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Larger Research Grants: 2006-07 Round

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Please note: Awards are arranged alphabetically by surname of the grant recipient. The institution is that given at the time of application. The grants listed were awarded during the academic session 2006-07.

Dr H Abdul-Raof University of Leeds
Schools of Qur'anic exegesis 
(Section: H2)

Dr D Albertazzi University of Birmingham
Resisting the tide: cultures of opposition during the Berlusconi years 
(Section: H6)

Dr S Amrith Birkbeck, University of London
Cosmopolitanism and race in Tamil Southeast Asia, 1920-1970 
(Section: H10)

Dr L Archer King's College London
The 'black' middle classes and education 
(Section: S4)

Dr G Aybet University of Kent
From peace to state building: an assessment of EU and NATO conditionality in Bosnia and Herzegovina 
(Section: S5)

Dr S Ayers University of Sussex
Adjustment to parenthood, mental health, and parent-infant interaction 
(Section: S6)

Professor G N Bailey University of York
Southern Red Sea project: Farasan Islands 
(Section: H7)

Dr J Barnes Oxford Brookes University
Exploring the neuropsychology of visual hallucinations in Parkinson's disease 
(Section: S6)

Dr S Beckerleg University of Warwick
Khat and social identity in Uganda 
(Section: S3)

Dr M Biggs University of Oxford
Hunger strikes by Suffragettes and Irish Republicans 1909-1923 
(Section: S4)

Dr D Boric University of Cambridge
Forager-farmer encounters in the Balkans: revision archaeological investigations at Vlasac (Serbia) 
(Section: H7)

Dr A Bowett Victoria and Albert Museum
British furniture woods: timbers used in historic British furniture-making, 1400-1900 
(Section: H11)

Dr R Brooks University of Surrey
International higher education and the mobility of UK students: motivations, experiences and labour market outcomes 
(Section: S4)

Dr A Chafer University of Portsmouth
Towards a new policy partnership? France and Britain in Africa since Saint-Malo 
(Section: S5)

Professor P J Corr University of Wales, Swansea
Avoidance behaviour and personality: a pharmacological investigation of the revised reinforcement sensitivity theory of personality 
(Section: S6)

Dr H Cremin University of Leicester
Comparing student and teacher voices to construct school self-review of inclusion 
(Section: S4)

Professor B Daniel University of Dundee
How is the concept of resilience operationalised in practice with vulnerable children? 
(Section: S6)

Dr S Dein University College London
Religious experience in three religious groups: theological and phenomenological characteristics 
(Section: S3)

Dr G J A Dodd University of Nottingham
Petitions to the Crown from English religious houses, c. 1270-c. 1485 
(Section: H8)

Professor R F Ellen, FBA University of Kent
The Eolithic controversy as a problem in the history of science, and of archaeology in particular: an approach from cognitive anthropology 
(Section: S3)

Dr E Flouri Institute of Education
Early contextual risk and children's emotional and behavioural problems at age 3 
(Section: S6)

Dr A I Forbess Goldsmiths College University of London
Standing in for God and Caesar: the political lives of orthodox monastics in Romania and Serbia 
(Section: S3)

Dr F Gabbert University of Abertay Dundee
Protecting eyewitness evidence: testing the efficacy of a self-administered interview tool 
(Section: S6)

Dr R Ganguly University of East Anglia
Secession in world politics: contemporary dilemmas 
(Section: S5)

Professor R Gilchrist University of Reading
Glastonbury Abbey excavations, 1904-1979 
(Section: H7)

Dr B Godfrey Keele University
Prosecution and sentencing processes in international perspective, 1880-1940 
(Section: H10; S1)

Dr C Goetze University of Nottingham
Who governs? The political sociology of UN interim administrators 
(Section: S5; S4)

Professor R B Goodwin Brunel University
The acculturation of Polish immigrants into British society 
(Section: S6)

Dr B Gruffydd Jones University of Leeds
Forms of resistance in Africa's neo-liberal social order: a comparative study in Mozambique and Ghana 
(Section: S5)

Professor G Hague University of Bristol
Bride price, marriage rights and domestic violence in Uganda 
(Section: S4)

Mrs J Hall Museum of London
Roman sculpture from south-east England 
(Section: H7)

Professor F A Hassan University College London
Palaeoenvironments, landscape, dynamics and cultural development in middle Egypt 
(Section: H7)

Dr C Hezser School of Oriental and African Studies
Mobility and the transfer of knowledge amongst Jews in Roman Palestine and the Diaspora 
(Section: H2)

Professor R Imrie King's College London
The significance of building control and the process of urban design 
(Section: S3)

Dr S Johnson University College London
Offender targeting decisions for acquisitive crime 
(Section: S6)

Professor A Keay University of Leeds
Defining the corporate objective: formulating an entity maximisation and sustainability model 
(Section: S1)

Professor S Keynes Trinity College, University of Cambridge
Dictionary of Old English 
(Section: H8)

Dr L Knight University of Plymouth
Medical students' explanations of behaviour following professionalism dilemma situations 
(Section: S6)

