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Flexi-Grant: Frequently Asked Questions

TBD: Updating FAQ for Flexi-Grant.


1. How do I find the scheme notes?

Please go to Please log into the system and click on ‘Funding Schemes’. Find the scheme you are interested in and click on ‘View Notes’.

2. How do I add a referee to my application?

To complete the Nominated References tab:

  • To add a referee email address click on the ‘Add Referee’ link, enter the email address and select the ‘Check Email' button
  • If the referee’s details appear, it means that they have an existing e-Gap account under the email address entered. If so, select ‘Contact Now’, adding whatever personal message you wish, followed by ‘Save’ in order to attach the referee to the application
  • If a form appears prompting you to enter the email address again and other details, it means that they do not have an existing e-Gap account. You will therefore need to create an account for them. To do this, enter their details, select ‘Contact Now', followed by ‘Save’ in order to attach the referee to the application.

Please note: It is vital that you enter the correct email address for your referees as upon your application being approved by your organisation, emails are sent automatically from e-Gap to these individuals at the email addresses supplied on the application form with login details, and instructions for viewing the application and supplying the reference through e-GAP.

It is the responsibility of the applicants to:

  • contact referees outside of the e-GAP system to ensure that they have received details of their e-Gap login and instructions for supplying their statements through e-GAP
  • ensure that references are supplied through e-GAP by the closing deadline
  • keep track of the progress of references by viewing your Application Summary, accessed by clicking on My Applications
  • remember that applications without a complete set of references will not be eligible for consideration

3. How do my referees/Head of Department provide their reference/statement?

To provide a reference/Head of Department (HoD) statement in e-GAP2:

  • Log on to e-GAP2 ( using the relevant login details. You will either know these as you have registered on the system yourself or they will have been sent to you via an automatic e-mail from e-GAP2
  • On your home page click on Tasks
  • Click on Reference List. A list of references/HoD statements that require completion will appear
  • It may be useful at this stage to click on the link to the right of the screen to ‘Print Application’, which will produce a PDF of the application for which you have been asked to provide a reference. This will enable you to simultaneously view the application and provide your reference
  • Click on Provide Reference

At this stage, you can also click on View Application on Screen (found at the top of the reference form), which will allow you to view the application on screen. Please note that if you click on this link without saving information you have entered on the reference form/HoD statement, this work will be lost. To return to providing the reference after having viewed the application, click on Return.

  • Fill in all fields on the reference form/HoD statement. Please note all fields marked with a * are mandatory and need to be completed before it is possible to submit the reference to the British Academy.
  • Click Save. If all fields are complete, a new button will appear called Submit. Please do not forget to press Submit otherwise we will not be able to see the reference/HoD statement here at the Academy.

4. My referee is unable to provide the reference so I need to nominate a substitute. How do I do this?

If you have not already submitted your application you can click on the ’Nominated Referee’ tab and then click ‘Remove Link’ on the right hand side of the screen. Then add the new referee.

  • If you have submitted your application and the deadline has not passed, ask your University’s approver to send back your application for editing, and then follow the step above. Please re-submit your application once you have done this.
  • If your application has already been submitted and approved please contact the British Academy by emailing

5. My referee’s email address or contact details are incorrect. How do I change them?

Please contact the British Academy at where we will be happy to assist you with this.

6. I have been asked to provide a reference, but the task is not appearing in my task list. What are the possible reasons for this?

The possible reasons include:

  • The referee has more than one email address, and each address is recognised as a unique separate user in the system so please check both email addresses
  • If you clicked on ‘Don’t Contact’ then the referee will only find the task waiting for them after the application has been submitted and approved.

7. I have been asked to provide a reference and I have tried to log on with the email address and password provided but I’m not able to access the system. What is the most likely reason for this not working?

The password has not been entered correctly. The password is case sensitive, and if system generated may include any key stroke from the computer keyboard including punctuation marks. We strongly recommend copying and pasting the full string of characters from the automatic email generated when an application has been approved, or when clicking ‘Forgotten Password’.

8. I am completing an application and have made a mistake. What do I do to correct it?

Please contact your institutional approver who will be able to unlock and send back your application to you.

