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Guidance for all other Award Holders

Guidance for individuals who currently hold a British Academy award through one or more of its funding schemes

• Research Funding

The British Academy aims to take a flexible approach to supporting award-holders during the course of their awards, within the appropriate parameters of each scheme.



Requests for interruptions to an award for reasons such as maternity, paternity or adoption leave will be dealt with sympathetically and, wherever possible, may expect to be agreed.

Requests for interruptions for other reasons may be considered on a case by case basis as appropriate to the aims of the scheme within which the award is made.


Virements of funds

Requests for virement of funding may be considered on a case by case basis as appropriate to the aims, terms and conditions of the scheme within which the award is made – please note, however, that some schemes will not permit virement at all, or only in limited circumstances.


Amendment of award details

Requests for changes to publication or dissemination plans will need to be cleared with the Academy in advance when they result in material differences to the original programme – but, for example, acceptance of a publication by a different journal to one originally suggested in an application is not a material difference.

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