Conference Support Grants Awards 2010-11

Please note: Awards are arranged alphabetically by surname of the grant recipient. The institution is that given at the time of application. The grants listed were awarded during the academic session 2010-11.

Dr Zofia Archibald University of Liverpool
Retail and wholesale exchange in the Greek and Roman eastern Mediterranean 
(Classics and Ancient History / History of Greece and the Greek World)

Dr Duncan Astle Royal Holloway, University of London
Attention and Memory: Mechanisms of Selection and Maintenance 
(Psychology / Cognitive and Perceptual Psychology)
Free use of the British Academy venue

Professor Les Back Goldsmiths, University of London
Shock and Awe: 100 years of bombing from above 
(Sociology / Political Sociology)

Dr Jeremy Barham University of Surrey
Gustav Mahler Centenary Conference. 'Mahler: Contemporary of the Past?' 
(Music / History & Criticism of Music: Romantic)

Dr Paul Behrens University of Leicester
A Contextual View of Genocidal Intent 
(Law / International Law (Public))

Professor Daniel Bernhofen University of Nottingham
European Research Workshop in International Trade 
(Economics / Overseas Economics)

Dr Katherine Brickell Royal Holloway, University of London
Contemporary Challenges in Transitional Vietnam: Insights from Vietnam Studies in the United Kingdom 
(Geography / Area Studies)

Professor Richard Hugh Britnell Independent Scholar
Northern England and and Lowland Scotland: Some Common Foundations, 800-1300 
(History / Medieval History - History)

Dr Ben Burton University of Oxford
Renaissance Poetic Form: New Directions 
(English Language and Literature / Renaissance literature)

Dr Nicola Countouris University College London
'Resocializing Europe' 
(Law / Labour Law and Discrimination)

Professor Max Deeg Cardiff University
Pilgrim, Propagandist and Cultural Icon: Exploring myth and reality in Xuanzang's  'Record of the Western Regions' 
(Religious Studies / Asian Religions)

Professor Stephen Farrall University of Sheffield
Exploring and Theorising the Long-term Impacts of Thatcherite Social and Economic Policies 
(Politics / Public Policy and Administration)
Free use of the British Academy venue
Papers published in 2014 in The Legacy of Thatcherism: Assessing and exploring Thatcherite social and economic policies, edited by Stephen Farrall & Colin Hay (British Academy Original Paperback)

Professor Leonardo Felli London School of Economics and Political Science
European Summer Symposium in Economic Theory (ESSET) 
(Economics / Financial Economics)

Professor Peter Fonagy University College London
Implications of Research on the Neuroscience of Affect, Attachment and Social Cognition 
(Psychology / Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology)

Professor Hilary Footitt University of Reading
Languages at War 
(Modern Languages / Cultural Studies - Modern Languages)

Professor Michael Gordon Fulford University of Reading
Seeing red: international conference on new economic and social perspectives on Gallo-Roman sigillata 
(Archaeology / Classical art and archaeology)

Miss Harriet Godwin Open University
Art and Alchemy: Contemporary Art and Transformation 
(History of Art / Critical and cultural theory - History of Art)

Dr Sacha Golob Peterhouse, Cambridge
Conceptual and Non-Conceptual Content: History and Prospects 
(Philosophy / Philosophy of mind)

Professor Helen Hackett University College London
Early Modern Exchanges 
(English Language and Literature / Renaissance literature)

Professor Edith Hall Royal Holloway, University of London
Ancient Greek Myth and Modern Conflict in World Fiction since 1989 
(Classics and Ancient History / The reception of classical antiquity and the classical tradition)

Dr Nathan Hill School of Oriental and African Studies
Bon, Shangshung, and Early Tibet 
(Religious Studies / Other Specific Religion)

Professor Wolfram Hinzen University of Durham
The past and future of Universal Grammar 
(Linguistics / Morphology and Syntax)

Professor Geoffrey Hosking University College London
Trust and Distrust in the USSR 
(History / Modern History)

Professor John Hutnyk Goldsmiths, University of London
Preservation, Heritage and Urban Transformation: Vernacular Globalizations 
(Geography / Historical Geography)

Dr Luca Incurvati University of Cambridge
Foundations of Mathematics: What are they and what are they for? 
(Philosophy / Logic)

Dr Jennifer Ingleheart University of Durham
The Reception of Rome and the Construction of Western Homosexual Identities 
(Classics and Ancient History / The reception of classical antiquity and the classical tradition)

Dr Ying Jin University of Cambridge
Symposium on Applied Urban Modelling (AUM2012): Assessing Pathways towards Energy Efficient and Climate Wise City Regions 
(Economics / Applied Economics)

Professor Heather Joshi Institute of Education
Social Change and the Life Course: International Perspectives 
(Sociology / Sociology of Ethnicity/Race)

Dr Chris Kaplonski University of Cambridge
Thinking through oral history:anthropological findings and reflections on the oral history of twentieth century Mongolia 
(Anthropology / Social & Cultural Anthropology, other branches)

Dr Rachel Kendal University of Durham
European Human Behaviour & Evolution Association Conference 2012 
(Anthropology / Evolutionary Anthropology)

Dr Anna Kibort University of Cambridge
Explorations in Syntactic Government and Subcategorisation 
(Linguistics / Morphology and Syntax)

