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Larger Research Grants: 2005-06 Round

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Please note: Awards are arranged alphabetically by surname of the grant recipient. The institution is that given at the time of application. The grants listed were awarded during the academic session 2005-06.

For more information about this scheme, please see Larger Research Grants in the Guide to Awards

Dr J Barringer
University of Edinburgh
A cultural history of Olympia and its monuments
(Section: H1)



Dr B Batiz-Lazo
University of the West of England
The business and technological history of automated Teller Machines, 1967-2005
(Section: S2)



Dr A J A Bayley
University of Wolverhampton
From composition to performance: innovations and interactions in contemporary string quartets
(Section: H11)



Dr J C Bishop
University of Aberdeen
Unlocking the potential of historic sound recordings in the J.M. Carpenter collection of 
traditional song and drama: transcription methodology and folk music analysis
(Section: H11)



Dr L Blue
University of Southampton
Lake Mareotis survey project, Alexandria, Egypt
(Section: H7)



Dr S Boudelaa
University of Cambridge
ARALEX: A lexical database for modern standard Arabic
(Section: H4)



Dr R Chun
University of Manchester
Ethics of GM food: communicating perceived risks, trust and source credibility
(Section: S4)



Dr E R Clarke
University of Warwick
Constructing Elizabeth Isham 1608-1654
(Section: H5)



Dr A Cockburn
University of East Anglia
Mathematical misconceptions in the primary years
(Section: S4)



Dr K Conklin
University of Nottingham
An investigation of gender processing in monolinguals and bilinguals: evidence from 
eye tracking and modelling
(Section: S6)



Dr R Dixon
Birkbeck, University of London
Towards an understanding of the mental health needs of children in Sri Lanka
(Section: S6)



Dr J E Fisk
University of Central Lancashire
Age-related differences in probabilistic reasoning and their relationship with cognitive capacity
(Section: S6)



Professor M G Fulford, FBA
University of Reading
The Leeds index of Samian potters' stamps
(Section: H7)



Dr A N Garrard
University College London
Qadisha Valley early prehistory project, Northern Lebanon
(Section: H7)



Professor L Hardwick
Open University
The reception of classical texts in poetry in English, 1960 - present
(Section: H1)



Dr C O Hunt
Queen's University Belfast
The inception of rice cultivation in Sarawak: implication for agricultural dispersals in 
Island SE Asia
(Section: H7)



Professor S Keynes, FBA 
Trinity College, Cambridge
Dictionary of Old English
(Section: H8)



Dr M J Knights
University of East Anglia
Expanding a virtual research environment for the history of political discourse, 1500-1800
(Section: H9)



Dr P J Lattimore
Liverpool John Moores University
Acute effects of food intake and food cue exposure on body satisfaction in normal weight and 
overweight women
(Section: S6)



Dr B Lee
University of Sheffield
Investigating the sustainability of the Learning Representative schemes in the UK and New Zealand 
through a systemic analysis and longitudinal case studies
(Section: S4)



Dr D Lehmann
University of Cambridge
Multiculturalism in Latin America: a study in the diffusion of ideas
(Section: S3)



Mr O Logan
University of Aberdeen
The oil lives images project
(Section: H11; S4)



Dr P Lundy
University of Ulster
A critical analysis of the Historical Enquiries Team, Police Service of Northern Ireland
(Section: S4)



Dr L McHugh
University of Wales, Swansea
Semantic network growth: the relative contribution of stimulus frequency, reinforcement and 
time of acquisition
(Section: S6)



Dr M Newman
University of Edinburgh
Catholics in the American South and desegregation, 1941-1980
(Section: H10)



Professor S P Newman
University of Glasgow
The transformation of working life culture in the British Atlantic world, 1600-1800
(Section: H9)



Dr D Obbink
Christ Church, Oxford
Digitisation of card catalogues and photographic records in the papyrology rooms, 
Sackler Library, Oxford
(Section: H1)



Dr G Parkinson
University of Manchester
Modelling the management of educational assessment for disabled students
(Section: S4)



Dr M D Petraglia
University of Cambridge
The 74000 BP Toba super-eruption and its impact on human populations and ecosystems
(Section: H7)



Dr F E Pollick
University of Glasgow
Beat fusion in the brain of a drummer
(Section: S6)



Dr M B Richards
University of Leeds
Y-chromosome phylogeography in Southeast Asia and the Pacific
(Section: H7)



Dr O P Richmond
University of St Andrews
The impact of the orthodox terrorism discourse on the construction of the liberal peace: 
internalisation, resistance and hybridisation
(Section: S5)



Dr C J Scarre
University of Durham
Megalithic monuments and landscapes of the upper Tagus Valley, Portugal
(Section: H7)



Professor R Sharpe, FBA
University of Oxford
Corpus of British Medieval Library Catalogues
(Section: H8)



Dr D J B Shaw
University of Birmingham
The cultural landscape as a heritage feature
(Section: S3)



Dr S Stewart
School of Oriental and African Studies
Zoroastrianism in Iran: a contemporary perspective
(Section: H2)



Dr P J Ward
University of Huddersfield
The unofficial Prime Minister of Wales: a biography of Huw T. Edwards
(Section: H10)



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