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Journal of the British Academy, Volume 2 (2014)

Volume 2 contains 10 articles posted to the Journal of the British Academy in 2014.


Between art and science: Music as performance
Nicholas Cook
Posted to JBA volume 2, pp. 1-25, 17 March 2014. DOI 10.5871/jba/002.001

The appeal of Islamic fundamentalism
Michael Cook
Posted to JBA volume 2, pp. 27-41, 17 March 2014. DOI 10.5871/jba/002.027

Dyslexia: A language learning impairment
Margaret J. Snowling
Posted to JBA volume 2, pp. 43-58, 23 June 2014. DOI 10.5871/jba/002.043

A heavenly aura: Confucian modes of relic veneration
Julia K. Murray
Posted to JBA volume 2, pp. 59-99, 28 August 2014. DOI 10.5871/jba/002.059

Education and opportunity: Is the UK departing from a common tradition?
Lindsay Paterson
Posted to JBA volume 2, pp. 101-123, 14 August 2014. DOI 10.5871/jba/002.101

Charlemagne and Europe
Jinty Nelson
Posted to JBA volume 2, pp. 125-152, 3 December 2014. DOI 10.5871/jba/002.125

Getting a word in: Contact, etymology and English vocabulary in the twelfth century
Richard Dance
Posted to JBA volume 2, pp. 153-211, 2 December 2014. DOI 10.5871/jba/002.153

What are prime ministers for?
Peter Hennessy
Posted to JBA volume 2, pp. 213-229, 18 December 2014. DOI 10.5871/jba/002.213

What if? Models, fact and fiction in economics
Mary S. Morgan
Posted to JBA volume 2, pp. 231-268, 18 December 2014. DOI 10.5871/jba/002.231

Central banks: Powerful, political and unaccountable?
Willem H. Buiter
Posted to JBA volume 2, pp. 269-303, 19 December 2014. DOI 10.5871/jba/002.269

The texts of these lectures are printed in British Academy Lectures 2013-14 (304 pages; 978-0-19-726586-4 pbk), which can be purchased through Oxford University Press

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