International Partnership and Mobility Awards 2012

East and South East Asia

Dr Uradyn Erden Bulag University of Cambridge 
Entangled Lines: Railways, Resource Booms, and Transnational Politics in Mongolia
Dr Dorj Shurkhuu (Mongolian Academy of Sciences; Mongolia)
3 Years; £30,000

Dr Mark Ravinder Frost University of Essex 
Writing the Great Asian War
Dr Victor Zatsepine (University of Hong Kong; China)
1 Year; £9,401

Professor Mark Harvey University of Essex 
Social change and systems of drinking water provision in Taiwan: an economic sociology perspective
Dr William Li (National Dong Hwa University; Taiwan)
1 Year; £5,000 
Co-funded with the National Science Council of Taiwan

Dr Oliver Hensengerth University of Northumbria 
Institutional Reforms and the Effects on Civil Society Groups: A Comparison of the Emergence of Environmental Organisations in China and Taiwan
Professor Yung-mau Chao (National Taiwan University; Taiwan)
1 Year; £4,980 
Co-funded with the National Science Council of Taiwan

Dr Margaretta Jolly University of Sussex 
Hearing her: Oral histories of women’s liberation in China and the United Kingdom
Professor Hongtao Li (China Women's University; China)
1 Year; £9,720

Dr Toby Lincoln University of Leicester 
The Habitable City: Chinese urban history in a global context
Professor Xu Tao (Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences; China)
3 Years; £29,680

Dr Neil Lunt University of York 
East Asian and European insights on global medical travel
Professor Ki Nam Jin (Yonsei University; South Korea)
1 Year; £7,950

Professor Ruth Mace UCL 
Matrilocal kinship in China: a behavioural ecological approach
Dr Ting Ji (Chinese Academy of Sciences; China)
3 Years; £30,000

Professor Jonathan Rigg Durham University 
Personalising the middle income trap and writing workshop for early career researchers
Dr Buapun Promphakping (Khon Kaen University; Thailand)
1 Year; £9,260

Dr Sarah Teasley Royal College of Art 
Developing an intellectual framework for researching change through graphic and product design in Japan, 1991-2000
Miss Chiharu Watabe (Tokyo Zokei University; Japan)
1 Year; £9,414

Professor Katie Willis Royal Holloway, University of London 
The Right to the City?: Inclusion, participation and policy
Professor Shew-Jiuan Su (National Taiwan Normal University; Taiwan)
1 Year; £5,000
Co-funded with the National Science Council of Taiwan

Professor David Wray University of Warwick 
Toward a New Model of Readability in Other Languages
Dr Dahlia Janan (Sultan Idris Education University; Malaysia)
1 Year; £4,965

Latin America and the Caribbean

Professor Roger Halson University of Leeds 
A Comparative Study of the Law Relating to the Remoteness of Loss in Argentina and England and Wales with particular reference to recent reforms proposed in Argentina.
Mr Diego Cesar Bunge (University of Buenos Aires; Argentina)
1 Year; £9,846

Dr Sara Hennessy University of Cambridge 
A tool for analysing dialogic interactions in classrooms
Professor Sylvia Margarita Rojas-Drummond (National Autonomous University of Mexico; Mexico)
3 Years; £29,562

Professor Alex Marsh University of Bristol 
Strengthening cross-national research capacity in the field of governance of place and cross-sector leadership.
Dr Arturo Flores (National Autonomous University of Mexico; Mexico)
1 Year; £10,000

Professor Annette Dionne Karmiloff-Smith University of London 
Tablet games for stealth assessment
Dr Marcela Tenorio Delgado (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile; Chile)
1 Year; £9,910

Mr Pablo Lafuente Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London 
The 24th São Paulo Biennial: Anthropophagia as a Cultural Model
Dr Lisette Lagnado (Faculdade Santa Marcelina; Brazil)
1 Year; £8,640

Dr George Leeson University of Oxford 
Capacity Building in Latin America
Dr Alejandro Klein (University of Guanajuato; Mexico)
3 Years; £29,812

