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Miscellaneous academic publications

Academic publications issued by the British Academy, not in any particular series

Painting in Britain 1500-1630: Production, Influences and Patronage
edited by Tarnya Cooper, Aviva Burnstock, Maurice Howard & Edward Town
436 pages
978-0-19-726584-0  hbk   2015    available from OUP    £160.00 
Winner of the 2016 Historians of British Art book award for an exemplary multi-authored book
[British Academy Review article by Tarnya Cooper & Charlotte Bolland]

New Paradigms in Public Policy, edited by Peter Taylor-Gooby
272 pages
978-0-19-726493-5  hbk    2013    available from OUP    £55.00

Handbook of Jewish Literature from Late Antiquity, 135-700 CE, by Eyal Ben-Eliyahu, Yehudah Cohn & Fergus Millar
188 pages
978-0-19-726522-2  hbk    2012 (from 2016, manufactured on demand)    available from OUP    £30.00

Greek Ethnic Terminology, by P M Fraser (A Lexicon of Greek Personal Names, Supplementary Volume)
446 pages
978-0-19-726428-7  hbk    2009, repr 2010    available from OUP    £80.00

Haspels Addenda: Additional References to C. H. E. Haspels, Attic Black-figured Lekythoi, compiled by T Mannack
112 pages
978-0-19-726315-0  hbk    2006    available from OUP    £30.00

Facsimile of John Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, 1583. Version 1.0 on CD-ROM, by David G Newcombe with Michael Pidd
978-0-19-726225-2  Windows, CD standalone version    2001    out of print
978-0-19-726226-9  Windows, CD academic network version    2001    out of print

Corpus of British Medieval Library Catalogues: List of Identifications. Second Edition, compiled by R Sharpe
0-85672-585-4  pbk     1995    out of print
[an updated list may be downloaded from the British Medieval Latin Catalogues website]

Ireland after the Union. Proceedings of the second joint meeting of the Royal Irish Academy and the British Academy, London, 1986, with an introduction by Lord Blake
0-19-726074-8   pbk     1989    out of print

Tabula Imperii Romani: Britannia Septentrionalis (Covering Sheets N.30 and O.30, with parts of Sheets N.29, N.31 and O.29, of the International 1:1,000,000 Map of the World)
0-19-726059-4  pbk    1987    out of print

Tabula Imperii Romani: Condate–Glevum–Londinium–Lutetia (Covering Sheets M.30 and part of Sheet M.31 of the International 1:1,000,000 Map of the World)
978-0-19-726020-3  pbk    1983    available from Oxbow

Beazley Addenda. Additional References to ABVARV2 & Paralipomena, by Lucilla Burn & Ruth Glynn
0-19-726018-7  hbk    1982    out of print
Beazley Addenda. Additional References to ABVARV2 & Paralipomena. Second Edition, by Thomas H Carpenter
978-0-19-726069-2  hbk    1989    available from Oxbow

Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts in the British Isles: A Catalogue Raisonné. Volume 1: The Spanish and Portuguese Manuscripts, by Bezalel Narkiss
0-19-725977-4  2-part boxed set, hbk    1982    out of print

Churchill’s Political Philosophy. Thank-Offering to Britain Fund Lectures, 1980, by Martin Gilbert
0-19-726005-5  hbk    1981    out of print

Labour Relations: Heritage and Adjustment. Thank-Offering to Britain Fund Lectures, 1978, by Sir Otto Kahn-Freund
0-19-725987-1  hbk    1979    out of print

Britain and Palestine 1914–1948: Archival Sources for the History of the British Mandate, compiled by Philip Jones
0-19-725985-5  hbk    1979    out of print

Two Theories of Morality. Thank-Offering to Britain Fund Lectures, 1976, by Stuart Hampshire
978-0-19-725975-7  hbk    1977 (from 2006, manufactured on demand)    available from OUP    £45.00

Anglo-American Intellectual Relations. A Symposium for the American Bicentenary, 1976, by Bernard Bailyn, R V Jones, J H Plumb
0-85672-145-X  pbk    1977    out of print
[also published in Notes and Records of the Royal Society31, no. 2]

The Early History of Agriculture. A Joint Symposium of the Royal Society and the British Academy [1975], organized by Sir Joseph Hutchinson, Grahame Clark, E M Jope & R Riley
0-19-725967-7  hbk    1977    out of print
[also published as Phil. Trans. Royal Society, B, 275, no. 936]

The Normans in Sicily and Southern Italy. Lincei Lectures, 1974
104 pages + 8 plates
0-19-725965-0  pbk    1977    out of print

The Anglo-Dutch Contribution to the Civilization of Early Modern Society. An Anglo-Netherlands Symposium ... 1974, under the auspices of the British Academy and the Royal Society, in association with the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, by Charles Wilson, R Hooykaas, A R Hall, J H Waszink
978-0-19-725961-0  pbk    1976    available from Oxbow

Gascon Register A (Series of 1318–1319), edited by G P Cuttino, with J-P Trabut-Cussac
(Nos. 1–51); II (Nos. 52–346)
     0-19-725950-2  2-volume set, hbk    1975    out of print
III. Index of Persons and Places
     0-19-725966-9   hbk    1976    out of print

The Office of Prime Minister. Thank-Offering to Britain Fund Lectures, 1974, by Lord Blake
0-19-725724-0  hbk    1975    available from Oxbow

The Place of Astronomy in the Ancient World. A Joint Symposium of the Royal Society and the British Academy [1972], organized by D G Kendall, S Piggott, D G King-Hele & I E S Edwards; edited by F R Hodson
0-19-725944-8  hbk     1974    out of print
[also published as Phil. Trans. Royal Society, A, 276, no. 1257]

The Impact of the Natural Sciences on Archaeology. A Joint Symposium of the Royal Society and the British Academy [1969], organized by T E Allibone [et al.]
0-19-725922-7  hbk    1970    out of print
[also published as Phil. Trans. Royal Society, A, 269, no. 1193]

Roman and Early Byzantine Portrait Sculpture in Asia Minor, by Jale Inan & Elisabeth Rosenbaum
0-19-725893-X  hbk    1966, repr 1970    out of print

A Catalogue of Cyrenaican Portrait Sculpture, by Elisabeth Rosenbaum
0-19-725877-8  hbk    1960    out of print

Corregio’s Drawings, by A E Popham
0-19-725806-9  hbk    1957    out of print

Admiral Eugenius of Sicily: His Life and Work, and the Authorship of the Epistola ad Petrum and the Historia Hugonis Falcandi Siculi, by Evelyn Jamison
0-19-725804-2  hbk    1956    out of print

Jonson’s Masque of Gipsies, in the Burley, Belvoir, and Windsor Versions: an attempt at reconstruction, by W W Greg
0-19-725805-0  hbk     1952    out of print

A Dictionary of Assyrian Botany, by R Campbell Thompson
hbk    1949    out of print

The Prae-Italic Dialects of Italy, by R S Conway, J Whatmough & S E Johnson
3-volume set, hbk    1933    out of print

The Cædmon Manuscript of Anglo-Saxon Biblical Poetry: Junius XI in the Bodleian Library, with introduction by Israel Gollancz
hbk     1927     out of print

Britain’s Tribute to Dante in Literature and Art: A Chronological Record of 540 Years (c. 1380–1920), by Paget Toynbee
hbk    1921    out of print

Somerset Historical Essays, by J Armitage Robinson
hbk    1921    out of print


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