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Journal of the British Academy, Volume 1 (2013)

Volume 1 contains 9 articles posted to the Journal of the British Academy in 2013.


Janet Carsten & Simon Frith
Posted to JBA volume 1, pp. 1-2, 18 July 2013. DOI 10.5871/jba/001.001

Andaman Islanders and Polar Eskimos: emergent ethnographic subjects c. 1900
Kirsten Hastrup
Radcliffe-Brown Lecture in Social Anthropology, read 10 October 2012
Posted to JBA volume 1, pp. 3-30, 18 July 2013. DOI 10.5871/jba/001.003

Edward Lear’s lines of flight
Matthew Bevis
Chatterton Lecture on Poetry, read 1 November 2012
Posted to JBA volume 1, pp. 31-69, 18 July 2013. DOI 10.5871/jba/001.031

From Hypatia to Victor Hugo to Larry and Sergey: ‘All the world’s knowledge’ and universal authors’ rights
Jane C. Ginsburg
British Academy Law Lecture, read 11 December 2012
Posted to JBA volume 1, pp. 71-94, 18 July 2013. DOI 10.5871/jba/001.071

An intelligent Scotland: Professor Sir Godfrey Thomson and the Scottish Mental Surveys of 1932 and 1947
Ian J. Deary
Joint British Academy/British Psychological Society Lecture, read 17 October 2012
Posted to JBA volume 1, pp. 95-131, 18 July 2013. DOI 10.5871/jba/001.095

The making and breaking of states: the end of empire in India revisited
Judith M. Brown
Raleigh Lecture on History, read 27 November 2012
Posted to JBA volume 1, pp. 133-149, 7 November 2013. DOI 10.5871/jba/001.133

Parts of speech: Solid citizens or slippery customers?
David Denison
Joint British Academy/Philological Society Lecture, read 10 May 2013
Posted to JBA, volume 1, pp. 151-185, 17 December 2013. DOI 10.5871/jba/001.151

The sanctuary at Keros: Questions of materiality and monumentality
Colin Renfrew
Albert Reckitt Archaeological Lecture, read 25 April 2013
Posted to JBA volume 1, pp. 187-212, 17 December 2013. DOI 10.5871/jba/001.187

Imitations of Christ in 17th-century France: Some attendant difficulties
Richard Parish
Lecture in Modern Languages, read 22 May 2013
Posted to JBA volume 1, pp. 213-251, 17 December 2013. DOI 10.5871/jba/001.213

The texts of these lectures are printed in British Academy Lectures 2012-13 (252 pages; 978-0-19-726566-6 pbk), which can be purchased through Oxford University Press

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