Dr Ralph Levinson Institute of Education, University of London 
Political literacy as a component of science teacher training: opportunities and challenges for practice
Professor Isabel Martins (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro; Brazil)
1 Year; £8,181

Dr Darren Sharpe Anglia Ruskin University 
Towards ending gang and youth violence: identifying positive approaches to strengthen communities
Professor Julie Meeks Gardner (University of the West Indies; Jamaica)
1 Year; £9,494

Dr Natalia Sobrevilla University of Kent 
Identity and Independence: how national consciousness crystallized during the wars of Independence from Spain
Dr Juan Luis Ossa (Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez; Chile)
1 Year; £9,475

Dr Lindsay Stirton University of Sheffield 
Legal Transplants and Public Service Bargains: Explaining Civil Service Performance and Reform in Jamaica and Trinidad-Tobago
Professor Ann Marie Bissessar (University of the West Indies; Trinidad and Tobago)
3 Years; £29,834

Professor Paul Taggart University of Sussex 
Populism in Europe and Latin America: a cross-regional perspective
Professor Pierre Ostiguy (Instituto de Ciencia Política of the Universidad Católica de Chile; Chile)
3 Years; £29,990

Middle East and North Africa

Professor Jeff Adams University of Chester 
Creative Pedagogies in Palestinian (West Bank) and English (North West) schools: A Comparative Study
Dr Hala Al-Yamani (Bethlehem University; Palestine)
3 Years; £29,846

Dr Lucy Blue University of Southampton 
Maritime footprints: examing the maritime cultural landscape of Masirah Island, Oman, past and present
Dr Nasser Al-Jahwari (Sultan Qaboos University; Oman)
1 Year; £9,915

Professor Charles Burnett University of London 
Averroes' Monograph, On the Theriac: A Multilingual Edition and Study on a Medieval Panacea
Professor Y. Tzvi Langermann (Bar Ilan University; Israel)
1 Year; £7,373

Dr Andrew Lovell University of Chester 
Autism spectrum disorders in children: a qualitative study examining the experience of families within the UK and Egypt.
Dr Ereny Gobrial (Zagazig University; Egypt)
1 Year; £10,000

Dr Candia Morgan Institute of Education, University of London 
Analysing the Palestinian school mathematics textbooks: A multimodal (multi-semiotic) perspective
Dr Jehad Alshwaikh (Birzeit University; Palestine)
1 Year; £7,580

Dr Andrei Rogatchevski University of Glasgow 
Towards the centenary of the Russian presence in mandatory Palestine and Israel: Identifying and collating expatriate Russophone printed media sources
Professor Roman Timenchik (Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Israel)
1 Year; £9,927

Dr Renee Timmers University of Sheffield 
Cross-modal perception of music
Professor Zohar Eitan (Tel Aviv University; Israel)
3 Years; £27,230

Professor Stephen Whitefield University of Oxford 
The Dynamics of Political Development and its Cultural Expression in Post-Revolutionary Egypt
Dr Mazen Hassan (Cairo University; Egypt)
1 Year; £9,959

South Asia

Dr Sundari Anitha University of Lincoln 
Transnational abandonment of South Asian women: a new form of violence against women
Dr Anupama Roy (Jawaharlal Nehru University; India)
3 Years; £29,170

Dr Joseph Calabrese UCL 
Mental Health in Bhutan: Local Practices of Well-being and Experiences of Illness and Treatment
Dr Chencho Dorji (Bhutan Institute of Medical Sciences; Bhutan)
1 Year; £9,560

Dr Markus Daechsel Royal Holloway, University of London 
Oral testimonies of development in Pakistan
Dr Ibrahim Muhammad (Government College University Lahore; Pakistan)
1 Year; £9,961

Dr Andrea Joslyn Nightingale University of Edinburgh 
Political Violence and Climate Change? Resource governance and post-conflict reconstruction in Nepal
Dr Hemant R. Ojha (ForestAction Nepal and Southasia Institute for Advanced Studies; Nepal)
3 Years; £29,820

