Conference Support Grants Awards 2007-08

Please note: Awards are arranged alphabetically by surname of the grant recipient. The institution is that given at the time of application. The grants listed were awarded during the academic session 2007-08.

Professor D Archard Lancaster University
Ethics and Politics Beyond Borders: The Works of Onora O'Neill
(Section: H12) £5000

Dr N Armstrong University of Leeds
13th International Conference on Methods in Dialectology
(Section: H4) £4346

Dr D Bell University of Leeds
Intersections: Feminist & Queer Geographies
(Section: S3) £2520

Professor M Berg FBA University of Warwick

Writing the History of the Global

(Section: H10) £7000

Dr M Bull University of Bristol
Tudorism: Historical Imagination and the Appropriation of the Sixteenth Century
(Section: H8) £3925

Professor C S F Burnett, FBA Warburg Institute, University of London
From Masha'allah to Kepler: The Theory and Practice of Astrology from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period
(Section: H8) £4811

Professor W G Cavanagh University of Nottingham
Honouring the Dead in the Peloponnese
(Section: H7) £1400

Dr P Ceccarelli University of Durham
Religion and Politics in Greek and Roman Epigraphy in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean
(Section: H1) £1100

Dr H Collins Cardiff University
Studies of Expertise and Experience Workshop No 2
(Section: S4) £6960

Dr C P Dingle Birmingham City University
Messiaen 2008 International Centenary Conference
(Section: H11) £4057

Professor C H Edwards Birkbeck, University of London
Exhibiting Antiquity
(Section: H1) £1072

Professor M Festenstein University of York
The Deliberative Society
(Section: S5) £11235

Professor V Gillespie Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford
After Arundel: Religious Writing in 15th Century England
(Section: H8) £5801

Dr T Green University of Birmingham
Brokers of Difference: Atlantic Commerce and Cultures in Pre-Colonial "Guinea of Cape Verde"
(Section: H3) £4000

Professor A Hamlin University of Manchester
Society for Applied Philosophy annual conference 2008
(Section: H12) £7080

Professor P F Hammond FBA University of Leeds

John Milton 1608-2008

(Section:  H5) £5256

Professor S Heffernan City University
Credit Risk Transfer, Deposit Insurance and Bank Stability
(Section: S2) £4600

Dr U Heuer University of Leeds
Themes from the Ethics of Bernard Williams
(Section: H12) £14550

Dr P Honeybone University of Edinburgh
Old World Conference in Phonology 6th annual conference
(Section: H4) £1348

Professor G MacLean University of Exeter
Britain and the Muslim World: Historical Perspectives
(Section: H10) £3490

Professor S Marks, FBA Independent Researcher
In Defence of Learning: Past and Present
(Section: H10) £10000

Professor G Mazzoni University of Hull
The Neuroscience of Metacognition: Integrating Brain Imaging, Neuropsychological and Behavioural Data
(Section: S6) £6500

Professor C M S McGlynn University of Durham
Rethinking Rape Law: Akayesu 10 years on
(Section: S1) £4472

Mr A E W Muller University of Leeds
International Medieval Congress 2008
(Section: H8) £4280

Professor F Ni Aolain University of Ulster
Southern Voices Symposium
(Section: S1) £4622

Dr T A Novitz University of Bristol

The Role of Labour Standards in Sustainable Development: Theory in Practice

(Section: S1) £10000

Professor R O'Hanlon University of Oxford
Munshis, Pandits and Record-Keepers: Scribal Communities and Historical Change in India c. 1500-1800
(Section: H9) £4993

Dr A Pabst University of Nottingham
The Pope and Jesus of Nazareth
(Section: H2) £3033

Dr J Prantl Nuffield College, University of Oxford
Effective Multilateralism: Through the Looking Glass of East Asia
(Section: S5) £11366

Professor M Rampley University of Teesside
Art History in Central Europe. The Vienna School and its Legacy
(Section: H11) £6000

Dr D Shankland University of Bristol
The Schools and Institutes Overseas
(Section: H7) £2700

Dr SSingh University of Southampton
The Sacred and the Secular
(Section: H6) £3605

Professor A Sreberny School of Oriental and African Studies
Communicating with the Persian Speaking World
(Section: H6) £18660

Dr J Staples Brunel University
Ethnographies of Suicide
(Section: S3) £7221

Dr A Swenson Darwin College, University of Cambridge
From Plunder to Preservation: Britain and the 'heritage' of Empire, c. 1820-1940
(Section: H10) £5960

Professor C J Tuplin University of Liverpool
Xenophon: Ethical Principle and Historical Enquiry
(Section: H1) £9000

Professor L K Tyler, FBA University of Cambridge
Making Sense of the World: How the Brain Integrates Local and Distributed Processing in Visual Cognition
(Section: S6) £3027

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