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British Academy announces Postdoctoral Fellowships for October 2015

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The British Academy is pleased to announce the new Post-Doctoral Fellowship awards to be taken up in autumn 2015. The Postdoctoral Fellowships Scheme is the Academy’s 'flagship' programme based at universities around the UK. Much of the research supported by these Fellowships will contribute to improving our understanding of important areas of current national concern.

The British Academy has awarded 45 new Postdoctoral Fellowships to start in autumn 2015. These three-year Fellowships enable exceptional early career scholars to complete a landmark research project and fulfil their outstanding potential by giving them the best opportunity to build a long and successful academic career in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The research topics range greatly in their academic spheres and cover a great breadth of themes. Projects include:

  • Making space for desistance: An interpretive evaluation of a prison based educational programme where prisoners and university students learn together by Dr Ruth Armstrong
  • Beyond Donor Dependency: Self-Sustained Civil Society in Eastern and Western Europe by Dr Piotr Goldstein
  • Is Having Children Detrimental to Your Health? A Cross-national Investigation of Fertility Trajectories and Health in Later Life by Dr Maria Sironi
  • The Origin of Arabs: Ethnogenesis and Myth-making in Early Islam by Dr Peter Webb

Further information about the most recent Post-Doctoral Fellowships is available on the British Academy website here.

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