British Academy Schools Language Awards 2012

Winners & Awards Ceremony

On 23 November 2012 fifteen prize winners were invited to the British Academy to receive their awards. Prize winners were selected for having motivational projects supporting teaching and learning of languages including Chinese, Arabic, French, Spanish and Gujarati and each was awarded £4,000.

Dallam School’s Bilingual Tutor Groups programme was announced as the overall National Prize winner at the ceremony. The proceedings were compered by Channel 4 News presenter, Cathy Newman and prizes were presented by TV presenter, Naomi Wilkinson and representatives of Arsenal Football Club.

View a video montage of the British Academy Language Awards Ceremony.

The award criteria were as follows:

  • Open to both mainstream secondary schools and complementary/supplementary schools in the UK (11 – 16 age group);
  • For both new and longer-running projects that are innovative*, sustainable** and replicable/extendable***;
  • Projects must have run for at least 6 to 12 months;
  • Measurable projections of the actual and potential impact of the project are required;
  • Follow-up reporting: award winners are required to report on progress made after 12 months time;
  • A video clip of up to 3 minutes is also desirable.

*By ‘innovative’, we mean: incentivise language learning by finding creative ways of promoting languages, improving the quality of teaching, and motivating students.
**By ‘sustainable’, we mean: projects that are embedded in other activities within the school/curriculum.
***By ‘replicable/extendable’, we mean: projects with features that allow for replication in other schools, including developing or extending linkages to other schools in the area.

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