Shared Understandings of a Sustainable Future: frequently asked questions

Does the project need to be relevant to the UK policy context?

Yes. Proposals are expected to demonstrate their relevance to UK policymakers and practitioners. The term "policy" and "policymakers" could include a range of non-governmental and private sector organisations as well as government, regulators and public sector bodies. Being relevant to the UK policy context does not mean that the research should only look at what happens currently in the UK as relevant insights may be taken from around the world. But whichever part of the world the research considers (including the UK), the proposal should explain how the findings would be relevant to the UK policy context.

Are projects with practice-based outputs eligible?

Yes, if there is at a minimum, a short, crisp written summary of the key insights. The written output would interpret the practice-based outputs, allowing them to feed into policy reports and syntheses that draw together all the findings of the different research projects.

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