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Block Overseas Conference Grants

2004-05 | 2003-04 | 2002-03 | 2001-02 | 2000-01 | 1999-00 | 1998-99

Please note: Awards are arranged alphabetically by surname of the grant recipient. The institution is that given at the time of application. The grants listed were awarded during the academic session of each year given.

This scheme has been discontinued with effect from September 2005.


Professor R F Ellen, FBA
University of Kent
British Association Festival of Science 2005
Date: 05/09/2005–09/09/2005
(Section: S3)



Professor M J Geller
University College London
Jews in Cracow
Date: 26/09/2005–28/09/2005
(Section: H10)



Dr A Killick
University of Sheffield
Society for Ethnomusicology 50th annual conference 2005
Date: 16/11/2005–20/11/2005
(Section: H11)



Professor J L Nelson, FBA
King's College London
International Congress of Historical Sciences 2005
Date: 03/07/2005–09/07/2005
(Section: H9)



Dr P Sijpesteijn
Christ Church, University of Oxford
Documents and the History of the Early Islamic World
Date: 24/03/2006–26/03/2006
(Section: H8)




Dr R C Allen
University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
5th Australian Celtic Conference
Date: 21/07/04–24/07/04
(Section: H10)



Dr M R C Clayton
Open University
Society for Ethnomusicology 49th annual meeting
Date: 03/11/04–07/11/04
(Section: H11)



Professor M Johnson
Birkbeck College, University of London
Attention and Performance XXI
Date: 26/07/04–01/08/04
(Section: S6)



Professor C Jones
University of Liverpool
Pushing back the margins: transcultural and ethnic identities of Britain, Ireland and the USA
Date: 19/07/04–30/07/04
(Section: S4)



Professor J Shaw 
University of Manchester
UACES The EU: Past and Future Enlargements
Date: 05/09/05–07/09/05
(Section: S5)



Dr C Sullivan 
International Society for the History of Rhetoric (UK)
International Society for the History of Rhetoric
Date: 13/07/05–17/07/05
(Section: H5)




Professor J L Brockington University of Edinburgh
12th World Sanskrit Conference 2003 
Date: 14/07/03–18/07/03
(Section: H3)



Professor M Daunton FBA
University of Cambridge
Fourth Anglo-Japanese Conference of Historians 
Date: 09/09/03–14/09/03
(Section: H9)



Professor H N Kennedy 
University of St Andrews
Muslim Miltary Architecture in Greater Syria 
Date: 15/09/03–21/09/03
(Section: H8)



Dr S A Reily
University of
Society for Ethnomusicology 48th annual meeting
Date: 02/10/03–05/10/03
(Section: H11)



Dr H Sheridan
University of Gloucestershire
2004 Pre-Olympic Congress
Date: 06/08/04–11/08/04
(Section: S4)




Dr R Allen 
University of Northumbria at Newcastle
The American Society of Church History annual conference
Date: 02/01/03–05/01/03<
(Section: H2)



Professor J S Bell 
University of Cambridge<
XVIth congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law
Date: 14/07/02–20/07/02
(Section: S1)



Professor J M Coles FBA
University of Exeter
Wet Sites Connections: linking indigenous histories, archaeology and the public
Date: 01/04/03–05/04/02
(Section: H7)



Dr J Dunn 
University of Glasgow
13th International Congress of Slavists
Date: 15/08/03–21/08/03
(Section: H6)



Dr M J Edwards 
International Society for the History of Rhetoric (UK)
International Society for the History of Rhetoric
Date: 14/07/03–19/07/03<
(Section: H5)



Professor W R James FBA
University of Oxford
Perspectives on time and society: Experience, memory and history
Date: 08/04/02–12/04/02
(Section: S3)



The Very Reverend S G Platten 
Norwich Cathedral
Continuity and Change: Anglicanism and the Western Catholic Tradition
Date: 03/06/02–05/06/02
(Section: H2)



Professor J Stubbs 
University of North London
28th Annual Conference of the Caribbean Studies Association
Date: 26/05/03–31/05/02
(Section: H6)




Dr E Arweck
BSA Sociology of Religion Study Group
Interpreting Religion Today: competing processes and paradigms
Date: 28/02/01–24/08/01
(Section: S4)



Dr J R Barton
University of East Anglia
XXIII International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association
Date: 06/09/01–08/09/01
(Section: S5)



Professor J F Haldon
University of Birmingham
XX Congres International des Etudes Byzantines
(Section: H8)



Professor C Jeffery
University of Birmingham
German Studies Association 25th annual conference
Date: 04/10/01–07/10/01
(Section: S5)




Dr M J Edwards 
International Society for the History of Rhetoric (UK)
International Society for the History of Rhetoric
Date: 23/07/01–28/07/01
(Section: H5)



Professor G G Howells
University of Sheffield
8th International Conference on Consumer Law 
Date: 09/04/01–11/04/01
(Section: S1)



Professor R J Marsh
British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies
VIth World Congress of the International Council for Central and East European Studies
Date: 29/07/00–03/08/00
(Section: H6)



Professor C Sanders
Association for French Language Studies
Association for French Language Studies: Colloque 2000
Date: 24/08/00–27/08/00
(Section: H6)



Dr R Gardner 
Royal Geographical Society-Institute of British Geographers
29th International Geographical Union Congress
Date: 14/08/00–18/08/00
(Section: S3)



Professor P J Marshall FBA
Royal Historical Society
19th International Congress of Historical Sciences 
Date: 06/08/00–13/08/00
(Section: H9)