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Dawes Hicks Lectures on Philosophy

The Dawes Hicks Lectures on Philosophy were endowed through a bequest from George Dawes Hicks FBA. The lecture was first delivered in 1955. In 1991, the British Academy’s Philosophy Section decided to convert them into a series of symposia, and the last lecture was held in 1992. The first Dawes Hicks Symposium was held in 1994.

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(Note: the published texts of the lectures are available open access.)
(List of Dawes Hicks Symposia on Philosophy, from 1994)

1992  The Anaxarchus Case: An Essay on Survival, by Jacques Brunschwig (text)

1990  Thomas Hobbes: Rhetoric and the Construction of Morality, by Quentin Skinner (text)

1989  Kant’s Moral Intuitionism, by Jules Vuillemin (text)

1988  The Rational Imperative: Kant Against Hume, by R C S Walker (text)

1987  Plato’s Division of the Soul, by Michael Woods (text)

1986  Hegel on Self-Consciousness, by D W Hamlyn (text)

1985  Marx and Locke on Land and Labour, by G A Cohen (text)

1983  Terms and Sentences: Theophrastus on Hypothetical Syllogisms, by Jonathan Barnes (text)

1982  Is Time Real? Responses to an Unageing Paradox, by R R K Sorabji (text)

1981  Locke’s Logical Atomism, by Michael Ayers (text)

1980  Theories of Meaning, by Charles Taylor (text)

1979  Conflicting Appearances, by M F Burnyeat (text)

1978  Locke and the Ethics of Belief, by J A Passmore (text)

1977  Pre-Established Harmony versus Constant Conjunction: A Reconsideration of the Distinction Between Rationalism and Empiricism, by Hidé Ishiguro (text)

1976  The Naturalism of Book I of Hume’s Treatise of Human Nature, by David Pears (text)

1975  The Good Self and the Bad Self: The Moral Psychology of British Idealism and the English School of Psychoanalysis Compared, by Richard Wollheim (text)

1974  Aristotle on Eudaimonia, by J L Ackrill (text)

1973  Leibniz and Descartes: Proof and Eternal Truths, by Ian Hacking (text)

1972  The Impartial Spectator, by D D Raphael (text)

1971  Absolute Idealism, by A M Quinton (text)

1970  Activity and Description in Aristotle and the Stoa, by A C Lloyd (text)

1969  Mental Health in Plato’s Republic, by A J P Kenny (text)

1968  Kierkegaard’s Two Ways, by Patrick Gardiner (text)

1967  Kant’s Conception of Freedom, by Stephan Körner (text)

1967  The Primacy of Practical Reason, by G J Warnock (text)

1965  The Platonism of Aristotle, by G E L Owen (text)

1964  G. E. Moore on the Naturalistic Fallacy, by C Lewy

1963  Kant's Moral Theology, by W H Walsh

1962  Some Problems of Self-Reference in John Buridan, by A N Prior

1961  Hume's Doctrine of Space, by C D Broad

1960  Spinoza and the Idea of Freedom, by Stuart Hampshire

1959  The Philosophy of Language in Revolutionary France, by H B Acton

1958  Some Elements in Hegel's Logic, by G R G Mure

1957  The Development of Aristotle's Thought, by David Ross

1956  Kant on Friendship, by H J Paton

1955  Bergson on Morality, by Frederick C Copleston