9. What is the submission process in e-GAP?

Please press ‘Submit’ when you have completed all of the mandatory fields on the application (indicated by an *). This will generate an automatic email to your institutional approver who will then have the task of approving your application and hence completing the formal submission process. After the approval has been given by your institution, an automatic email will be sent to your referee.

10. The ‘submit’ button is not appearing. What is the most likely reason for this?

Please check that you have completed all of the mandatory fields (indicated by an *). Remember some fields are not free text boxes but require the applicant to click on links on the right hand side of the screen. For example, on the applicant personal details you may be asked to ‘Add Nationality’ or on the applicant career summary you may be asked to ‘Add Qualifications’.

11. I have submitted my application. How can I check whether the referee has submitted his reference?

Please click on the box ‘Always show my Applications’ on your personal welcome page. This will ensure that all applications you have started are displayed. On the right hand side of the screen a link will appear to ‘Manage’. This will then take you to an application summary where you will have the opportunity to check the status of any part of the application lifecycle. When a task has been completed the status will show as ‘Complete’ rather than ‘Pending’.

12. What is the deadline for approval to be given, and for the referees to submit their references?

This will be scheme specific. Submission and approval must be completed by the deadline for the scheme in question, but a couple of day’s grace will be allowed for referees to submit their references.

13. What do you mean by host or employing institution?

For most schemes the employing institution is the institution at which you are employed. For the Postdoctoral Fellowship, International Partnerships and Visiting Scholars schemes it will be the host institution at which the applicant wishes to be based if successful.

14. What do I do if my host or employing institution is not listed in the drop-down list of organizations?

Please select your current employing organisation (or independent scholar if appropriate). The majority of appropriate establishments appear in the drop-down list. If your employing organisation is not there, however, please contact the institution’s research support services, or equivalent, and ask them to provide the Academy ( with contact details of an appropriate person in the organisation to act as an approver on its behalf.

15. Can I know who the approver is on behalf of my institution?

The approver is normally a generic email address of the institution’s research services division, or equivalent. Please contact your institution’s research office to check the relevant approver.

16. I have no University affiliation at the moment. What schemes can I apply for, and how do I get my application approved?

Independent and retired scholars are eligible to apply for Small Research Grants, Overseas Conference Grants, Conference Support Grants, Research Visits to Partner Academies and Joint Projects with Partner Academies. Approval of these applications will be given by Academy staff.

17. What files can be uploaded as part of an application?

This will be scheme specific. Please read the scheme notes. For Small Research Grants and British Academy Research Development Awards (BARDA) you can upload a CV of a Research Assistant and if appropriate a Survey Questionnaire. For the Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2nd stage, a sample of written work will need to be uploaded. The format of these uploads must be Adobe pdf, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.

18. I am locked out of my account. What can I do?

Please contact the British Academy at

19. How do I share my application with another user of the system?

From your application form click on the ‘Share Application/Add Applicant’ button. On the following screen click ‘Add Share’. Choose share type ‘Share’, type in the email address of the person with which you want to share your application (please make sure that this person is already registered on the system). Click ‘Next’, confirm the user by clicking on the ‘Next’ button, choose permissions for sharer by ticking all of the relevant boxes, then click 'Finish’. If you have made a mistake you can choose to remove this person and start again. You can add as many sharers as you wish. For the person who you have shared your application with, they need to click on ‘View my Applications’ on their own personal welcome page.

20. Can I see an application form before beginning to prepare it?

No. Please click on ‘Apply Now’ on the relevant scheme. You can delete this afterwards if you decide not to pursue the application.

21. Some of the schemes have character limits imposed on certain fields: how do I find out when the limits are and to which fields this relates?

Once you start typing in a field that has a character limit, the balance of characters remaining will appear immediately below the box. If no balance appears below the box this is an indication that there is no specific character limit for this field.

22. I have registered in the British Academy’s version of the e-GAP system and I believe I should have received some form of automatic communication, but have heard nothing. What is the most likely reason for this?

The account activation email which is automatically sent from the system may have been caught in the spam filter. Please contact the British Academy at to activate your account and your institutions IT Services to investigate how to resolve this problem for the future.

23. I am still having problems, and neither the scheme notes (which I have read in detail), nor these frequently asked questions answer my question. Who do I contact?

Please contact the British Academy team at