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Italian Lectures

The Italian Lectures were endowed by Mrs Angela Mond. The lecture was first delivered in 1917. It was decided that, after the 2011 lecture, the lectures should be converted into a series of symposia. The first Italian Symposium was held in 2015.

List of Italian Lectures delivered since 1961.
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(Information on Italian Symposia, from 2015)

2011  Myself when Young: Becoming a Musician in Renaissance Italy - or Not, by Bonnie J Blackburn (text | audio, plus slides)

2009  Leon Battista Alberti and the Redirection of Renaissance Humanism, by Martin McLaughlin (text)

2007  Architectural Politics in Renaissance Venice, by Deborah Howard (text)

2005  Dante’s Epistle to Cangrande and its Two Authors, by Carlo Ginzburg (text)

2003  Charity and Usury: Jewish and Christian Lending in Renaissance and Early Modern Italy, by Brian Pullan (text | audio)

2001  The Origins of a National Monarchy: Tradition and Innovation in the Cult of the House of Savoy During the Risorgimento, by Adrian Lyttelton (text)

1999  From Laurel to Fig: Petrarch and the Structures of the Self, by Nicholas Mann (text)

1998  Music and the Early Veneto Humanists, by Margaret Bent (text)

1995  Michelangelo and his First Biographers, by Michael Hirst (text)

1993  Honourable Dissimulation: Some Italian Advice for the Renaissance Diplomat, by J R Woodhouse (text)

1991  The Napoleonic Era in Southern Italy: An Ambiguous Legacy? by J A Davis (text)

1989  Florence and the Great Schism, by George Holmes (text)

1987  Lepanto: The Arts of Celebration in Renaissance Venice, by Iain Fenlon (text)

1985  Veronese and the Venetian Tradition of Allegory, by Charles Hope (text)

1983  Predisposition and Prevenience: Prologomena to the Study of Dante’s Mind and Art, by P Boyde (text)

1981  Diplomacy and War in Later Fifteenth-Century Italy, by Michael Mallett (text)

1979  The Conscience of the Prince, by D M Bueno de Mesquita (text)

1977  Lorenzo de’ Medici: The Formation of his Statecraft, by Nicolai Rubinstein (text)

1975  Condotte and Condottieri in the Thirteenth Century, by Daniel P Waley (text)

1973  Manzoni and the Catholic Revival, by Carlo Dionisotti (text)

1971  The Vatican Stanze: Functions and Decoration, by John Shearman (text)

1969  Unexplored Relationships Between Early Seventeenth-Century Venetian Opera and Contemporary Music in France and England, by Raymond Leppard (text)

1967  The Idea of Truth in Manzoni and Leopardi, by Kenelm Foster (text)

1965  The Latifundia in Modern Sicilian History, by D Mack Smith (text)

1963  Leon Battista Alberti and the Beginnings of Italian Grammar, by Cecil Grayson

1961  Felice Feliciano Antiquarius, by Charles Mitchell