International Partnership and Mobility Awards 2015

East and South East Asia

Dr Bernhard Angele Bournemouth University
Parafoveal semantic processing in Chinese readers
Professor Xingshan Li Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; China
One-year; £7,850

Professor Christopher Bannerman Middlesex University
A shift of balance: rethinking the classical and contemporary in Chinese and British dance
Dr Dong Jiang Dance Research Institute, China National Academy of Arts; China
Three-year; £29,200

Professor John Cadogan Loughborough University
International marketing performance implication of firms’ global product marketing strategies
Professor Ruey-Jer “Bryan” Jean National Chengchi University; Taiwain
One-year; £4,866; co-funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology

Dr Daniel Dauber University of Warwick
Intercultural communication and adaptations in the British and Japanese construction industry
Dr Yu Maemura University of Tokyo; Japan
Three-year; £23,562

Professor Klaus Dodds Royal Holloway University of London
‘Observing’ the Arctic: Asian states and the (geo)politics of involvement in the Artic Council
Dr Chih Yuan Woon National University of Singapore; Singapore
Three-year; £29,396

Dr Timo Fleckenstein London School of Economics and Political Science
Social investment policies in Europe and East Asia
Dr Young Jun Choi Yonsei University; South Korea
Three-year; £29,900

Professor Alessandra Guariglia University of Birmingham
Financial exclusion and household saving: evidence from China
Professor Dayong Zhang Southwestern University of Finance and Economics; China
One-year; £9,900

Dr Joseph Lee University of Exeter
Creating a legal and regulatory framework for interconnections between stock exchanges: a comparative study of the UK and Taiwan
Professor Ching-ping Shao National Taiwan University; Taiwan
One-year; £4,420; co-funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology Taiwan

Dr Jeremy Taylor University of Nottingham
Cultures of the Chinese Cold War in British Southeast Asia, 1949-1963
Dr Lanjun Xu National University of Singapore; Singapore
Three-year; £26,092


Dr Mark Gardiner Queen’s University Belfast
Medieval timber architecture: Britain and North-Western Russia
Dr Evgeny Khodakovsky St Petersburg State University; Russia
Three-year; £27,300

Professor Colin Knox University of Ulster
Public sector reform in Kazakhstan
Dr Sholpan Yessimova Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Kazakhstan
Three-year; £29,895

Dr Adam Swain University of Nottingham
Displaced economy? The relocation of economic activities as a result of the armed conflict in the Ukranian Donbas
Dr Mychailo Wynnyckyj Kyiv-Mohyla Academy; Ukraine
One-year; £9,970

Latin America & the Caribbean

Dr Severine Deneulin University of Bath
Urban inequality and youth wellbeing in Latin America’s informal settlements
Dr Ann Mitchell Universidad Católica Argentina; Argentina
Three-year; £26,520

Dr Mark Devenney University of Brighton
Theorising transnational populist politics
Dr Paula Biglieri University of Buenos Aires; Argentina
Three-year; £25,600

Dr Lucy Evans University of Leicester
Crime and its representation in the Anglophone Caribbean, 1834-2018
Professor Anthony Harriott University of the West Indies, Mona; Jamaica
Three-year; £29,634

Professor Tim Ingold University of Aberdeen
Solid fluids in the Anthropocene: a transdisciplinary inquiry into the archaeological anthropology of materials
Dr Cristían Simonetti Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; Chile
Three-year; £26,150

Dr Katy Jenkins Northumbria University
Developing a participatory approach to understanding socio-environmental transformations and conflicts in the Atacama Desert, Chile: gender, indigenous communities, and large scale mining
Dr Hugo Romero Centre for Social Conflict and Cohesion Studies; Chile
Three-year; £29,886

Dr Johannes Roessler University of Warwick
Joint practical knowledge: shared agency and knowledge of other minds
Professor Glenda Lucila Satne Alberto Hurtado University; Chile
One-year; £9,850

Dr Michelle Sheehan Anglia Ruskin University
Variation in Romance causatives: a synchronic and diachronic study
Dr Sonia Cyrino Universidade Estadual de Campinas; Brazil
One-year; £10,000

Professor Gail Antoinette Williams University of Kent
Creating inclusionary practices – what are the roles of law and regulation?
Professor Fabricio Bertini Pasquot Polido Federal University of Minas Gerais; Brazil
Three-year; £26,350

Middle East and North Africa

Dr Kris Brown University of Ulster
Commemoration and law: narratives of political violence in transitional and conflicted societies
Professor Nadera Shalhoub-Kervorkian Hebrew University Jerusalem; Palestine
One-year; £10,000

Dr Ruth Filik University of Nottingham
Towards a unifying theory of sarcasm comprehension
Professor Rachel Giora Tel Aviv University; Israel
Three-year; £23,039

Dr Jolene Skordis-Worrall University College London
Exploring the feasibility and acceptability of a parenting intervention to improve early childhood nutrition and stimulation in Iran’s deprived provinces
Dr Roshanak Vameghi University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences; Iran
One-year; £9,940

South Asia

Dr Anand Prathivadi Bhayankaram University of Bradford
Infrastructure for sustainability: “better infrastructure governance” (BIG) ideas for inclusive, “smart” and sustainable cities
Professor Sudhir Rajan Indian Institute of Technology, Madras; India
Three-year; £28,100

Dr Wendy Morrison University of Oxford
Testing the metal: characterising the chemical composition of ancient Indian copper
Dr Satish Pandey National Museum Institute; India
One-year; £9,890

Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr Julie Soleil Archambault University of Oxford
Africa rising? Everyday life and the contours of prosperity in Lusophone Africa
Dr Sandra Manuel Eduardo Mondlane University; Mozambique
One-year; £9,920

Dr Caroline Dyer University of Leeds
Reading to learn network
Professor Rosemary Wildsmith North West University; South Africa
Three-year; £29,829

Dr Shirli Gilbert University of Southampton
South African Jews and the Holocaust-Israel-Apartheid triangle
Professor Deborah Posel University of Cape Town; South Africa
Three-year; £23,944

Dr Iain Jackson University of Liverpool
Architecture and planning in the Tropics; from Imperial Gold Coast to Tropical Ghana
Dr Rexford Assasie Oppong Kwame Nkrumak University of Science and Technology; Ghana
Three-year; £29,620

Dr Dan Levene University of Southampton
The Scroll of Righteousness – towards an edition of a fluid transmission
Dr Amsalu Tefera Alemu Addis Ababa University; Ethiopia
One-year; £9,441

Dr Erez Levon Queen Mary University of London
Multilingual masculinities in post-apartheid South Africa
Dr Tommaso Milani University of the Witwatersrand; South Africa
Three-year; £28,546

Professor Euan Phimister University of Aberdeen
Access to credit, energy, food and water resources and economic welfare: what can we learn from household survey data in Sub-Saharan Africa?
Dr Bedru Balana International Water Management Institute; Ghana
Three-year; £28,334

Professor Jon Silverman University of Bedfordshire
Creating a post-conflict research network in Africa
Dr Nnamdi Tobechukwu Ekeanyanwu University of Uyo; Nigeria
One-year; £10,000

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