International Partnership and Mobility Awards 2016

East and South East Asia

Dr Leslie Mabon Robert Gordon University
Towards methodologies for assessing effects of climate change on coastal communities - Vietnam and Scotland
Dr Song Tung Nguyen Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development
One year; £10,000

Dr Yipeng Liu University of Birmingham
International migration, talent mobility and entrepreneurship ecosystems: Evidence from China
Professor Yijun Xing Beijing Jiao Tong University
One year; £9,986

Dr Maria Martinon-Torres University College London
Out of Asia and into Europe
Dr Wu Liu Chinese Academy of Sciences
Three year; £29,830

Dr Adam Tyson University of Leeds
The Design, Communication and Impact of Evidence-Based Forestry in Indonesia
Dr Muhamad Varkkey University of Malaya
Three year; £27,794

Dr Norman Peng University of Westminster
A comparative study on the consumption behaviour of the UK's and Taiwan's cultural quarter visitors: Exploring the influence of national culture, cultural quarters' perceived cultural value, and visitors' personal values
Professor Kuang-Peng Hung Ming Chuan University
One year; £4766; co-funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology Taiwan

Dr Le-Yin Zhang University College London
Collaborative development of green bond markets in China and UK: Pathways and Policy Frameworks
Professor Yanming Yan (Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences)
One year; £4,952; co-funded by the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

Dr Anna Grosman Loughborough University
Economic policy and regulatory review of financing of small and medium enterprises by commercial banks in China
Dr Yan Zhang (Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences)
One year; £4,794; co-funded by the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences


Dr Emiliya Lazarova University of East Anglia
Property Rights Enforcement and Development in Emerging Economies
Dr Gerald Pech KIMEP University
One year; £8,756

Dr Peter Rodgers University of Sheffield
Non-market strategies of export orientated firms in Ukraine: An Institutional Approach
Professor Eduard Maltsev Kyiv Mohyla Business School
One year; £9,520

Dr Alexey Bessudnov University of Exeter
Ethnic groups in the Russian labour market
Dr Andrey Shcherbak National Research University - Higher School of Economics
Three year; £27,725

Latin America & the Caribbean

Dr Fiona Jordan University of Bristol
Quantitative Comparative Linguistics and Kinship of Tupi and Cariban
Dr Joshua Thomas Rigo Birchall Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi
One year £7,065

Dr Nicholas Branch University of Reading
Food Production and Climate Resilience in Peru: Past, Present and Future
Dr Cesar Astuhuaman Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
One year £9,900

Professor Friederike Lüpke School of Oriental and African Studies
Towards a typology of small-scale multilingualism
Professor Kristine Stenzel Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
One year; £9,950

Professor Elena Nardi University of East Anglia
Beyond CAPTeaM: Deconstructing ableist mathematics teaching practices and attuning mathematics teaching to student diversity
Professor Lulu Healy Universidade Anhanguera de Sao Paulo (UNIAN)
Three year £29,996

Dr Saladin Meckled-Garcia University College London
Progressively realising economic and social human rights - morally justified accounts of 'available resources'
Dr Julio Montero National Research Council of Argentina
Three year; £25,620

The Middle East and North Africa

Dr Tarik Sabry University of Westminster
Regulating Screen Content for Children Audiences: Cultural Policy Comparisons for Morocco and UK
Dr Hicham Ait Mansour Mohamed V University
One year; £9,965

Professor Vincent Walsh University College London
Universal and cross-cultural behavioural and neural responses to art (dance)
Dr Hamed Ekhtiari Institute for Cognitive Science Studies
Three year; £28,200

South Asia

Dr Sushrut Jadhav University College London
Discrimination, Distress and Higher Education in India
Dr Amit Thorat Jawaharlal Nehru University
One year; £10,000

Professor Keith Lilley Queen's University Belfast
Surveying empires - archaeologies of colonial cartography in West Bengal
Dr Bishnupriya Basak Calcutta University
One year; £9,998

Dr Matthew Schuelka University of Birmingham
Exploring the full potential of education: Non-cognitive skills, inclusivity, and happiness in Bhutan and England
Dr Kezang Sherab Royal University of Bhutan
One year; £9,992

Dr Silvija Jestrovic University of Warwick
Cultures of the Left: Manifestations and Performances
Professor Bishnupriya Dutt Jawaharlal Nehru University
Three year; £29,934 

Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr Linda Gibson Nottingham Trent University
Collaboration for reverse innovation within the knowledge base of the sociology of global health and development (SGHD)
Dr Natewinde Sawadogo University of Ouaga 2
One year; £8,752

Dr Winfred Onyas University of Leicester
Exploring the nature and prospects of frugal innovations in Uganda
Ms Rebecca Namatovu Makerere University Business School
Three year; £30,000

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