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Governing England - past events

Governing England - past events

Past public events from the Governing England programme.

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England and the English after the Referendum

On Monday 4 July 2016 we held a public event to discuss what happens to England and the English after the EU referendum.


Simon Heffer (Daily Mail)
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (The Independent/London's Evening Standard)
Rt Hon Prof John Denham (Centre for English Identity and Politics, University of Winchester)
Joe Twyman (YouGov)

The event was chaired by Mary Riddell (The Daily Telegraph).


Blogs from this event are available on our Blogs page.

A video of this event is available on the Videos page


Should every major city have a Mayor?

The first major event was held on 20 April 2016 with a discussion on whether every major UK city should have a mayor.


The Lord Prescott

Professor Tony Travers (London School of Economics)

Professor John Curtice (University of Strathclyde)

A video of this event is available on the Videos page

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