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Sustainable Development Programme 2016 Awards List

Awards made under the Sustainable Development Programme in 2016.

Dr Christian Bueger Cardiff University
Safe Seas. A Study of Maritime Security Capacity Building in the Western Indian Ocean
Sixteen Months; £246,414.00

Professor Paul Collier Blavatnik School of Government
Establishing state legitimacy and effectiveness in fragile and conflict-affected societies
Sixteen Months; £358,293.00

Dr Jonathan Ensor University of York
Equitable Resilience in Local Institutions (ERLI)
Sixteen Months; £267,854.00

Dr Heather Marquette University of Birmingham
Investigating Islands of Integrity: Using a 'Positive Outlier' Approach to Understand How Corruption is Controlled
Sixteen Months; £248,851.00

Professor Jackline Wahba University of Southampton
Syrian Refugees in Jordan: The Challenge of Sustainable Development
Sixteen Months; £260,000.00

Professor Susan Baker Cardiff University
Integrating Policies on Land Use Changes and Coastal Zone Management to Deliver Food Security and Environmental Conservation: The Role of Private and Public Governance
Sixteen Months; £328,973.20

Dr Vanesa Castan Broto UCL
Sustainable Energy Access in Mozambique: Socio-political factors in conflict-laden urban areas
Sixteen Months; £354,318.26

Professor Samuel Fankhauser LSE
The governance and implementation of the SDG 13 on climate change
Sixteen Months; £359,922.00

Dr Alex Money University of Oxford
Making Light Work (MLW)
Sixteen Months; £363,715.00

Professor Nicholas Phelps UCL
Creative Kampongs: mobilising informal enterprise and innovation for economic development in Indonesia
Sixteen Months; £279,448.00

Professor Imran Rasul UCL
The Design of Anti-Poverty Transfers to the Ultra-Poor: Asset Transfers or Cash Transfers?
Sixteen Months; £359,436.00

Professor Orazio Attanasio Institute for Fiscal Studies
Improving children's life chances in high-risk, low-income settings: Designing a "new generation" longitudinal cohort study of child development
Sixteen Months; £359,598.00

Professor Sonia Bhalotra University of Essex
Welfare Dependence and Poverty Traps: Evaluating the contribution of health shocks and health policy using administrative data
Sixteen Months; £311,180.00

Ms Joanna Howard Institute of Development Studies
Building sustainable inclusion: from intersecting inequalities to accountable relationships
Sixteen Months; £376,036.00

Dr Manoj Roy Lancaster University
'The Last 100 Metres': Safeguarding Potable Water Provisioning to Urban Informal Settlements
Sixteen Months; £359,992.00

Dr Lutgarde Vandeput British Institute at Ankara
Living amid the ruins : archaeological sites as hubs of sustainable development for local communities in Southwest Turkey
Sixteen Months; £133,264.00