landscapes: The Lower Göksu Archaeological Salvage Survey
Dr Naoise Mac Sweeney University of Leicester
AF140119            Two-Years           £72,000.00

Dr Mehmet Kurt Bingol University
Islamist Radicalisation, Civil Society and the State in Southeastern Turkey
Professor Penelope Jane Green Queen Mary University of London
AF140114            Two-Years           £71,586.00

Dr Gunder Varinlioglu Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University
New Approaches to Historic Landscapes: Bogsak in Isauria
Professor Sam Turner Newcastle University
AF140007            Two-Years           £69,840.00

Dr Engin Volkan Istanbul Bilgi University
Designing Composite Indices for Risk Factors and Risk Avoidance: International Capital Flows and World Income Inequality
Dr Mehmet Pinar Edge Hill University
AF140068            Two-Years           £59,226.00

Dr Elif Alkay Istanbul Technical Univarsity
Construction, Economic Development, and Planning Policies: Investigating the Causal Links
Professor Craig Alexander Watkins University of Sheffield
AF140121            Two-Years           £52,020.00

Dr Ceyhun Elgin Bogazici University
Wage-Led vs. Profit-Led Growth: A Comprehensive Empirical Analysis
Dr Cem Oyvat University of Greenwich
AF140092            Two-Years           £46,000.00

Dr Fitnat Banu Demir Pakel Bilkent University
Using Processing Trade to Facilitate Innovation in Response to a Competitive Shock
Professor Beata Javorcik University of Oxford
AF140056            Two-Years           £45,950.00

Dr Gorkem Akgoz Hacettepe University
Back into the Factory: Writing Theory and Practice of the Industrial Workplace into 21st Century History and Social Theory
Dr Nicola Pizzolato Middlesex University
AF140124            Two-Years           £20,700.00

Dr Banu Kavakli Birdal Istanbul Kemerburgaz University
Perception of and Attitude towards the Syrian Refugees in Turkey
Professor Dominic Abrams University of Kent
AF140184            One-Year              £36,980.00

Newton Mobility Grants


Dr Edmundo Inacio Junior University of Campinas
Profiling Brazil's Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
Professor Erkko Autio Imperial College London
NG140058           One-Year              £10,000.00

Professor Adriana Roseli Wunsch Takahashi Federal University of Parana
Dynamic Capabilities, Operational Capabilities and Performance: How Organizations Can Learn to Innovate and Improve the Economic Growth and Development in Brazil
Professor Luis Araujo Lancaster University
NG140092           One-Year              £10,000.00

Dr Paolo Vittoria Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Social Movements and Autonomous Education: Pedagogical Experiments in Urban and Rural Settings (The Cases of Brazil and UK)
Dr Ana Cecilia Dinerstein University of Bath
NG140126           One-Year              £9,960.00

Dr Diego M. Coraiola Positivo University
Remembering in Organizations: The Strategic Role of Historical Archives in Commercial Banks
Professor Stephanie Decker Aston University
NG140018           One-Year              £9,910.00

Bridging Ancient and Modern Artisanal Fisheries in Latin America: Assessing the Role of Cultural Heritage to Food Security and Poverty Alleviation in Coastal Brazil
Dr Andre Carlo Colonese University of York
NG140074           One-Year              £9,663.00

Dr Rosana Curzel Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRRJ (Campus Seropédica)
Compulsory Licensing of Antiretrovirals in Brazil: Lessons for Global Health Governance
Dr Joao Nunes University of York
NG140090      One-Year        £9,650.00

Dr Henrique Menezes Universidade Federal da Paraíba
Access to Knowledge, Technology Transfer and Public Health in Brazil
Dr Muzaka Valbona King's College London
NG140017      One-Year        £8,890.00

Dr Maria Okumura National Museum, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Getting from the Point: Combining Geometric Morphometrics and Technology to Investigate Projectile Point Assemblages in Brazil and the USA
Professor Bruce Bradley University of Exeter
NG140077      One-Year        £8,480.00

Dr Mailce Borges Mota Federal University of Santa Catarina
The Effects of Literacy on Speech Production: A Study with Brazilian Children
Professor Markus Friedrich Damian University of Bristol
NG140089      One-Year        £4,013.00


Dr Alberto Martin Alvarez Instituto Mora
Transnational and Global Histories of Latin America’s Revolutionary Left
Dr Tanya Harmer London School of Economics and Political Science
NG140061           One-Year              £9,962.00

Dr Jose Luis Ramos National School of Anthropology and History
How to Study Business and Organising on Permanent Movement: New Ethnographic Practices to Study the Borderlands
Dr Hugo Gaggiotti University of the West of England
NG140045           One-Year              £9,957.00

Dr Francisco Javier Aparicio Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE)
Outmigration and Pro-Americanism in Mexico
Dr Covadonga Meseguer London School of Economics and Political Science
NG140034           One-Year              £4,850.00

South Africa

Professor Marissa Rollnick University of the Witwatersrand
Research Capacity Building and Development of Teacher Knowledge Bases in Science Education
Dr Vanessa Kind University of Durham
NG140116           One-Year              £9,972.00

Dr David Hornsby University of the Witwatersrand  
Mobilising Science Advice in International Governance
Dr Michele Acuto University College London
NG140095           One-Year              £9,940.00

Dr Helena Wessels Stellenbosch University
New Models of Professional Practice for Teaching Mathematical Problem Solving
Mr Geoffrey Wake University of Nottingham
NG140121           One-Year              £9,930.00

Dr Warren Maroun University of the Witwatersrand
Integrated rRporting in South Africa
Professor Jill Atkins University of Reading
NG140029           One-Year              £9,784.00


Dr Dimitris Tsarouhas Bilkent University
Global Governance Transformed: Explaining the Nexus Between International Organizations and the European Union
Dr Stella Ladi Queen Mary University of London
NG140035           One-Year              £10,000.00

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