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British Academy Research Development Awards: 2009-10 Round

Please note: Awards are arranged alphabetically by surname of the grant recipient. The institution is that given at the time of application. The grants listed were awarded during the academic session 2009-10.

This scheme was discontinued after this round of competition.


Armit, Professor Ian          BR100016

Professor   of   Archaeology,   University   of   Bradford,   Division   of   Archaeological,   Geographical   and

Environmental Sciences

Archaeology / Prehistoric Archaeology

Mobility, climate and culture: re-modelling the Irish Iron Age

Value of award: £112,768


Baird, Dr Douglas          BR100077

Senior Lecturer. Deputy Head of School, University of Liverpool, School of Archaeology, Classics and


Archaeology / Archaeology of the Ancient Near East

First farmers of central Anatolia; the Boncuklu Project

Value of award: £114,945


Barclay, Professor John Martyn Gurney          BR100082

Lightfoot Professor of Divinity, University of Durham, Department of Theology and Religion

Religious Studies / New Testament

Paul and the Gift

Value of award: £81,844


Bosworth, Dr Mary          BR100060

Reader in Criminology, University of Oxford, Criminology Law / Criminal Law and Justice, Criminology Understanding Immigration Detention

Value of award: £119,147


Bowd, Dr Stephen          BR100034

Senior Lecturer in European History, 1500-1800, University of Edinburgh, School of History, Classics and


History / Early Modern History

A Survey of Italian Humanist Texts on Jews and Judaism

Value of award: £96,672


Brown, Dr Julie          BR100058

Reader in Music, Royal Holloway, University of London, Department of Music

Music / Music and other media

'Film fitting' in Britain, 1913-1926

Value of award: £116,786


Brown, Professor Rupert          BR100031

Professor of Social Psychology, Sussex University, School of Psychology

Psychology / Social Psychology and Organisational Psychology

Facilitating intergroup reconciliation: Victim group responses to perpetrators’ reactions to their wrongdoings

Value of award: £111,960


Bryson, Mr Alexander          BR100020

Senior Research Fellow, National Institute of Economic and Social Research, Employment

Economics / Applied Economics

Share Ownership, Employee Behaviour and Employee Attitudes

Value of award: £119,277


Ceccarelli, Dr Paola          BR100074

Reader in Greek Cultural History, Durham University, Department of Classics & Ancient History

Classics and Ancient History / Greek and Roman epigraphy

Words from the King: an edition, with translation and commentary, of the letters of the Seleukid kings and their administrators.

Value of award: £48,064


Chalus, Dr Elaine          BR100059

Senior lecturer in History; Head, Research Centre in History & Culture: the Urban Experience, Bath Spa

University, School of Humanities & Cultural Industries

History / Women's history

The Admiral's Wife: An Intimate History of Family, Navy & Empire (Elizabeth Wynne Fremantle, 1778-


Value of award: £111,030


Chan, Dr Tak Wing          BR100066

University Lecturer and Tutorial Fellow, also Head of Department, University of Oxford and New College, Oxford, and Department of Sociology

Sociology / Social Divisions and Inequalities

Understanding cultural omnivores

Value of award: £67,582


Clahsen, Professor Harald          BR100025

Professor of Linguistics, University of Essex, Department of Language and Linguistics

Linguistics / Language Acquisition

The development of morphological processing

Value of award: £119,242


Cleaver, Dr Frances          BR100053

Reader in International Development Studies, University of Bradford, School of Social and International


Sociology / Political Sociology

Understanding water governance in challenging environments: How institutions adapt to change.

Value of award: £99,923


Cooper, Dr Tarnya          BR100002

Curator, Sixteenth Century Collections, National Portrait Gallery

History of Art / Conservation and Technical Art History

Making Art in Elizabethan and Jacobean Britain (1575-1620)

Value of award: £115,984


Cowan, Professor Jane          BR100028

Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Sussex, Department of Anthropology

Anthropology / Political Anthropology

International human rights monitoring at the reformed United Nations Human Rights Council: An ethnographic and historical study

Value of award: £119,209


Cracolici, Dr Stefano          BR100017

Senior Lecturer, University of Durham, School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Modern Languages / Italian language and literature

Arcadian Conversations: Faustina Maratti Zappi (1679-1745), Her Poetry and Her Literary Salon in


Value of award: £46,274


Gobet, Professor Fernand          BR100096

Professor of Cognitive Psychology, Brunel University, Department of Psychology, School of Social Sciences

Psychology / Cognitive and Perceptual Psychology

Cognitive Models of Problem Gambling: Testing the Implicit-Learning Hypothesis


Göttsche, Professor Dirk          BR100039

Professor  of  German,  University  of  Nottingham,  Department  of  German  Studies,  School  of  Modern

Languages and Cultures

Modern Languages / German, Dutch and Scandinavian languages and literatures The Politics of Cultural Memory and Nineteenth-Century German Literature Value of award: £84,384


Heale, Dr Martin          BR100073

Senior Lecturer in Medieval History, University of Liverpool, School of History

History / Medieval History - History

The Abbot in Late Medieval and Reformation England

Value of award: £61.458


Horn, Dr Gerd-Rainer          BR100038

Senior Lecturer, University of Warwick, Department of History

History / Modern History

The Spirit of Vatican Two: Western European Left Catholicism in the Long Sixties, 1959-1980

Value of award: £106,198


Jowitt, Professor Claire          BR100091

Professor of Renaissance Literature, Nottingham Trent University, School of Arts and Humanities

