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Sarah Tryphena Phillips Lectures in American Literature and History

This lecture series was endowed by the Ellis L Phillips Foundation. The lecture was first delivered in 1961. In 2011 it was decided to convert them into a series of symposia, and the last lecture was held in 2012. The first Symposium in American Studies will be held in 2017.

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(Information on American Studies Symposia, from 2017)

2012  Ronald Reagan and the Re-Constitution of American Hegemony, by Arne Westad (audio)

2009  Arthur Miller: Realism, Language, Poetry, by Christopher Bigsby (text | audio)

2007  Reconstructing the National Body: Masculinity, Disability and Race in the American Civil War, by Susan-Mary Grant (text)

2005  ‘They Worship Death Here’: William Faulkner, Sanctuary and Hollywood, by Richard Gray (text)

2003  Abraham Lincoln: The Great Emancipator? by Eric Foner (text | audio)

2001  Gertrude Stein’s Differential Syntax, by Marjorie Perloff (text)

1999  The Pendulum and the Pit: Splendours and Miseries of the New Presidency, by Godfrey Hodgson (text)

1998  The Winthrop Variation: A Model of American Identity, by Sacvan Bercovitch (text)

1995  by Gary B Nash

1992  Revolution, Succession and National Identity in American Literature, by Stephen Fender (text)

1990  Politics, the Constitution and Abortion, by Richard Hodder-Williams (text)

1988  Henry James: Imagining Imagination, by Barbara Hardy (text)

1986  American Political Culture and the Asian Frontier, 1943–1973, by Christopher Thorne (text)

1983  Henry James among the Aesthetes, by Richard Ellmann (text)

1981  The Great Little Madison: Father of the Constitution, by Esmond Wright (text)

1979  Africa in American History and Literature, by George Shepperson (text)

1977  The Outland Dart: American Writers and European Modernism, by Malcolm Bradbury (text)

1975  The End of British Administration in the North American Colonies, by K G Davies (text)

1973  Some Aspects of the American Short Story, by W E Allen (text)

1971  Problems and Roles of the American Artist as Portrayed by the American Novelist, by Tony Tanner (text)

1969  Violence in American Society, by H G Nicholas (text)

1967  Nationalism and the Literature of the United States, by Douglas Grant (text)

1965  Literature and Education in the United States, by David Daiches (text)

1963  The Debate on The American Civil War, by Denis Brogan

1961  The Sound of American Literature a Century Ago, by Carl Bode