Professor F Lough University of Birmingham
Exile remains: ways of thinking, writing and remembering Spanish Republican Exile 
(Section: H6)

Dr C P Loveluck University of Nottingham
Central places, power and identity at the nexus of the North and Baltic Seas, AD 400-1200: pilot archaeological research on the 150-hectare settlement at Stavnsager, northeast Jutland 
(Section: H7)

Professor A M McCleery Napier University
The contribution of Scottish literary magazines to cultural and political debate 1979-1999 
(Section: H6)

Dr J J McGavin University of Southampton
Records of Early English Drama: London theatres bibliography 
(Section: H5)

Professor S A M McLean University of Glasgow
Alcohol in the age of autonomy: finding a safety net for the alcohol dependent in choice-led public health policies 
(Section: S1)

Dr N Mellor University of East London
Mapping the pan-Arab journalistic field - a field study among Arab journalists 
(Section: H6)

Dr H Mendick London Metropolitan University
The impact of the depiction of work in TV drama on young peoples' career aspirations and choices 
(Section: S4)

Professor F G B Millar, FBA University of Oxford
Judaism and Christianity in Palestine and Arabia, fourth-sixth centuries AD 
(Section: H1)

Professor L B Myers Brunel University
The relationship between repressive coping, childhood experiences and adult romantic attachment 
(Section: S6)

Dr G Noble University of Glasgow
The Strathearn Environs and Royal Forteviot project (SERF) 
(Section: H7)

Dr J Ostapkowicz Liverpool Museum
Pre-Hispanic Caribbean sculptural arts in wood 
(Section: H7)

Dr M Pace University of Birmingham
A 'Modern' Islamic democracy? Perceptions of democratisation in the Arab-Mediterranean world 
(Section: S5)

Dr C M Pariante King's College London
Understanding the role of stress in the cognitive abnormalities of psychosis 
(Section: S6)

Dr S Philpott University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Virtually the same: Asia among the digital fragments 
(Section: S5)

Dr A Pluskowski University of Cambridge
Establishing a colonial heartland during the crusades: the ecological impact of the Teutonic Order's castle in medieval Prussia 
(Section: H7)

Professor J N Postgate, FBA Trinity College, University of Cambridge
Archaeological excavation at Kilise Tepe, southern Turkey 
(Section: H7)

Dr J Randall University of Aberdeen
The role of the change agent in the management of cultural change: the case of the merger between the Inland Revenue and HM Customs & Excise 
(Section: S4)

Dr R Read Bournemouth University
Volunteering care: the gendered politics of voluntary networks in three Czech hospitals 
(Section: S3)

Dr C Romani Aston University
Where is syllable structure represented in speech production? Evidence from aphasia 
(Section: S6)

Professor C Sedikides University of Southampton
Narcissistic self-presentation: controllability and consequences 
(Section: S6)

Professor R Sharpe, FBA University of Oxford
Corpus of British Medieval library catalogues 
(Section: H8)

Dr P Shaw University College London
An electronic edition of Dante's _Divina Commedia_ 
(Section: H8)

Professor A Simone Goldsmiths College University of London
Renewing urbanities: comparative studies on how low-income residents reshape Bangkok and Phnom Penh 
(Section: S4)

Dr J Simpson University of Leeds
Identity online: ESOL learners' textual identities in and out of class 
(Section: S3)

Professor P Sims-Williams, FBA University of Wales, Aberystwyth
A supplement to _Celtic personal names in the Latin inscriptions of the Roman Empire_ 
(Section: H4)

Mr P Spicer Royal College of Music
Biography of Sir George Dyson 
(Section: H11)

Professor C L Sriram University of East London
Rule of law in African countries emerging from violent conflict: critical issues and cases 
(Section: S5; S1)

Dr J D Steinert University of Wolverhampton
Young forced labourers in national socialist Germany and German occupied Eastern Europe, 1939-1945 
(Section: H10)

Dr D Stokes University of Kent
American energy diversification and international security in the age of terror 
(Section: S5)

Professor J M Twigg University of Kent
Clothing, age and the body 
(Section: S4)

Professor L K Tyler, FBA University of Cambridge
The role of conceptual structure in object processing 
(Section: S6)

Dr K Voltmer University of Leeds
Political communication in new democracies: government-media relationships in transition 
(Section: S5)

Mr M Webber University of the Arts London
Critical mass: an oral history of avant-garde film - the new American cinema and beyond 
(Section: H11; H6)

Dr H G West School of Oriental and African Studies
Local food in a global marketplace: Artisan cheesemaking in the 21st century 
(Section: S3)

Professor R D Whitehouse University College London
Tavoliere-Gargano prehistory project 
(Section: H7)

Professor P Woods University of Aberdeen
Entrepreneurialism, leadership and organisational reform in the public sector: the case of an independent state school in the inner city 
(Section: S4)

Dr L Yueh University of Oxford
Foreign direct investment, technology transfers and economic growth: evidence from China 
(Section: S2)

Dr D J Zizzo University of East Anglia
Statistical inference on equilibrium exchange rates 
(Section: S2)