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British Academy announces anti-corruption research projects

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The British Academy has today, 12 February 2016, announced eight projects it will fund as part of its £4 million global anti-corruption research scheme in partnership with the Department for International Development (DFID). The BA-DFID partnership is one component of DFID's Anti-Corruption Evidence ('ACE') Research Programme.

Led by Paul Heywood (Sir Francis Hill Professor of European Politics at the University of Nottingham), the scheme provides support for eight outstanding research teams, whose work will focus primarily on DFID priority countries where corruption is a major constraint (including Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Bangladesh). In addition, researchers will draw lessons from anti-corruption efforts in a range of other countries across the world.

These projects will identify new initiatives that can help developing countries tackle corruption and the negative impact it has on millions of people’s lives. The research teams’ work will range from the development of actionable policy recommendations for the design of civil service systems, and a study into the role that informality plays in fuelling corruption and stifling anti-corruption policies, to analysing big data from major aid agencies to better assess the risks of corruption in aid allocation. 

Further information about the funded projects is available at