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National academies argue for increased and sustained research funding

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Today, the four UK national academies, Science Museum and the Association of Medical Research Charities held a joint press briefing emphasising the vital need to sustain and increase science and research funding. With only two weeks until the UK government’s spending review is disclosed, the panel argued that now, more than ever is the time for sustained and increased research funding. The briefing was held as part of a series of joint academy activities to ensure that research funding is at the forefront of government and public awareness. Prior to this briefing, on 22 April 2013 the academies released a joint statement ‘Fuelling Prosperity’ - outlining the necessity for increased research funding. 

For further information on the briefing today please view the joint academies ‘Fuelling Prosperity’ statement and a letter to Sir John O'Reilly (Director General for Knowledge and Innovation at the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills) in response to his consultation on government strategic priorities for science and research funding. To hear a full recording of today’s briefing please visit the Science Media Centre website.

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