International Partnership and Mobility Awards 2013

East and South East Asia

Dr Gerard Clarke Swansea University
Beyond Cultural Relativism: The Evolving ASEAN Human Rights System 2013-2016
Dr Jorge Tigno (University of the Philippines; The Philippines)
three-year; £29,214

Professor Robert Hampson Royal Holloway, University of London
Aesthetics, Politics and the Migrant Writer
Dr Peichen Liao (National Cheng Kung University; Taiwan)
one-year; £3,199
Co-funded with the National Science Council of Taiwan

Professor Jeffrey Jowell British Institute of International and Comparative Law
The protection of human rights and constitutional review in the UK and Taiwan.
Professor Frederick Chao-Chun Lin (National Taipei University; Taiwan)
one-year; £4,950
Co-funded with the National Science Council of Taiwan

Dr Ling Liu University of Edinburgh
The effects of environmental policy on international competitiveness: evidence of the iron and steel industry in the UK and China
Dr Gang Li (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; China)>
one-year; £5,000
Co-funded with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Dr Ross Millar University of Birmingham
Health and social care reform in England and China: developing a learning network for policy and practice
Dr Weiyan Jian (Peking University; China)
one-year; £8,891

Professor Steven Mithen University of Reading
The Chinese Neolithic, Geoarchaeological analysis of Beiqian site and development of an Archaeological Sediments Laboratory at Shandong
Professor Guiyun Jin (Shandong University; China)
three-year; £27,346

Professor Rana Mitter University of Oxford
The wartime diplomacy of Nationalist China as seen through British archives, 1937-45
Dr Wen-Shuo Liao (Academia Historica; Taiwan)
one-year; £5,000
Co-funded with the National Science Council of Taiwan

Dr Paola Subacchi Chatham House
The development of the RMB offshore market and the liberalization of China's capital account
Dr Qiyuan Xu (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; China)
one-year; £5,000
Co-funded with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Dr Jingrong Tong University of Leicester
News and journalists in the social media age: a comparative study of mainland China and Taiwan
Professor Shih-Hung Lo (National Chung Cheng University; Taiwan)
one-year; £5,000
Co-funded with the National Science Council of Taiwan

Dr Richard Xiao Lancaster University
The corpus-based approach to the acquisition of Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language
Professor Hai Xu (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies; China)
three-year; £20,630

Latin America & the Caribbean

Dr Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm University of Sheffield
Private International Law and the Development of Integrated Markets: A Cross-Regional Collaboration
Professor Maria Blanca Noodt Taquela (University of Buenos Aires; Argentina)
three-year; £28,266

Dr Henrice Altink University of York
Public health policies and practice in the Caribbean and Latin America: a historical perspective
Dr Magali Romero Sa (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz; Brazil)
three-year; £26,200

Professor Isobel Anderson University of Stirling
Sustainable homes in contrasting contexts: integrating social and architectural perspectives in housing research in Cuba and the UK
Professor Dania Gonzalez Couret (Instituto Superior Politécnico Jose Antonio Echeverría; Cuba)
one-year; £9,698

Miss Jo Dixon University of York
From Care to Adulthood: a collaborative exploration of young people's transitions using a peer research approach
Dr Ana Miranda (FLASCO; Argentina)
one-year; £4,353.80

Dr Jochen Erhard Eisentraut Bangor University
Adopted Brazilian Cultural Practices in Brazil and the UK: Perceptions, Uses and Attitudes
Dr Laila Rosa (Universidade Federal da Bahia; Brazil)
one-year; £10,000

Professor Robert Foley University of Cambridge
Living in open environments: the prehistoric landscape archaeology of savannas and steppes in Africa and South America
Professor Jose-Luis Lanata (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas; Argentina)
three-year; £29,79

Dr Donald Gray University of Aberdeen
Creativity in Education and Teacher Education: Perspectives and Challenges in Arts and Science Educational Collaborations.
Dr Melina Furman (Universidad de San Andres; Argentina)
three-year; £26,145

Professor John Harris University of Manchester
Transnational Regulatory and Ethical Issues in Stem Cell Therapies: Mexico and the UK
Dr Ricardo Tapia (National Autonomous University of Mexico; Mexico)
three-year; £28,890

Professor John Rink University of Cambridge
Cross-cultural perspectives on the creative development of choirs and choral conductors
Professor Marco Antonio da Silva Ramos (Universidade de São Paulo; Brazil)
one-year; £10,000

Dr Cecilia Sosa University of East London
Commemoration, New Audiences and Spaces of Memory in Latin America’s Southern Cone: Trans-cultural Dialogues in the Wake of Loss
Dr Valentina Salvi (Tres de Febrero University; Argentina)
one-year; £9,964

Dr David Whitebread University of Cambridge
Evidence-based programs to support the development of dialogue and self-regulation in early years: Building the foundation for comparative research.
Dr Valeska Valentina Grau Cardenas (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile; Chile)
three-year; £29,000

The Middle East and North Africa

Professor Mona Baker University of Manchester
The Ethics and Politics of Translation: Building Research Capacity at Postgraduate Level
Professor Hoda Elsadda (Cairo University; Egypt)
three-year; £28,555