Dr Francesca Orsini School of Oriental and African Studies 
Hinglish: the social and cultural dimensions of Hindi-English bilingualism in contemporary India
Mr Ravikant Sharma (Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS); India)
3 Years; £29,932

Dr Cameron Petrie University of Cambridge 
Climate, environment, human adaptation and civilisation in Ancient South Asia: Land, Water & Settlement (LWS)
Dr Ravindra Nath Singh (Banaras Hindu University; India)
3 Years; £28,869

Dr Gavin Rand University of Greenwich 
Re-newing the military history of colonial South Asia: culture, society and the Indian Army
Dr Kaushik Roy (Jadavpur University; India)
1 Year; £9,906

Dr Saeeda Shah University of Leicester 
Research Capacity Building Through International Partnership for mapping women academics' careers in Pakistan
Dr Maryam Rab (Fatima Jinnah Women University; Pakistan)
3 Years; £29,576

Dr James Simpson University of Leeds 
Mobile technologies for language learning in rural India
Dr Atanu Bhattacharya (H M Patel Institute of English Training and Research; India)
1 Year; £10,000

Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr Caroline Davis Oxford Brookes University 
Print, Publishing and Cultural Production in South Africa 1948-2012
Professor Archie Leonard Dick (University of Pretoria; South Africa)
1 Year; £9,590

Professor John Gowlett University of Liverpool 
Palaeoanthropology and Palaeoecology in the Central Rift Valley
Dr Stephen Rucina (National Museums of Kenya; Kenya)
3 Years; £30,000

Dr Shona Hunter University of Leeds 
Challenging institutional whiteness in postcolonial contexts
Professor Melissa Steyn (University of the Witwatersrand; South Africa)
3 Years; £27,311

Professor Timothy Insoll University of Manchester 
Fragmentary Ancestors? Interpreting and Presenting the Archaeology of Koma Land, Northern Ghana
Dr Benjamin Warinsie Kankpeyeng (University of Ghana; Ghana)
1 Year; £7,678

Dr Lucy Jordan University of Southampton 
The democratisation of social research: Reciprocal learning across boundaries in the development of a contextually relevant framework of risk for South African young adults
Professor Leila Patel (University of Johannesburg; South Africa)
3 Years; £29,300

Dr Shane Mac Giollabhui University of Oxford 
Engineering Democracy: Voting Rules and Political Behaviour in Botswana
Professor Christian John Makgala (University of Botswana; Botswana)
1 Year; £9,964

Professor Henrietta Louise Moore University of Cambridge 
African farming systems: an interdisciplinary pan-African perspective
Professor Caleb Adebayo Folorunso (University of Ibadan; Nigeria)
3 Years; £29,960

Professor William Niven Nottingham Trent University 
Contemporary German and Afrikaner Cultural Responses to Issues of Trauma, Reconciliation and Reparation
Dr Johannes Petrus Cilliers Van Den Berg (University of the Free State; South Africa)
1 Year; £9,985

Dr Katharine Alexandra Skinner University of Birmingham 
Beyond the National Archives: innovation and inter-disciplinarity in researching Ghana's past
Dr Wilson Kwame Yayoh (University of Cape Coast; Ghana)
3 Years; £26,165

Dr Jonathan Steinberg University of Oxford 
Policing and Police Practice in Sub-Saharan Africa
Dr Emmanuel Olukemi Rotimi (Obafemi Awolowo University; Nigeria)
1 Year; £9,880

Dr James Van Alstine University of Leeds 
Developing a research agenda for the study of the politics of good governance in the emerging petro-economy, Uganda
Dr Fredrick Kisekka Ntale (Makerere University; Uganda)
1 Year; £9,995

Professor Justin Willis Durham University 
Preaching politics? Debating governance in mosques and churches on the Kenya coast
Dr Hassan Mwakimako (Pwani University College; Kenya)
1 Year; £9,955

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