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Larger Research Grants: 2000-01 Round

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Please note: Awards are arranged alphabetically by surname of the grant recipient. The institution is that given at the time of application. The grants listed were awarded during the academic session 2000-01.

For more information about this scheme, please see Larger Research Grants in the Guide to Awards

Dr L Archer
The role of identities and inequalities on the aspirations of inner-city school leavers
University of North London
(Section: S4)



Professor G Barker FBA
The Wadi Faynan landscape survey
University of Leicester
(Section: H7)



Dr N Barton
Early human contacts between southern Europe and Africa
Oxford Brookes University
(Section: H7)



Mr M Chanan
ETV (Educational and Television Films) archive catalogue
University of the West of England
(Section: H10; H6)



Dr S Y Cheung
Occupational and income inequalities in Britain and Hong Kong
Oxford Brookes University
(Section: S4)



Dr J L Clarke
Towards a realisation of the Salford protocol: early modern French theatre imagery online.
University of Durham
(Section: H5)



Professor B W Cunliffe CBE FBA
The Najerilla project
University of Oxford
(Section: H7)



Professor W E Davies FBA
Celtic inscribed stones project
University College London
(Section: H7; H8)



Dr H E Diamond
The 'gueules noirs' of Provence: a history of the mining community of Gardanne
University of Bath
(Section: H10)



Dr A Drew
Perception and place in the interpretation of Communism: a comparative analysis of 
South Africa and Algeria, 1920-1960

University of York
(Section: S5)



Dr E M Edwards
Revaluing the social fabric: changing patterns of production, use and exchange of textiles among 
Hindu pastoralists in Gujarat, India

De Montfort University
(Section: S3)



Dr W B Elliott
Digital imaging of watermarks in early printed works
Royal Horticultural Society
(Section: H5)



Dr T Eythorsson
Case of subjects with impersonal verbs in insular Scandinavian
University of Manchester
(Section: H4)



Dr M Fischer
Investigating eye cues: do naturalistic attention cues work?
University of Dundee
(Section: S6)



Professor M G Fulford FBA
Silchester Roman town; the insula IX 'town life' project
University of Reading
(Section: H7)



Professor G Furniss
Documenting Hausa popular literature
School of Oriental and African Studies
(Section: H3)



Dr P Garside
The English novel, 1830-1836: a bibliographical survey of fiction published in the British Isles
Cardiff University
(Section: H6)



Professor M Goodman FBA
Roman epigraphic survey
University of Oxford
(Section: H1)



Dr G Harold
Educating parents about the effects of interparental conflict
Cardiff University
(Section: S6)



Dr S W Hillson
Excavation and preliminary study of human remains from the Archaic/Classical 
cemeteries of Kylindra and Katsalos on the island of Astypalaia, Dodecanese, Greece

University College London
(Section: H7)



Professor J R Hinnells
The Parsis of Bombay: their history and religion under British rule
University of Derby
(Section: H2)



Dr M Hodges
Cultivating legacies: the temporalities of social and agricultural sustainability in the Spanish Basque countryside
Goldsmiths College
(Section: S3)



Dr J H Keenan
Saharan rock-art
University of Cambridge
(Section: H7; S3)



Dr D C Kurtz
Electronic Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum
University of Oxford
(Section: H1)



Dr R H Leech
The early colonial settlement and landscape of Nevis and St Kitts
University of Southampton
(Section: H7; H9)



Ms H McDonald
Tell Brak excavation project
University of Cambridge
(Section: H7)



Professor G McLennan
Scotland's ideas in the idea of Scotland
University of Bristol
(Section: S4)



Dr P D Mizen
Nonlinearities in the pass through of interest rate changes in Europe and the US
University of Nottingham
(Section: S2)



Dr S Moser
The community archaeology project at Quseir, Egypt
University of Southampton
(Section: H7)



Professor C Mulvey
Programming an on-line electronic scholarly edition and implementing a prototype
King Alfred's College
(Section: H6)



Dr D Nelson
Linguistic fieldwork and analysis of Inari Sami
University of Leeds
(Section: H4)



Professor M Newman
Citizen's allegiances in the European Union: the case of young people in London, Barcelona and Montpellier
University of North London
(Section: S4; S5)



Professor G T Noszlopy
Critical and analytical study of public sculpture in Staffordshire, Walsall, Wolverhampton, 
Sandwell and Dudley.

University of Central England in Birmingham
(Section: H11)



Dr L M Paterson
The medieval Occitan tensos
University of Warwick
(Section: H8)



Dr J Pillsbury
Historiographic guide to Andean sources: unpublished documents on the Inca
University of East Anglia
(Section: H11; H7)



Dr A G Poulter
The transition to late antiquity
University of Nottingham
(Section: H7)



Dr J Robb
Bova Marina and the prehistoric anthropology of Southern Italy
University of Southampton
(Section: H7)



Dr W Rudig
European Green Party members
University of Strathclyde
(Section: S5)



Dr L V Scott
Journeys in shadows: understanding intelligence in the twenty-first century
University of Wales, Aberystwyth
(Section: S5)



Dr M Thomas
Empire surveillance: French and British colonial intelligence services and the containment 
of Arab nationalism in Syria and Iraq, 1920-1941

University of the West of England
(Section: H10)



Dr S Thomas
Late bronze age Egyptian fortress town project
University of Liverpool
(Section: H7)



Dr R S O Tomlin
Roman inscriptions of Britain, volume III
Wolfson College, Oxford
(Section: H1)



Dr L E Topp
Modern architecture and the psychiatric hospital in the Austrian lands of the Habsburg empire, 1898-1908
Oxford Brookes University
(Section: H11)



Dr M Willis
Historical and cultural processes in ancient India
British Museum
(Section: H3)



Dr D Wooding
How people look at paintings
University of Derby
(Section: H11; S6)



Dr C A Woolfson
Changing occupational health and safety standards in post-Communist society: the case of transitional Lithuania
University of Glasgow
(Section: S4)



Dr D Zeitlyn
Archaeological survey of the Canton of Somie, Cameroon
University of Kent at Canterbury
(Section: H7; S3)



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