British Academy Research Development Awards: 2007-08 Round

Dr J Andermann Birkbeck, University of London
Entranced earth: modernity and the landscape in Latin America 
(Section: H6) £98327

Professor M Andrews University of Kent
Scholarly editions of newly discovered letters by Charles Dickens 
(Section: H6) £54138

Dr O Bandiera London School of Economics and Political Science
The making of modern America: characteristics and outcomes of migrants to the United States 1892-1924 
(Section: S2) £119549

Dr T Blackshaw Sheffield Hallam University
Looking back with pre-baby-boomer generation: an oral history of working-class culture in south Leads circa 1940-2000 
(Section: S4) £111142

Dr T Bowyer University of Wales, Swansea
Social support amongst post-conflict communities in the Peruvian Andes 
(Section: S4) £113101

Dr C Capelli University of Oxford
The Greeks in the West: the genetic legacy colonisation in South Italy and Sicily 
(Section: H7) £118646

Dr J Cook University of Leeds
Exploring migration and intergenerational relations amongst African migrants to Britain and France 
(Section: S4) £104910

Dr P R Cooke University of Exeter
An electronic edition of the journalism of Francois Mauriac (1937-38) 
(Section: H6) £57317

Dr J D Creighton University of Reading
The cemeteries and the extra-mural settlement of Silchester Iron Age and Roman Town 
(Section: H7) £96094

Dr R J Crisp University of Kent
Perceiving multiple identities: benefits beyond intergroup relations 
(Section: S6) £112594

Dr S Elbe University of Sussex
Towards 'global' heath security? The medicalization of security in the twenty-first century 
(Section: S5) £88203

Dr J S Ellis University of Sheffield
A study of letter writing in the twentieth-century 
(Section: H6) £86539

Dr J Garnett University of Oxford
Sources of the sacred: migration, modernity and religious identity in global London 
(Section: H10) £119937

Dr A P Geraghty University of York
The Sheldonian Theatre: architecture and society in Restoration Oxford 
(Section: H11) £32399

Dr A Ghosh University of Manchester
Calcutta: scandal, death and crime in a colonial city c. 1850-1920 
(Section: H10) £79208

Professor A D Hadfield University of Sussex
A biography of Edmund Spenser 
(Section: H5) £119756

Dr J Hawkes University of York
Constructing a scholarship: an historiography of Anglo-Saxon stone sculpture from the Reformation to the present day 
(Section: H8) £87342

Dr H Kwon University of Edinburgh
New ancestral shrines after the Cold War 
(Section: S3) £88441

Professor A Laird University of Warwick
The culture of Latin in Colonial Mexico: Creole humanism and native memory 
(Section: H1; H5) £119988

Professor R J Matthews University College London
Central Zagros archaeological project (CZAP) phase one: socio-economic transformations in the Early Neolithic 
(Section: H7) £93102

Dr M McGonigle University of Edinburgh
Enabling language development in nonverbal children with autism 
(Section: S6) £19658

Dr S Morrissey School of Slavonic and East European Studies, UCL
Political violence in Russia, 1901-1911 
(Section: H10) £101350

Dr R Murphy St Anthony’s College, Oxford
Labour migration and the influence of social support from families, schools and absent parents on the resilience of children left-behind in rural China 
(Section: S4) £79780

Dr A Perry-Kessaris Birkbeck, University of London
The economic approach to law and development: principles, effects and defects 
(Section: S1) £85144

Dr C Preston Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge
Retreats of knowledge: English literature and scientific investigation in the seventeenth century 
(Section: H9) £77951

Professor N Rapport University of St Andrews
The cosmopolitan project of anthropology 
(Section: S3) £103238

Professor M B Richards University of Leeds
Using mitochondrial DNA to investigate the prehistoric settlement of Myanma Pyay (Burma) 
(Section: H7) £94184

Dr K Robson Brown University of Bristol
The osteoarchaeology of African-British populations 1750-1850: Bristol, London and a comparison with New York 
(Section: H7) £42188

Ms A Ross University of Dundee
Implementing sustainable development: the relationship between strategies, obligations and indicators - a legal perspective 
(Section: S1) £78461

Professor D Rueda Merton College, Oxford
The political consequence of inequality 
(Section: S5) £71247

Professor R Sharpe, FBA University of Oxford
Corpus of British Medieval library catalogues 
(Section: H8) £82021

Dr N Sum Lancaster University
Changing cultures of competitiveness 
(Section: S5) £74256

Dr J Tasioulas Corpus Christi College, Oxford
The idea of human rights: from morality to law 
(Section: H12; S1) £113741

Dr P Thompson University of Sheffield
Ernst Bloch and the return of religion 
(Section: H2; S5) £86060

Dr R Whatmore University of Sussex
Calvinism and enlightenment ion the long eighteenth century 
(Section: H9) £105866

Dr A Williams Corpus Christi College, Cambridge
The architecture of theology: structure, system and ratio 
(Section: H2) £112164

Dr S Zeedyk University of Dundee
Not just aping: what imitation tells us about being human 
(Section: S6)

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