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Knowledge frontiers and boundaries for the New UK

Principal Investigator: Dr Maksim Belitski, University of Reading


UK businesses have accessed knowledge from within and beyond the UK boundaries engaging in collaboration with a variety of external partners (e.g. suppliers, consumers, competitors, universities, government). The role of the UK business in the world is changing and knowledge transfer may become a costly practice for the "New UK". This project aims to explain the knowledge frontier for UK businesses by demonstrating how product, process and organisational innovation is affected by type of external partners and location. Our main focus is on creative industries, knowledge intensive business services, key enabling technologies and R&D. A trilateral collaboration between UK, US and Italian experts, availability of a unique ONS micro-level data (2002-2014) and assess to innovative firms willenable us to estimate the importance of knowledge frontiers for UK businesses. Our assumption is it is strongly conditional on partner's strategic location, type, and position within vertical and horizontal value chain. Important implications will be developed including leveraging Brexit risks

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