English Language and Literature / Renaissance literature

The Principal Navigations (1598-1600), Volume 14, The South Seas

Value of award: £119,941


McMahon, Dr Augusta          BR100045

Senior Lecturer since 2007, University of Cambridge, Department of Archaeology

Archaeology / Archaeology of the Ancient Near East

Creating  and  Resourcing  the  City  in  5th-4th  Millennium  BC  Northern  Mesopotamia:  Tell  Brak archaeological project

Value of award: £106,534


Millar, Professor Fergus          BR100024

Emeritus Professor. Senior Associate of Hebrew and Jewish Studies Unit, Oriental Institute, University of

Oxford, Retired

Classics and Ancient History / Language, literature, history, culture, art and archaeology of the Byzantine world

Greek Christianity and Syriac Christianity before the Islamic Conquest

Value of award: £80,403


Morgan, Dr Stephen          BR100011

Associate Professor, University of Nottingham, School of Contemporary Chinese Studies

Economics / Economic History - Economics

Welfare and Economic Growth in Early Modern China, 17-19th centuries: Accounting for the Origins of the Great Divergence

Value of award: £102,130


Newell, Professor Stephanie          BR100009

Professor of English, University of Sussex, School of English

English Language and Literature / Colonial and postcolonial literature

A History of Anonymity in West Africa, 1880-1960

Value of award: £92,456


O'Callaghan, Dr Michelle          BR100042

Reader in English Literature, University of Reading, Department of English and American Literature

English Language and Literature / Historical studies of language and literature - English Language and


A Digitised Edition and Study of the Early Printed Poetry Miscellanies, 1557-1621.


Parkinson, Dr Stephen          BR100062

Lecturer in Portuguese Language and Linguistics, University of Oxford, Faculty of Medieval and Modern


Modern Languages / Iberian and Latin American languages and literatures

Alfonso X's Cantigas de Santa Maria

Value of award: £104,542


Roberts, Dr Hugh Gerald Arthur          BR100026

Senior Lecturer in French, University of Exeter, Modern Languages

Modern Languages / French language and literature

French Libertine Verse (c.1600-1622): A Pilot Project for Editing the 'Recueils satyriques'

Value of award: £56,093


Roessler, Dr Philip          BR100095

Andrew Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow in  Comparative Government, University of  Oxford, Department of

Politics and International Relations

Politics / Comparative Politics

Identity, Citizenship and Trust in a Dividing State: The Case of Sudan

Value of award: £116,113


Roiser, Dr Jonathan          BR100030

Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Psychology / Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology

Neural mechanisms of the optimism bias: a computational approach to resilience and decision- making

Value of award: £110,213


Roper, Professor Lyndal          BR100032

Fellow and Tutor at Balliol College Oxford, CUF University of Oxford, Balliol College and Faculty of History

History / Early Modern History A Biography of Martin Luther Value of award: £115,280


Shimazu, Dr Naoko          BR100010

Reader, Birkbeck College, University of London, Department of History, Classics and Archaeology

History / Modern History

'Diplomacy as Theatre': The Bandung Conference of 1955 and the Rise of Asia in the Twentieth


Value of award: £94,210


Steward, Dr Helen          BR100040

Senior Lecturer, University of Leeds, Philosophy

Philosophy / Philosophy of mind

Actions as Processes

Value of award: £56,683


Stojanovik, Dr Vesna          BR100076

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Linguistics, University of Reading, School of Psychology and Clinical Language


Linguistics / Psycholinguistics and Cognitive Science

The  role  of  prosodic  cues  in  language  acquisition  and  processing  in  children  with  Williams syndrome and in children with Down's syndrome

Value of award: £98,932


Sutton, Dr David          BR100044

Director of Research Projects, University of Reading, University Library

English Language and Literature / Contemporary Literature (English)

21st-century Location Register


Value of award: £75,026


Tuck, Dr Stephen          BR100088

University Lecturer in American History, Oxford University, Faculty of History

History / History of a specific country

The Doubts of Their Fathers: black religious scepticism during the age of Jim Crow, and the secular origins of the civil rights movement

Value of award: £119,346


Van Schaik, Dr Sam          BR100056

Research Project Manager, The British Library, Scholarship and Collections

Religious Studies / Asian Religions

Tibetan Zen

Value of award: £111,075


Vinzent, Professor Markus          BR100083

Chair Elect of the History of Theology (esp. Patristics) from 09/10; King's College London; Department of

Theology and Religious Studies

Religious Studies / Church History

Early "Christian" Epigraphy and Iconography: A new approach to Doelger's classical project

Value of award: £119,968


Walford Davies, Dr Damian          BR100087

Deputy Head of Department, Aberystwyth University, Department of English & Creative Writing

English Language and Literature / Welsh Literature in English

Welsh Writing in English, 1914-2009 -- Volume 4 of The Oxford Literary History of Wales

Value of award: £102,867


Warren, Dr Tracey          BR100093

Reader in Sociology, University of Nottingham, School of Sociology and Social Policy

Sociology / Social Divisions and Inequalities

Changing gender and class inequalities in economic wellbeing in Britain?

Value of award: £96,715


White, Dr Michael          BR100047

Senior Lecturer in History of Art, University of York, History of Art Department

History of Art / Critical and cultural theory - History of Art

Generation Dada: The Berlin Avant-garde and the First World War

Value of award: £92,246


Wilkinson, Professor Tony          BR100046

Professor of Archaeology, Durham University, Archaeology Department

Archaeology / Archaeology of the Ancient Near East The Land of Carchemish Project (2010-2013)

Value of award: £100,484