Dr Trish Hafford-Letchfield Middlesex University
The use of images as an arts based intervention to promote therapeutic approaches to social work supervision
Dr Ephrat Huss (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev; Israel)
one-year; £7,815

Dr Christian Kaunert University of Dundee
Internal Security Cooperation between Europe and North Africa after the Arab Spring: Democracy vs Security?
Dr Jan Claudius Voelkel (Cairo University; Egypt)
three-year; £28,600

Dr Oliver Robinson University of Greenwich
The transition to adulthood in the UK and Iran: A cross-cultural comparison of aspirations, maturity ideals and perceptions of adulthood amongst 18-25 year olds
Dr Samaneh Asadi (Yazd University; Iran)
one-year; £9,315

Dr Parvaneh Tavakoli University of Reading
Introducing Change into Saudi English Language Teaching Classrooms: Challenges and merits of implementing a Task-based Approach to Language Teaching & Learning
Dr Brahim Machaal (Yanbu University College; Saudi Arabia)
one-year; £9,398

Dr Penelope Wilson Durham University
Inside Out: Settlement, Trade and Displacement in Northern Egypt
Professor Hosni Hassan Ghazala (Mansoura University; Egypt)
three-year; £30,000

South Asia

Dr Tamsin Bradley University of Portsmouth
Analysis of National and International Media Coverage of Rape in India
Professor Mohammed Obaid Siddiqui (Jamia Millia Islamia University; India)
one-year; £9,800

Professor David Chalcraft University of Sheffield
Development of Ethnographic Methods and Training for Comparative Contextual Biblical Interpretation
Dr Dexter Maben (United Theological College; India)
three-year; £30,000

Dr Sandra Dudley University of Leicester
Things Unbound: Engagements with Objects in Museums in India and the UK
Dr Manvi Seth (National Museum Institute of History of Art, Conservation and Museology; India)
three-year; £29,930

Dr David Featherstone University of Glasgow
Subaltern Maritime Networks and the Formation of Transnational Spaces
Professor Lakshmi Subramanian (Centre for Studies in Social Sciences; India)
one-year; £8,855

Dr May Adadol Ingawanij University of Westminster
Comparing Experimental Cinemas
Ms Shai Heredia (Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology; India)
one-year; £10,000

Dr Nishikant Mishra Aberystwyth University
A cross country examination of supply chain barriers on market access for small and medium firms in India and UK
Professor Ravi Shankar (Indian Institute of Technology; India)
three-year; £29,550

Professor Paurav Shukla Glasgow Caledonian University
Beyond Bling: Comparing Conspicuous Consumption in Today's Society
Dr Keyoor Purani (Indian Institute of Management; India)
one-year; £9,357

Dr Shahaduz Zaman Newcastle University
Developing research capacity in medical humanities in Bangladesh and Nepal
Dr Malabika Sarker (BRAC University; Bangladesh)
one-year; £8,831.32

Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr Emmanuel Adegbite Durham University
Corporate Social Responsibility in Developing Economies: Do Institutional Voids Matter?
Dr Akintola Owolabi (Lagos Business School; Nigeria)
three-year; £28,425

Dr Caroline Davis Oxford Brookes University
Print Culture and Publishing in South Africa in the 20th Century
Dr Archie Dick (University of Pretoria; South Africa)
three-year; £29,680

Professor Francois Gustave du Bois University of Leicester
Crossing Boundaries? Private Remedies for Public Duties
Professor Anton Gabriel Fagan (University of Cape Town; South Africa)
three-year; £29,140

Dr Erez Levon Queen Mary, University of London
Intersections: Comparing the multiple faces of masculinity in South Africa and the UK
Dr Tommaso Milani (University of the Witwatersrand; South Africa)
one-year; £8,893

Dr Winston Mano University of Westminster
UK-Africa Media and Democracy Research Network
Dr Lusike Lynete Mukhongo (Moi University; Kenya)
one-year; £10,000

Professor Chandra Sriram  University of East London
The role of civil society in promoting accountability for serious crimes in Kenya
Dr Thomas Obel Hansen (United States International University; Kenya)
one-year; £5,185

Dr Rachel Sutton-Spence University of Bristol
Signing Hands Across the Equator
Dr Michiko Kaneko (University of the Witwatersrand; South Africa)
three-year; £27,400

Dr Merran Gurney Toerien University of York
Reproductive justice? A critical examination of abortion law and practice in the UK and South Africa
Professor Louise Dorothy Vincent (Rhodes University; South Africa)
one-year; £9,283

Dr Afua Twum-Danso Imoh University of Sheffield
The Impact of Sexual Identity Acquisition on Children and Young People's Views and Understandings of Sexual Violence, Power and Oppression in Ghanaian Society.
Professor Mansah Prah (University of Cape Coast; Ghana)
three-year; £30,000

Dr Stephanie Wynne-Jones University of York
The spatial dynamics of the Swahil coast: applying GIS to research and education
Dr Thomas John Biginagwa (University of Dar es Salaam; Tanzania)
three-year; £26,001

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