British Academy Research Development Awards: 2008-09 Round

Abrams, Professor Dominic BR52827

University of Kent


The role of group status and social norms in children's peer exclusion behaviour

Value of award: £115,874

Aron, Dr Janine BR52836

University of Oxford


The  policy  challenge  of  volatile  exchange  rates  under  inflation  targeting:  macro-  and  micro- measures of exchange rate pass-through in South Africa

Value of award: £58,384

Baker, Dr Geoffrey BR52844

Royal Holloway, University of London


"El Sistema": music as social action in Venezuela

Value of award: £119,415

Barnett, Dr David BR52845

University of Sussex

Modern Languages and Literature from c.1800/German

A history of Berliner Ensemble

Value of award: £119,958

Beinart, Professor William BR52848

University of Oxford

History of Science

Literature, film and photography on African wildlife in the 1950s and 1960s

Value of award: £119,972

Bowden, Dr William BR52858

University of Nottingham


The Caistor Roman town project: the origins, development and end of a _civitas_ capital

Value of award: £67,734

Braund, Professor David BR52861

University of Exeter

Archaeology/Classical Antiquity

The straits of Kerch (Crimean Bosporus): from the eighth century BC to sixth century AD

Value of award: £89,072

Cartwright, Professor Nancy BR52872

London School of Economics


A theory of evidence for use

Value of award: £109,048

Dawson, Dr Hannah BR53008

University of Edinburgh

History of Ideas

'Disputations on the law of nature' for the Clarendon edition of the works of John Locke

Value of award: £112,434

Dhami, Dr Mandeep BR53015

University of Cambridge


The antecedents and consequences of apology in a restorative justice context

Value of award: £82,398

Dolan, Professor Paul BR53019

London School of Economics


Valuing the well-being impact of wind farms

Value of award: £58,828

Ellis, Professor Katherine BR53035

Royal Holloway, University of London


Beyond Paris: music in regional France from the July Monarchy to the First World War

Value of award: £111,866

Gagnier, Professor Regenia BR53050

University of Exeter


The global circulation of Charles Dickens’ novels

Value of award: £89,963

Harkness, Dr Nigel J BR53096

Queen’s University Belfast

Modern Languages and Literature from c.1800/French

'Reves de Pierre': literature, sculpture, geology in ninteenth-century France

Value of award: £49,563

Laing, Professor Angus BR52945

Loughborough University

Business and Management Studies

Informational  empowerment:  cross-national  comparison  of  internet  health  information  use  and patient behaviour

Value of award: £87,755

Lewis, Dr George BR52985

University of Leicester

Modern History from c.1800/American Studies

Un-Americans: ideological dissent, patriotic subversion and isolating the 'Other' in the USA

Value of award: £111,404

Lewisohn, Dr Leonard BR53227

University of Exeter

Oriental Languages

Flowers of Persian song and verse: a database website for the Golha programmes

Value of award: £48,248

McLaren, Dr Lauren BR52926

University of Nottingham

Political Studies

Immigration & political community

Value of award: £111,330

Owens, Dr David John BR52950

University of Sheffield


Telling and trusting

Value of award: £64,680

Pallikadavath, Dr Saseendran BR52798

University of Portsmouth


Women's social benefits of early sterilisation and low fertility in South India

Value of award: £72,041

Palmer, Professor Nigel BR52957

University of Oxford

Medieval History

The Venetian book-trade in the 15th century: material evidence for the economic and social history of the Renaissance

Value of award: £118,062

Prescott, Dr Sarah BR52983

Aberystwyth University


Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century women writers from Wales

Value of award: £78,412

Reed, Dr Mark S BR53003

University of Aberdeen

Human Geography

Involved: what makes stakeholder participation work?

Value of award: £119,159

Robinson, Professor Wendy BR53026

University of Exeter


Revisiting teacher professional development: past and present models 1920-2008

Value of award: £92,639

Ryrie, Dr Alexander Gray BR53042

University of Durham

Early Modern History

Being Protestant: living a Protestant life in Reformation Britain

Value of award: £83,652

Sherwood, Dr Yvonne BR53082

University of Glasgow

Theology and Religious Studies

Between Abraham and 'the Modern': religion, secularity, authority and critique

Value of award: £112,528

Skeates, Dr Robin Gerald BR53097

University of Durham


Journeys to the underworld: ritual transformations of persons, objects and caves in Neolithic central


Value of award: £52,384

Viding, Dr Essi BR53229

University College London


Neural correlates of empathy dysfunction in children with callous-unemotional conduct problems

Value of award: £116,089

Wachsmann, Dr Nikolaus BR53235

Birkbeck, University of London

Modern History from c.1800

Into the abyss: the Nazi concentration camps (1942-45)

Value of award: £85,283

Whyte, Dr David BR53262

University of Liverpool


Developing corporate liability for human rights violations

Value of award: £109,261

Williams, Dr J Robert G BR53286

University of Leeds


The cognitive role of indeterminacy

Value of award: £84,847

Williamson, Professor Jon BR53292

University of Kent


Causality across the levels: biomedical mechanisms and public health policies

Value of award: £119,541

Wydell, Professor Taeko BR53304

Brunel University


A cross-cultural and cross-linguistic study of reading processes including dyslexia in France, UK

and Japan

Value of award: £103,128

Wyer, Dr Natalie BR53305

University of Plymouth


Social exclusion: cues and consequences

Value of award: £103,919

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