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Master-Mind Lectures

A bequest from Miss Henriette Hertz (d. 1913) established a fund that was intended both to support three lecture series, and more generally to enable the Academy to support scholarly research and publication. The Master-Mind Lectures were one of the lecture series. Each lecture is intended to be an appreciation of an individual of ‘genius’, connected with any of the disciplines of the Academy. The lecture was first delivered in 1916.

List of Master-Mind Lectures delivered since 1960.
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2017  Karl Marx’s changing picture of the end of capitalism by Gareth Stedman Jones (text)

2014  Thomas Hobbes: Liberal illiberal, by Noel Malcolm (text | audio)

2014  Simone de Beauvoir, by Toril Moi (video)

2006  Condorcet and the Meaning of Enlightenment, by Lorraine Daston (text)

2005  Einstein, by John Stachel (text)

2004  Montaigne, by Terence Cave (text | audio)

2002  Freud? by Adam Phillips (text)

2000  Plato, by M F Burnyeat (text)

1998  Max Weber, by Geoffrey Hawthorne (text)

1996  George Eliot: Immanent Victorian, by Catherine Gallagher (text)

1994  Voltaire [in French], by Marc Fumaroli (text)

1992  Rabelais, by M A Screech

1990  Michelet, by F Furet (text)

1988  Socrates, by Gregory Vlastos (text)

1986  Wyclif, by Anthony Kenny (text)

1984  Jacob Burckhardt, by Hugh Trevor-Roper (text)

1982  Pindar, by Hugh Lloyd-Jones (text)

1980  F. W. Maitland, by S F C Milsom (text)

1978  The Mind of Nietzsche, by J P Stern

1976  Jean-Jacques Rousseau, by Jean Starobinski (text)

1974  Walter Bagehot, by K C Wheare (text)

1972  Bertrand Russell as a Philosopher, by A J Ayer (text)

1970  Eratosthenes of Cyrene, by P M Fraser (text)

1968  Jonathan Swift, by Irvin Ehrenpreis (text)

1966  Dr. Bernard Mandeville, by F A Hayek (text)

1964  Inigo Jones, by John Summerson

1962  Bentham, by H L A Hart

1960  Thucydides, by Ronald Syme