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British Academy announces Well-being debates

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The British Academy has announced the third series of British Academy Debates, to be held in early 2015 on well-being. These free public events will bring together leading academics from the humanities and social sciences to discuss why well-being is important, how social and economic change influences well-being, and what voters expect of government in terms of promoting well-being.

The British Academy Debates were launched in spring 2014 to encourage the public to discuss some of the most important challenges of our time, and show the role academic research plays in helping us understand and address them.

This series of Well-being debates takes place in Salford, Cardiff and London. Each debate will focus on a different aspect of well-being, with questions ranging from ‘How can we measure well-being?’ to ‘How should the concept of well-being influence public policy?’

Registration and more information about the British Academy Debates can be found online and via #bigdebates.