Dr Kevin Killeen University of York
The Bible in the Seventeenth Century: The AV Quatercentenary (1611-2011) 
(History / Early Modern History)

Dr Griseldis Kirsch School of Oriental and African Studies
Making a Difference - Representing/Constructing the Other in Asian/African Media, Cinema and Languages 
(Oriental and African Studies / Japanese language and literature)

Professor Alison Liebling University of Cambridge
Legitimacy and Criminal Justice: Challenges Within and Across Borders 
(Law / Criminal Law and Justice, Criminology)

Dr Erika Mansnerus London School of Economics and Political Science
Modelling for policy 
(Sociology / Health Studies)

Professor Christopher McCrudden University of Oxford
Human Dignity Seminar 
(Law / Jurisprudence and Legal Theory)

Dr Stuart McGill School of Oriental and African Studies
Workshop on applied Language Documentation in sub-Saharan Africa 
(Linguistics / Language Description and Documentation)

Professor David Miller University of Strathclyde
A Decade of terrorism and Counter-terrorism since 9/11: Taking stock and new directions in research and policy 
(Sociology / Political Sociology)

Dr Andrew Edward Millie University of Glasgow
Policing in a time of contraction and constraint: Re-imagining the role and function of contemporary policing 
(Sociology / Criminology and Deviance)

Dr Stephen Mossman University of Manchester
Literaturbetrieb im spätmittelalterlichen Strassburg / Literary Culture in Late Medieval Strasbourg 
(Medieval Studies / Medieval History - Medieval Studies)

Dr Staffan Mueller-Wille University of Exeter
Worlds of Paper. Writing Natural History from Gessner to Darwin 
(History / History of Science)

Dr Veronica O'Mara University of Hull
'Nuns' Literacies in Medieval Europe' 
(Medieval Studies / Manuscript Studies)

Professor Inderjeet Parmar University of Manchester
Smart power, smart philanthropy: hard, soft and smart power in the American Century 
(History / Modern History)

Dr John Perry University of Oxford
Christian Ethics Engages Peter Singer: Utilitarianism and Theology in Dialogue 
(Religious Studies / Christian Ethics)

Dr Lucia Prauscello University of Cambridge
Simonides lyricus 
(Classics and Ancient History / Greek language and literature)

Dr Raluca Radulescu Bangor University
Insular Books: Vernacular Miscellanies in Late Medieval Britain 
(Medieval Studies / Manuscript Studies)

Dr Dorothy Rowe University of Bristol
Der Blaue Reiter Centenary Conference 
(History of Art / History of art and design)

Dr Kanchana N. Ruwanpura University of Southampton
Bodies of Power, Forms of Power: South Asia through History and Across Disciplines (25th Anniversary BASAS Conference) 
(Geography / Area Studies)

Professor Steve Schifferes City University
The role of the media in financial crises in historical and comparative perspective 
(Communications and Media Studies / Film and Media Studies)

Professor David Neil Sedley University of Cambridge
(Classics and Ancient History / Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy)

Professor Richard Sharpe University of Oxford
How the Secularization of Religious Houses Transformed the Libraries of Europe, 16th-19th Centuries 
(History / Early Modern History)

Dr Susanne Shultz University of Oxford
New Thinking: advances in the study of human cognitive evolution 
(Psychology / Cognitive and Perceptual Psychology)
Papers published in 2012 in New thinking: the evolution of human cognition, edited by Cecilia Heyes and Uta Frith (Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, B, 367:1599)

Professor Mark Smith University of Oxford
Eleventh International Congress of Demotic Studies 
(Oriental and African Studies / Ancient Near Eastern languages and literature)

Professor Laixiang Sun School of Oriental and African Studies
The Chinese Way of Economic Reform and Development and Its Interaction with Globalization 
(Economics / Economic Policy)

Professor Martin Thomas University of Exeter
The Civilianization of Warfare in the Twentieth Century: European and Colonial Perspectives 
(History / Modern History)

Professor John Thompson Queen's University Belfast
New Directions in Medieval Manuscript Studies and Reading Practices: A Conference in Honour of Derek Pearsall's Eightieth Birthday 
(Medieval Studies / Manuscript Studies)

Dr Lesley Twomey Northumbria University
Gossip, Gospel, and Governance: Orality in Early Modern Europe (1400-1700) 
(History / Early Modern History)

Dr Catherine Utting King's College London
Britain and the 1991 Gulf War: a Witness Seminar 
(History / History of a specific country)

Dr Lisa Vanhala University of Oxford
Climate Change Litigation, Policy and Mobilization 
(Law / Environmental Law)

Ms Patricia Walsh King's College London
Autism, Ethics and The Good Life 
(Philosophy / Ethics including applied ethics)

Dr Peggy Watson University of Cambridge
Health Care and Change: The US, China and Post-Communist Europe in a Reconfiguring World 
(Sociology / Medical Sociology/Sociology of Health and Illness)

Professor Stephen Weatherill University of Oxford
The Involvement Of EU Law In Private Law Relationships 
(Law / European Union Law)

Professor Alasdair Whittle Cardiff University
Early Farmers: The View from Archaeology and Science 
(Archaeology / Archaeological Science & Environmental Archaeology)

Dr Catherine Wynne University of Hull
Bram Stoker Centenary Conference (Theme: 'Bram Stoker and Gothic Transformations') 
(English Language and Literature / Victorian literature)

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