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Senior Research Fellowships - Past Awards: 2012

A list of the BA/Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship Awards made in 2012

The British Academy is pleased to announce the result of the 2011-12 competition for the Senior Research Fellowships. These awards were decided by the Research Awards Committee in March 2012, and will be taken up by the award-holders starting in the autumn of 2012.

The purpose of these Fellowships is to provide a period of research leave for one year for established scholars during which they will be able to concentrate on bringing a major piece of research towards completion while their normal teaching and administrative duties are covered by a full-time replacement.

Awards listed in alphabetical order by award holder's surname. All institutions named correct at point of original application.


British Academy/Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowships


Professor Gillian Anne Bendelow                            SF110099

Professor of Sociology, University of Sussex, School of Law, Politics and Sociology

Sociology / Criminology and Deviance

Diagnosing vulnerability and “dangerousness”: police decision-making in the implementation of Section 136



Professor Venkataraman Bhaskar                           SF110134

Professor, University College London, Department of Economics

Economics / Mathematical Economics

Sex Ratio Imbalances and Marriage Markets in Developing Countries



Professor Jan Clarke                      SF110153

Professor of French, University of Durham, School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Modern Languages / Theatre History - Modern Languages

Critical edition in three volumes of the machine plays and operas of Thomas Corneille



Professor Robert Crawford                        SF110063

Professor of English (Modern Scottish Literature), University of St Andrews, School of English

English Language and Literature / American Literature

Young T. S. Eliot: Volume 1 of a Biography (1888-1925)



Professor Andrew Robert George                           SF110012

Professor of Babylonian in the University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies, Department of the Languages and Cultures of the Near and Middle East

Oriental and African Studies / Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Literatures

Sources for Ancient Mesopotamian Apotropaism and Exorcism



Professor Robert Kronenburg                   SF110208

Professor, University of Liverpool, Department of Architecture

History of Art / History of Architecture

The Architectural History of Popular Music Performance Space



Professor Nigel Stephen Walford                            SF110183

Professor of Applied GIS, Kingston University, School of Geography, Geology and the Environment

Geography / Population Studies

The Geography of London’s Population: Populating Places with Historical Census Statistics