Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards 1998

Dr C.E.P. Adams, Ancient History, (University of Warwick)

Dr D. Brockington, Anthropology, (University of Cambridge)

Dr J.G. Clark, Medieval History, (Brasenose College, Oxford)

Dr R. Coates-Stephens, Medieval Archaeology, (University of Reading)

Dr J.R.D.Coffey, Early Modern History, (University College, London)

Dr T. Crook, Social Anthropology, (University of Edinburgh)

Dr G.J.A. Dodd, Medieval History, (University of York)

Dr S.M. Dunnigan, Scottish Literature, (University of Glasgow)

Dr A.C. Gambles, Modern History, (Clare College, Cambridge)

Dr L. Haagh, Politics, (St Antony's College, Oxford)

Dr M. Hogarth, Philosophy, (University of Cambridge)

Dr R. Hoyland, Middle Eastern History, (St John's College, Oxford)

Dr P.J.E. Kail, Philosophy, (Darwin College, Cambridge)

Dr R.E. Leader, History of Art, (King's College, London)

Dr A.L. Lingas, Musicology, (St Peter's College, Oxford)

Dr T.I. Milnes, History of Ideas, (University College, Oxford)

Dr H. Montgomery, Anthropology, (St Hugh's College, Oxford)

Dr T. Nicholas, Economic History, (London School of Economics)

Dr J.B. Parkin, Political Thought, (King's College, London)

Dr C.J.C. Pickstock, Theology, (Emmanuel College, Cambridge)

Dr R. Purdie, Medieval Literature, (University of St Andrews)

Dr C. Rauer, Anglo-Saxon Literature, (Corpus Christi College, Oxford)

Dr G.R. Rowlands, Early Modern History, (Exeter College, Oxford)

Dr N. Saint, French Philosophy, (Royal Holloway, London)

Dr K.E. Spence, Ancient History, (Christ's College, Cambridge)

Dr P. Sturt, Psycholinguistics, (University of Glasgow)

Dr S. Sullivan, Anthropology, (School of Oriental and African Studies, London)

Dr N.D. Uglow, Historiography, (University of Reading)

Dr I.P. Wassenaar, Literary Criticism, (Queen Mary and Westfield College, London)

Dr R. Widdowfield, Geography, (University of Bristol)

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